Kids React To Try Not To Get Scared Challenge

♪ (scary music) ♪ – Girl, you better run. – Oh, I’m getting stressed.
I’m worried. I’m worried. I’m worried. ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, today,
we’re going to be doing a challenge. – What? – What is it gonna be? – (FBE) This is a “try
not to get scared” challenge. – Oh, no! – I don’t like jump scares! – (FBE) Before we start,
we’re going to be showing you some scenes from
more a grown-up movie, but the scenes
will be kid appropriate. If you’re too scared at
any point during the challenge, it is totally okay.
Just let us know and we will immediately stop the video.
– I’m embarrassed. I’m nervous! – Oh, no! Is there going to be
a real person scaring me? – (FBE) Well, the rules are
you can’t show any sign of fear, so no jumping, no flinching,
no screaming, or else you’re out for that video,
but then you get to come back in for the next video.
– (sighing) Okay. – I don’t like this. – I hope this is
not like really scary. (snake hissing)
– It’s a snake. – No! Already out. Already out. I just heard a snake! Snakies are scary.
(buzzer) (snake hissing) – (cameraman) How are you doing today?
What seems to be the problem? – Why is he so close
to the snake? What? – That’s not smart.
That’s not smart. – Jump at it. Jump at it.
Come on, jump at it. – Please, don’t jump at the camera. – (moaning) – Jump! It’s gonna jump! Jump! – (gasping) Oh, my god.
(buzzer) – You’re so dumb.
Did I flinch? – (FBE) A little bit.
– (groaning) I knew it.
(buzzer) – (cameraman yelping)
– I moved. (buzzer) – Oh, I know what he’s– aah! I get scared for every little thing.
(buzzer) – What is– why are you–?
Oh, I got scared. Shoot! Why did that scare me?
I knew that was gonna happen! (buzzer) – That wasn’t that bad.
Spiders are more of an issue. – Aaaah! Not too confident anymore. ♪ (creepy music) ♪ – No, it’s It, isn’t it? – Oh, no! Not It! I’m not looking at it.
(buzzer) – (Georgie) No! Bill’s gonna kill me. – No! Don’t do it. Don’t do it, man. (water rushing) ♪ (jarring chord) ♪
– Oh, god. – (Pennywise) Hello, Georgie!
– H-Hi, Georgie. – (It) What a nice boat.
Do you want it back? – No! – (Pennywise) Do you want
a balloon too, Georgie? – Don’t talk to a creepy clown
that you find in the sewer. That’s not a good idea. – (Pennywise) Oh, well, I’m Pennywise
the Dancing Clown! – (giggling) – (Pennywise) Pennywise, yes… – What’s wrong with his eyeballs? – (Pennywise) Georgie,
meet Pennywise, yes. – (Georgie giggling)
– Don’t– no, why are you laughing? – Don’t, don’t,
don’t, don’t, don’t do it! – If you saw a clown like that,
why would you do that? – Jump scare! Do something!
Hurry up! (screeching) Do something! – Holy guacamole!
That’s some scary stuff. – (sighing) That scared me.
Not It. Nothing It. – That one was all good.
I’ve seen It a lot of times. I don’t like scary movies, though. – That wasn’t really scary
because it’s on the trailer, so everybody watches that. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Oh, no. – What movie is this from? – Well, this is a horror movie. ♪ (music grows intense) ♪ – Oh, is it a dead lady? – I’ve never seen this one,
so I’m just not gonna watch it. (buzzer) – I moved.
(buzzer) – Why is there a dead person–?
Okay, I’m not looking! (buzzer) – “Powder of life.” – Okay, okay, no, no, no, no, no. – (gasping) You woke her up!
– (woman moaning) ♪ (scary music) ♪ – I mean, that would be kind of scary. – (corpse shrieking)
– What the–? – I don’t like this one. – Girl, you better run. – What movie is this from?
I don’t want to know, actually. Never gonna watch this. – Okay, that one, I was on the verge
of getting scared. – This is nothing. I think the last video
was scarier than this. – That was creepy. This is why I can’t watch
horror things. – (FBE) Well, after watching
that clip, could you tell where the clip was from?
– No, where? – (FBE) So that was
actually from a Disney film that was the unofficial sequel
to The Wizard of Oz. – Really? – I didn’t know Wizard of Oz
was that dark. – (FBE) After watching that scene,
does it seem weird that this movie was made for kids? – Yeah, it does. If you’re trying to advertise it
to younger kids, that’s maybe not the best idea. – No, that is not kid appropriate. They needed to change that. (buzzer) – Okay, no, no, no, no, no.
That one was close. (buzzer) – What are those? – I hate when they have to do
something to the eye. – What the heck? – That’s really, really, really gross. – Oh, god! Ugh. (gagging) Oh, I can’t take this anymore.
(buzzer) – Are those worms? – Okay, now I’m just curious. – (sucking in air) (gagging) – Oh, I’m not eating noodles again.
Oh, my gosh! – I’m good.
I’m not scared. I’m good. (silence) (chair banging)
– This is not good. (chair scraping floor)
This is not good. (chair scraping floor)
– Okay, this is fake. – Fun fact: this ain’t real.
This can’t be real. – Something’s gonna pop up
at the camera. (silence) – I don’t want to focus in too much
because whenever I get really focused and paranoid,
that’s when I get scared. (silence)
– (slight grown) – I thought something
was gonna pop up. (buzzer) – (slight growl)
– What is that? – Oh, it’s the ghost. – (slight growl) – Oh, I’m getting stressed.
I’m worried. I’m worried. I’m worried. – (slight growl)
– Nope, nope, no thank you. I’m out. Bye!
(buzzer) – (growl becoming louder) – It sounds like someone belching. – Wait, what? That’s all? I thought something
was about to pop up. That wasn’t bad at all. ♪ (soft music) ♪ – (snorting) He’s just like, “What?” – (giggling) This is funny. – Fake alert! – This is not real, Sydney.
Do not be fooled by it. Use your brain. – (ghost shrieking)
– Oh, my god. I saw this coming. – (shrieking) OH, NO!
(buzzer) – Something’s gonna pop– (shrieking) Oh, my god!
(hyperventilating) That scared me!
(buzzer) – I told you there
was gonna be a jump scare in one of these
and that was sort of it. – I’m good with
the other previous stuff, but this is a whole
another level of creepy. – Oh, it’s another scene from It. – (Georgie) I lost it, Billie.
Don’t be mad. – The scariest place on earth,
the basement! – What is that?
Okay, you know what? Can I– can I just–
I might stop. (water splashing) – (Georgie) It just floated off. – I don’t like this movie.
I don’t like scary movies. – (Georgie) You’ll float too. – (Billie breathing shakily)
– (Georgie) You’ll float too! (giggling) You’ll float too! You’ll float too!
– (giggling anxiously) – (Georgie) You’ll float too!
– Oh, god. That’s– – (Georgie) You’ll float too!
You’ll float too! You’ll float too! – Oh, god! No! No! No!
(buzzer) – (Georgie) You’ll float too! – No, no. I looked away.
(buzzer) – I really don’t want to look.
I really don’t want to look. (moaning) I’m already scared.
I’m already acting scared. Like, why am I acting like
I’m not out already? (groaning) Why do you keep it going?! No, pass it.
(buzzer) – (Georgie) You’ll float too!
You’ll float too! – Okay, I made it. – Whoa, that was totally scary.
No, I’m fine. – (FBE) You did it! You won!
– Yay! – Woo. (gasping) I don’t know how to feel about this. – (FBE) So you got scared
at some of the videos. How do you feel you did overall? – I feel good!
I’m proud of myself. – (FBE) So, obviously,
this challenge did not go so great for you.
– Okay, I will admit it. It creeped me out like heck. – I did horrible.
I’m not even gonna lie. I did horrible. I am the biggest scaredy-cat ever. – Don’t do this at night. Don’t watch a thousand
scary movies in a row, and if you do, then kudos to you
because I’m never gonna do that in my life,
so (clapping)… – Thanks for watching
this episode of Kids React and shout-out to Kody Salazar. – Don’t be too scared! Make sure to hit the subscribe button. – Hey, guys, it’s Kacey. This is my last episode on Kids React. It’s been an incredible,
crazy journey, and I’m so glad that
I’m moving on to Teens React. I hope to see you guys there. Bye!

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