KOSSS Program Promo Video (5-Min)

[Intro music] We are above a lot of other programs. We
are a lot more advanced than other programs, and because of all of this
support that the students do get the success rate is so much greater. Seeing the kids come in – the students come in and they’re just excited about
something, or they’ve really, you know, achieved something and they want to share
it with you. That’s exciting. This semester we had 12
student leaders kind of lead and engage other students through their leadership.
So, they would help organize events and helped direct like what the vision
should be for the rest of the students so they were kind of the voice for the
student body of KO at Pelican Falls. Student safety is our priority. Student
well-being is so important. We recognize the fact that we have students
coming away from their parents, their families. In our application forms we
take on a responsibility the same as a parent would. For each student that comes to
the program, we always try to make it as “home-ly” as possible. Our main
office we have a counselling room and I usually check in with each student every
day. If there’s a need on the weekend, if there’s a need in the evening, you know,
our jobs just don’t stop 9:00 to 5:00 or you know 8:30 to 4:30, our activities or our
services are ongoing while our students are with us. We also try to meet with students
one-on-one. Try to meet with every student at least once a semester just to
kind of check in see how they’re settling into Pelican – you know, are they
homesick? Do they have things they want to talk about? So it’s counselling, but it’s
also just kind of a “check-in,” we call it. A lot of students speak their language
and I just think it’s such a beautiful thing to hear them speak. We have a new
language programming with KOSSS too where they’re responsible to have the native
language come forward in our programming as well. I try to speak the language to them, the ones that understand – or even the ones that don’t speak, I talk to them in the language. The programs and activities that we
offer to the students are land-based, so traditional/cultural stuff. A lot of
fishing, a lot of hunting, harvesting, being out on the land, identifying
different medicines and their uses, seeing nature for what it is, right? You
know, it’s quiet, it’s simple, it’s not complicated and they get a chance to be
themselves, right? There’s no pressure and you know, it’s calm, it’s just natural. And that’s the main priority for our students was our language and culture when they’re out.
Parents, they want them to get their education so they can get a
career, but not at the cost of losing who they are. The activity centre is a place where the students can
come in, and hang out and bring their work. We have some gaming consoles they could
play with, many of those different types of music instruments, and music that they get to record if they like. We have Elders that do come into our activity
centres on a weekly basis – could be three/four times a week and we try to
encourage our Elders to speak to our students in the language. So if I were to
talk to a student before they came out here I would tell them a few things. The
first thing I would say is talk to your friends, talk to your siblings, your cousins
who have actually been through this program, who’ve been to DFC, been to QE, been to Pelican. Ask them, one, which school they like better.
And, two, what they thought of the entire experience. It’s just a wonderful
opportunity for the kids to come in and get their education and being very very
supported all the way through, with positive incentives. You know, the success is
knowing that we’ve connected a student with that inner voice. When you see kids
recognize that, and you see their full potential it’s huge and that’s
success in itself.

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