Learning Dental Hygiene

[Dentist] Perfect that’s very gentle that’s
good. [Reporter] Learning to be better brushers. A local dentist talked to pre-kindergarten
students at Red Cedar Elementary School today [Dentist] Little circles ok you don’t have
to be too hard [Reporter] about the importance of having good oral hygiene. [Shane Harpham] We talk about the 2 thing
with brushing twice a day flossing twice a day for two minutes and just get them excited
I just want them to take home one message that is take care of their teeth and have
fun make it easy. [Reporter] The kids also learned the proper
way to brush their teeth [Shane] Little circles get the biting surface and take your time
ok we want these teeth to be beautiful and why they should be doing it two times a day. [Student 1] Brushing my teeth is good for
my teeth. [Student 2] He said to brush two times a day. [Student 3] I like brushing my teeth all the
time. [Reporter]
The dentist says if parents can make brushing and flossing fun at home it will help promote
healthy dental habits in kids. [Shane] You should brush your teeth for two
minutes two times a day. [Shane] Keep it fun brushing charts they learn
from their parents so if they watch the parents brush the parents floss that’s always good
do it in the bath tub if they are really young just keep it easy keep it fun make it part
of their routine and hopefully we can prevent cavities and never have them. [Reporter] The dentist gave all the students
gift bags filled with goodies and fun interactive worksheets for students to read and color
about oral hygiene. [Shane] We have all sorts of fun activities. [Reporter] At Red Cedar Elementary School,
Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District. [Shane] This is super important so you have
healthy teeth ok and a beautiful smile.

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