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Modern society presents many demands
for Higher Education Institutions today. Two key ones are: to
graduate as many possible people to cope with the challenges
of the future work, and also to provide highly engaging
and active learning environments for many. But the key problem
in that massive environment in which we are seeing so
many different learners is to provide personalized experience
for each and every learner. Learning Analytics is seen as a
way to address this big challenge. Universities are collecting lots of
data about learners and environments in which learning occurs. Learning
Analytics also offers opportunities to predict students at-risk. We
can also understand and optimize learning strategies and provide
lots of ways to personalize feedback that our students are
receiving. The key question is then how institutions are starting
to adopt Learning Analytics. Clearly they see lots of promises.
They also want to engage with Learning Analytics, but the
key question is for many where we start from, or we are
still in early stages of adoption. Now, we can be helped to be
moved on from some of these early conversations in Learning
Analytics where we are trying to just think about different
technical aspects of learning analytics and move it to
understand and address relevant concerns for all
our stakeholders, such as: Responsibility! Accountability!
Privacy! Adaptivity! Interoperability! Consent! Personalisation! This
course is precisely developed for all of those who are involved
in the implementation of Learning Analytics in
Higher Education. The course consists of
three main sections: in the first section of the
course we are going to define the concept of Learning Analytics.
We are also going to discuss different drivers for many
Higher Education Institutions to engage with Learning Analytics
we are also going to discuss different challenges
institutions are facing, and we are also going
to think about different ethical and privacy dilemmas
that institutions are facing. In the second section of the
course, we are going to introduce the Sheila Framework, that is developed
as a part of the European Project called Sheila. The Framework
basically consists of particular types of activities that can guide the
institutions in their process of implementation of
Learning Analytics. In the final section of
the course, we are going to discuss different issues
that are coming from practice. We are also going to review
different case studies that are coming from the
actual implementation of  the Sheila Framework and we
are also going to discuss relevant issues that are coming
from different perspectives of relevant stakeholders. The course
will feature many experts that are coming from many
different parts of the world and across many different levels
of Higher Education, from students and faculty members to senior
leaders, and even some Government ministers. The course also feature
many interactive activities and we’ll also facilitate
opportunities to build links with the Global Learning Analytics
Community. On behalf of the entire Sheila Team I wish you a warm welcome
and look forward to interacting with all of you in
the coming weeks.

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