Learning about cacao and chocolate with IChef and Joji Ilagan College Students

Did you know that cacao is the source of chocolate? Yes Who’s interested to learn how to make chocolates from bean to bar? Just before we get started I would like express the gratitude to Cacao City Who so generously offered us this chocolate seminar On behalf of this school, we are one in their mission To support the growing cacao industry in Davao City Shiela and I are representing Cacao City It’s a marketing cooperative. Tahoe City is a house of friends of the mouse Finest. Kanava Charlie company’s capacity is a landmark, Davao City Private and public partnerships so local government of the above they really admission that Diversity should be the cacao chocolate capital and it was initiative between the local help you and the private sector to Form this cooperative. We’ve been open to grow two years and slowly pattern Recognition velocity has a tourist destination of Davao City since you’re from the about. I love you poop and to how a But I’m source naturally Yes, okay. So family Sheila when we moved to them we didn’t know that but when we moved here coming from Manila We were looking for something to do then The local office of BTI pointed us to the direction of cacao and we just fell in love with the idea That’s when the idea started Callen I mean metallic but me and a parrot we are enjoying our journey Theobroma Cacao is the scientific or botanical name of the faculty. Then I’m meaning a spoon of the guns so you have countries like Indonesia the Philippines Africa South America, so in your mama cacao producing countries Also something to be proud of around 85% of the national production of cacao Is in the double region, this is the three main varieties of how you Creole your young who you I think what people need him they’re not necessarily native to the Philippines, but it’s the Original variety that came from South America tommix would be your forastero These are the beans that are usually bought in bulk to him In a process needed to my dog and then you bring it are you is the hybrid of both so the two set above? Predominantly, it’s a trinitario varieties. So you would have a taste of It would depend for variety and where it’s broken off and then after harvesting Typically, the farmers just sun-dried it and then send it to the market for chocolates. It needs to be fermented so just put it in together you chocolate before not about the reason for drying is not just To drive, but also to make it my own negative smell to evaporate if you drive too fast The shell will harden and the negative like taste or aroma would be trapped inside. So me my Cut out meat sometimes affirmatively I said permeability shadownet’s right, so it has to be great or That over five days so momentum ahead a bit. It’s devious. Right? So let’s move on to chocolate You can actually make something it’s even with simple machines at home. And our goal is to make it simpler So that more people can make chocolate but what hinders people from a cow into chocolate is access to machines Because it’s really expensive to buy those big chocolate making machines But what I’ve learned along the way is that I can actually do it using simple machines The trend right now is in artisan chocolate making it means you’re focusing on that graph Bringing out the flavor of the beans making sure that you’re part of the process everything but beef of our chocolate We’re very particular about the piece that we’re using the quality in industrial Processing they will just buy it bulk a cow runs it in big machines Add a lot of milk sugar additives but then when I transferred here to Davao and realized if I even billion fever some chocolates It’s like white actually a coffin. I’ll show you the process of how the third cow beans into The finished product so the first step is roasting How many areas are in roasting? Is that it further? Enhances the flavor of the beans it can actually change the flavor profile of your depending on the rules So after roasting the process is called winnowing. What happens is you beans Estimation special so Kayla and equalizer. It’s a bean itself because it’s fiber to be shot and also water and it will also affect the flavor of your chocolate the patina between Shells now the next step after we doing is opening You will further grind the beans Perriman in small you Particles pie and chocolate is about 10 microns union size of the particle that your tongue Cannot I know distinguish anymore. Hey ash is moving So we use this to check on the finest of our chocolate. The next step is called conch in kanji means slowly mixing the chocolate So that the off flavors will evaporate so usually with this type of machine we really quench for about 12 to 36 hours. My next is tempering the Best surface to do this is on a granite or marble And then spread it out and then you have to move it. So that’s why we use this spatula So you move it around the table every is done so that he established and the result will be we have a Glossy shine on your surveys of air chocolate. It has a good snap When you break the chocolate and the last step is smoothing so you can use Different modes you put it in the chiller But it on my card and shop but then you have to dig it out after this if I can you image this area Our staff to bring out some samples of Kahala by brother Our country Specifically Davao region is producing a lot of TKO. Why is it that we cannot? provide the same quality of chocolates that these countries are providing like Calgary or Snickers M&Ms and the like if we look at the ingredients behind it but I mean our additives like sugar some random sugar and then you come out what then what would be 20% No, no, we enjoy it’s awfully while we were going on a sweet So even in the house, it’d be on the been debated within us with the rains or somebody See the madness and I would say it’s an acquired taste like eating 85% or 90% which is and so that’s why we’re also reaching out to students like you and you see – for madam for us to share our a 12 essence say AHA see because a primarily it’s not just showcase app store or its showcase of chocolates There’s a story behind it a you farmers started so they wrote the haha incident We’re trying to push the material nothing in export as beans But we produce it now my high quality that they’re proud to bring Dear friends abroad to be able to meet world-class products that you’ll be proud of as a Delaware as a Filipino This is one good Avenue where some of our local economies chocolate paintings Can can really pop us because again students is one big market that you know could help also help Raising awareness and sharing their good experiences with with you know, trying to chocolates Hi, my name is ensure. They have enjoy taking of Bachelor of Science in tourism management Engineering management And my knowledge My good buddy one variety put the legume family. I don’t know about three main varieties of how you Creole your yen, who you I think what people as native they are not necessarily native to the Philippines, but it’s the original variety that came from South America Provided us a scope of knowledge on what to use a specific Company more complexity or yet? They are making further a fermentation You bring out the complex flavors Chocolate so even if they used to see how these it will still depend on this the top of this year the rebound the chocolate Maybe 30 fewer even come Home either 11 dark for me. I prefer the you know fewer chocolate but a little bit more sugar Varam into my sweet shop. I didn’t read

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