Learn British English Slang Free: “Phub” and “Phubbing”

Hello everyone; welcome back to Learn
British English Free on YouTube. The last lesson was a bit serious about a bad
news story and associated vocabulary. My name is Chris; I’m an English teacher in
the UK so in this lesson I wanted to do something less serious and share some
British or native English knowledge to do with slang. On the channel I like to
teach about British vocabulary, grammar and slang and I have a word today which
is probably new for many people – it’s quite new for me too. Please check the notes
below on YouTube or above for the examples and the captions / subtitles on
the screen. The word is to phub (phub) or phubbing. Remember – “ph” often makes the “/f/”
sound in English. Phub and phubbing – it’s one of these new words which we create
by joining two existing words together. We need the phone in Britain. This is a
mobile phone or a smart phone – normally a smart phone – not a cell phone, please.
That’s American. We take the phone and the verb “snub” which is like ignore: you
ignore someone, you snub them. Maybe it can be used as reject as well – to reject,
to snub. Phone and snub equals phub and we put the two meanings together as well:
you’re talking to me but I’m not listening – I’m more interested in my
phone – I’m phubbing you. To ignore someone by using your phone instead of listening
to them. Some examples to help with the verb: I took her to a fancy restaurant
but she phubbed me all evening.” “I took her to a fancy restaurant but she
spent the whole evening phubbing me.” Don’t worry it happens. We can also use it as a
sort of noun: and of course phubbing isn’t the best social activity.” Phub. Phubbing.
A new English slang word: to use your phone instead of listening to someone – to
ignore them by using your phone. Phub and phubbing. That’s it. Thank you. My name is
Chris; this is a British slang lesson for YouTube – Learn British English Free. There
we are. I publish these lessons on Facebook as well – on the British English
Page and on my website www.learnbritishenglish.co.uk Thank you for your
time. Please do write comments – do you like the lesson or not? Do you understand
the lesson or not? Any other ideas or suggestions would be cool. I will be back
with some other grammar and vocabulary lessons soon from the UK so I will see
you then. Bye for now.

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