Kids vocabulary – Sea Animals – Learn English for kids – English educational video

English Singsing Sea Animals Hello, my name is Starfish. Let me introduce you to my friends. Come with me! starfish Starfish A turtle moves fast in the sea. turtle A jellyfish has a see-through body. jellyfish A squid has 10 legs. squid Oh, this is an octopus! An octopus has 8 legs. octopus A shrimp has a bent body. shrimp A seahorse swims in an upright position. seahorse A clam has hard shells. clam Wow! The wings of a manta ray are really huge! manta ray A crab is walking sideways. crab A seal is enjoying the sunshine. seal A flying fish jumps in the air. flying fish Dolphins are very smart. dolphin When a whale breathes out, it spouts out water like a fountain! whale A shark has sharp teeth. shark Was this fun? Did you have fun meeting my friends? Next time, please introduce me to your friends! Bye, bye! Review

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