Learning Street Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids – Learn Cars, Trucks, Fire Engines & More

Organic Learning Hey there, kiddos! Let’s learn all about
street vehicles. (Car Engine Sound) Car! Where would we be without a Car? They come in all sizes, colors and models. They have four wheels, one steering wheel, and an ignition switch that’s started with a key or a button, and then… VROOM! Off we go! Car! (Car Engine Sound) (Minivan Engine Sound) Minivan! Lots of families like to drive a Minivan. It usually has cool sliding doors, enough seats for seven kids, and big windows so you can see the world as you drive by. Or watch a video in the backseat! Minivan! (Minivan Engine Sound) (Pickup Truck Engine Sound) Pickup Truck! When you need to haul something big, like a bicycle or refrigerator of bunk beds, you need a
Pickup Truck. Many Pickups have a front seat and a backseat, just like a car… plus all that space in the back for hauling things. Pickup Truck! (Pickup Truck Engine Sound) (SUV Engine Sound) SUV! You could call it a Sport Utility Vehicle, but saying SUV is much quicker. And cooler! An SUV is a great vehicle for driving through mud and snow, or just taking kids to soccer practice or the movies. SUV! (SUV Engine Sound) (City Bus Engine Sound) City Bus! WHOOSH! The door opens, and you can hop on the Bus! In a City Bus, passengers sit on rows and rows of seats. They can relax while the driver takes them to work, shop, or visit friends. City Bus! (City Bus Engine Sound) (School Bus Engine Sound) School Bus! Do you know why a School Bus is yellow? Because yellow is a bright color that everyone notices. It helps keep the bus safe while children inside laugh and chat with each other on their way to school. School Bus! (School Bus Engine Sound) (Garbage Truck Engine Sound) Garbage Truck! When we take the trash out, we know a Garbage Truck will pick it up and carry all our trash to the landfill. Thank goodness for Garbage Trucks! Just think how messy our streets would be without them. Garbage Truck! (Garbage Truck Engine Sound) (Street Sweeper Engine Sound) Street Sweeper! We would need a lot of people
with brooms to do the work a Street Sweeper does. Its brooms spin very fast to sweep the dirt off our streets and parking lots, leaving them clean and beautiful. Street Sweeper! (Street Sweeper Engine Sound) (Fire Truck Engine Sound) Fire Truck! With flashing red lights and loud sirens, Fire trucks race to help people in danger. Fire Trucks are as big as a school bus and carry hoses, ladders, and everything
rescuers need to put out fires and keep us safe. Fire Truck! (Fire Truck Engine Sound) (Police Car Siren and Engine Sound) Police Car! If you see a Police Car zoom by with its lights flashing and siren wailing, you know that the police officers are hurrying to capture a bad guy… or help someone in need. Police officers are our heroes! Police Car! (Police Car Siren and Engine Sound) (Ambulance Siren and Engine Sound) Ambulance! Have you ever seen an Ambulance? It carries medicine and a bed, like a mini-hospital! It brings trained rescuers called EMTs, who help sick or injured patients while the Ambulance races to the Emergency Room. Ambulance! (Ambulance Siren and Engine Sound) (Tow Truck Engine Sound) Tow Truck! Do you see that big hook dangling from the back of the Tow Truck! If your car breaks down, workers will use that hook to attach your car to the Tow Truck and drive you safely to an auto repair shop. Tow Truck! (Tow Truck Engine Sound) (Mail Truck Engine Sound) Mail Truck! What could be in the Mail Truck? Anything! Mail Trucks deliver letters and packages. Toys, magazines, and cards all travel in a Mail Truck. And if it’s your birthday, the Mail Truck might being you a birthday card! Mail Truck! (Mail Truck Engine Sound) (Delivery Truck Engine Sound) Delivery Truck! We love to see Delivery Trucks come to our house. When we order a package from a company, the company sends it in a Delivery Truck. Big boxes, little boxes, flat boxes, chunky boxes… the Delivery Truck carries them all! Delivery Truck! (Delivery Truck Engine Sound) (Taxi Engine Sound) Taxi! Take a ride in a Taxi! Passengers pay the driver money for each mile driven. Taxi drivers often know interesting facts about their city, and they know all the streets and the fastest way to get where you’re
going! Taxi! (Taxi Engine Sound) (Limousine Engine Sound) Limousine! It’s fun to spy a Limousine driving by. They’re so lo-o-o-ng! They usually have a special driver called a chauffeur, and they’re often used for weddings or special occasions. When you ride in a Limousine, you’re riding in style! Limousine! (Limousine Engine Sound) (Motorcyle Engine Sound) Motorcycle! With two wheels, a Motorcycle looks like
a bicycle but has a motor like a car. VROOM! When the sun is shining, a Motorcycle can be a nifty way to drive around. But when rain falls, motorcycle
drivers get… Wet! Motorcycle! (Motorcycle Engine Sound) (Food Truck Engine Sound) Food Truck! Sometimes you go to a restaurant. And sometimes the restaurant comes to you! A Food Truck is like a little kitchen on wheels. It can sell any food: hamburgers, french fries, tacos, fruit cups, even cookies. YUM! Food Truck! (Food Truck Engine Sound) (Ice Cream Truck Song and Engine Sound) Ice Cream Truck! Mmmm! Guess what you can buy from an Ice Cream Truck? Ice cream! Most Ice Cream Trucks play music. When children hear the
tinkling sounds of a song, they know the Ice Cream Truck is coming their way! Ice Cream Truck! (Ice Cream Truck Song and Engine Sound) Great job, kiddos! Thanks for learning all about Street Vehicles with me. Bye-bye, see you next time! If you like our video, please give it a THUMBS UP. and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE And leave a COMMENT below. Thank you!

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