Learn Dutch in Amsterdam Students and Teachers Testimonials Koentact

I chose Koentact after numerous web searches.
Because they were young, it looked as though I was going to have a lot of fun, I was also
going to meet a lot of really nice people. There was an open day and I attended the open
day, and from the moment I arrived, it was, very welcoming environment
I thought that Koentact was some kind of alternative academy where you not only learn Dutch but
you can also socialize and do other activities Also the field trips attracted me, and the
Amsterdam language cafe. I gotta really good vibe from the teachers, they were very young
and enthusiastic and it was just the environment that I wanted to be a part of.
Koentact agency offers teachers the opportunity to be very creative, very communicative, and
put all their personal hobbies, music, favorites into their lessons.
And then you teach them things, which is really cool, because you see them grow, I had the
same group for three months now, and I can totally speak in Dutch with them now which
is awesome. And then, we do really great things next to that with this group next week we’re
going to a pancake boat, just because we can, and all these things, just makes my life really
better. The fieldtrip was probably one that stood
out the most for me. Where we got to go out and practice our Dutch in the Jordaan. Which
was hilarious. But it also helped me to bond with my classmates in a completely different
way. Classmates I had a good relationship with
them, and actually, we were making games and stuff, so we were like laughing, and having
fun. My class and my teacher, and the fun that we had the fact that we learned along
the way. We made a potluck with the entire group, so
that everybody took something that is very representative for their native land, and
the entire group came there and we met at somebodies flat, and it was very casual so
it was more of a friends thing. It’s probably the moment that my Dutch teacher
made a mistake with her grammar, and we all said the werkword het eind.
Take practical situations, and apply it. Do it! Don’t be shy, make Dutch friends.
They genuinely give you practical Dutch experience. I would recommend Koentact because they will
learn how much fun it is to just talk to random people in the street, and I think that’s one
of the best ways for me to learn. You arrive here at 7 and leave at 9.30 and
you still don’t feel brain dead which is a pretty good recommendation, from my point
of view. Everytime you speak to one of the teachers
from Koentact, you don’t feel as though they’re teacher you feel as though they’re your friend
as they do remember who you are, and, when you speak to them they always speak to you
in Dutch, and they always correct you when you are speaking back to them in Dutch, but
that’s the only way that you’re going to learn. I hope we can emerge them in this concept
of gezellig, so they will feel at home here, using the Dutch language. As a means that’s
not a goal in itself. Well to learn to speak Dutch you have to speak Dutch. Dutch can be

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