[email protected]: A web resource to help you support students with learning disabilities (LDs)

As an educator in Ontario, you might work with up to 100 students every day. They all have different strengths, needs, and interests. They are what make your job so engaging, but it can be difficult
to know how to support so many students with different learning profiles. That’s why we created [email protected] – to help educators
get the information they need to support their students. You may already know that students with learning disabilities—or LDs—comprise
the largest group in special education. These students are bright and want to do well – they just learn differently. The [email protected] website provides educators with free resources that act
as necessary supports for students with LDs, but can be beneficial to all students. [email protected] features over 200 evidence-based,
evidence-informed and practice-informed resources, ready for classroom use, and we’re always expanding our collection. [email protected] is full of information and inspiration, available 24-7.
Choose materials that work for your classroom, in a format that suits your needs. Whether it’s a video or a webinar, a podcast or an article,
the website is full of searchable resources that align with the Ontario Ministry of Education policies and programs. Our materials are created by educators and researchers, so you can draw on the experience of experts in the field
to gain strategies for teaching and advice to help students reach their full potential. As an educator, you have a chance to make a difference in the lives of your students. Not only can you be an advocate for them,
but you can support students with LDs as they learn to advocate for themselves, and gain confidence in their strengths. Learning disabilities affect one in ten Canadians. But students with LDs CAN succeed in school
and life when they’re given the right supports. Are you ready to become part of their success story? For more information, visit www.LDatSchool.ca

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