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– [Male] Can you say good morning? Welcome to the blog? Why are you being so wild? (Laughing) You’re not gonna go yet. Just because you were
up an hour and a half before you needed to be. Say yes. (Laughing) It’s your daughter. (Laughing) – [Priscilla] Are you my
daughter or Dad’s daughter? (Laughing) – [Male] Stay here. – I think you’re acting like a mom. (Laughing) – [Male] Just stay here. – You think you’re hilarious. No one else finds it funny. – [Male] Oh that’s a trait that I have? Wow! That’s not nice. (Laughing) Good joke though. Good joke. You’ve already eaten the
chocolate covered pretzels out of your lunch, so you can’t have that for lunch now. – I’ve got it sittin right
here. I’m protecting it. – [Male] You can’t raid
your lunch before school. (Laughing) Then go to the bathroom. (groaning) The best part about working from home is that you can work whenever you want, every change that you get, sit down and get a little work done. The worst part about working from home is that you can work whenever you want, sit down and just get a little work done. Should probably set
boundaries for our office. Not first thing when we wake up and not when we should be sleeping. – [Female] It’s okay. (Laughing) – [Female] I get for my girls I’m working on a thing for my girls. – What are you doin? A spin to win? – [Female] Yeah. – Well that’s cute. Like an incentive thing? – So, here we go! I’m so excited! – [Male Whispers] So excited. – Yay Leann! Woohoo! We have a winner! Alrighty, Leann, I will send
this out this week to you. Congratulations! – [Male] So your jobs like a game show? – Pretty much. (Laughing) You get a present! You get a present! Everybody gets a present! (Laughing) – [Male] Oprah makeup. What’s up mess the hess? Oh that mischievous smile. (Laughing) – [Male] Bye! Love you! You know the good thing is when she’s in these moods, she’s super receptive and like her language skills are on point. – [Priscilla] You ready? – [Male] Ready to go? Okay. Have a great day! Do awesome things! – How you doin girl? Happy Monday! All right, we are we’re sitting in the
car rider line at school because we’re early. Yay! Go us Abby! We’re
rockin this Monday already, Can you believe it? Thanks to Ab who woke up
like an hour and a half almost two hours before she needed to, we are, we’re early today, so go us. We’re winning! – How’s it goin girl? – [Priscilla] Say we started
super early this morning. Huh, Ab? Yup just one side. She’s lookin at you like – I know. (Laughing) – [Priscilla] And then the red, there you go. – Thank you. – [Priscilla] Put your shoes on. – Mom always has to help me out. – [Shaniqua] Hey! – There’s Miss Shaniqua
Abby, she’ll help you out. – Good morning, good
morning, good morning. – [Female] Good morning! – [Shaniqua] How are you doin? – [Priscilla] Good, how are you? – [Shaniqua] I’m good! Good! – [Priscilla] All right, Ab. Have a great day. She’s been up a really long time. – [Shaniqua] OK. So she might be tired. – [Priscilla] Might be. – [Shaniqua] OK. – She’s off. It’s Monday! All right, now to go do all my mom things I have to do today. – We’re fitna. Fitna to record an episode pots, pans and Priscilla. Fixin to. Getting ready. Preparing – You think this will be okay even though it says gas grill? – [Male] Oh yeah. – Okay. – [Male] Heat is heat. Gonna do a little product review. – Yeah. – [Male] Type of deal. So, we got this cool
thing from this company. It is a pizza making oven
thing that goes in your grill, for her channel. Huh! It’s got a little. It’s got a pusher! – Oh! – [Male] Push the pizza in and out. Looks nice! – [Priscilla] Yeah. (Plastic crinkling) – A whole kit. They actually have kits for gas grills and for charcoal. – [Male] Oh cool! – Yeah, but this should work I believe. – [Male] Oh yeah, of course. I gotta show you guys this thing. So, this is what they sent. It’s from Only Fire and it
like goes inside your grill to make pizza, it’s got a
stone in there and everything. Mmmmm. Let me tell you, this is the best homemade
pizza we’ve ever made, without a doubt. They’re sponsoring Priscilla’s
video, not this one. It’s just good! Look at this! Look at this! Look how crispy that crust is! Oh, it’s so good! – [Shaniqua] Hello again! – [Male] Hi. Hello Miss Ab! – [Shaniqua] She had a good day. – [Male] Good! – [Shaniqua] A really good day! – [Male] She had a very active morning. We were wondering how her day would go – [Shaniqua] That’s what it was? (laughing) She had a great day. – [Male] Well, she’s
so much more receptive and stuff when she’s in
those moods it seems like. – Mmhmm I mean the aggression was we didn’t have anything
while I was in there. I was out for IP for like a hour, but no aggression while
I was in there today. – [Male] Cool. – Great and workin independently. – [Male] Awesome Abby. – Only person on the planet that can make Target stressful Abby. So we gotta find a gift card, not a gift card, a debit card. Refillable. Reloadable. One of those. I wanted to say they had
one at Target though. – I’m saying just go with a gift card. – [Male] Just a gift card for now? – Yeah. – [Male] OK. – It’ll work. – She’s supposed to have a card like with her name on it like legit. Like a Greenlight or one of those brands. – So it says Target but also millions of other locations. – [Male] Right, yeah, it’s
just a regular Visa gift card. What are you? Pick that up! Do not do that. – [Priscilla] She didn’t know
how to put it back on here. – [Male] Look, turn it. Turn it in your hand. Turn it. Line it up. There ya go. – She was tryin to place it on top. – [Male] Yeah. – [Priscilla] Hey, let’s go look at – Really really yelly. Lots of stimi’s from pinching herself today. So, she needs a purse
and she needs a wallet for shopping, for their trips to Daily’s cause they’re gonna
learn about using a card, spending money, right? So, are they gonna be
like balancing that money or it just like using? Is what we’re working on right? – I have no idea. – I mean obviously it’s
gonna vary per kid. – Right. – And their ability. Of course. But, we’re gonna start
out with having a purse, having a wallet, having
some sort of card in there. Obviously, it’d be a card like Greenlight which is controllable. You can control spending, where they can spend money at. That way if someone takes it too, they can’t really use it. – There’s not really like
young girl purses, are they? – [Male] We need a teenager purse. – We need a teenager purse. – [Male] Maybe in the teenager section? – I don’t know that they have that. That’s a super cute clutch. (laughing) – [Male] Here we go. – Do you wanna hold my hand? Maybe that’ll help. Do you like any of these? – [Male] Look Ab, do
you like any of those? You do? – [Priscilla] You do? Which one? Look at this Ab. Do you like this? Can you put it on? Let’s see. Cause you could do like a cross body. Look. Can I help you? – [Male] Arm in. – Wait. You gotta. Hey, listen. We’re gonna
have to this, okay? Cause you’re a big girl now so you have to act like a big girl, okay? OK, are you ready? You’re gonna go to the store
tomorrow with your friends. – [Male] Put your arm in. – Put your arm through, like that. – [Male] So, look. – [Priscilla] Honey how cute is that? – [Male] Hold on. Put it back on. You put it back on. There ya go. Look, so it goes down here, let go, let go, watch, look, open your zipper. Then you can get your stuff out. – We’re gonna get you things to put in it. – [Male] You can get your money so that you can get snacks and stuff. – Does that sound like a plan? – [Male] Do you like that idea? Yeah? So, I think a snap wallet would be better than a zipper wallet. It’s a lot of zippers goin on. Yup, you’re a big girl but I still love it when you reach out to hold my hand. I do, Ab. Okay you got your little wallet, let me see your little wallet. We’ll just slide the card in there. That’ll work good. Perfect. Oh my goodness! Are you gonna put glasses
in your purse too? They match your purse. It looks fantastic. You look super classy. Here, hold your purse. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – [Male] I couldn’t film,
my hands are too busy. All right, here ya go. – Get the card from Dad. – [Male] Here. – [Priscilla] Look, look.
You have to push, okay? Wait a minute. Okay. Okay. Push OK. – [Male] Hey, receipt. – [Priscilla] Now we have
to wait for our receipt. – [Male] Look, it’s gonna
come out right there. There ya go! – [Priscilla] And get your bag. Get your bag. OK. Put this stuff in your bag. There ya go. Thank you. Come on. (squealing) – [Male] You got your new purse. Got a new purse. All giddy and excited. Tell me that’s not a
mood, as the kids say. I’ve got a thing for butterflies. I always have. – [Priscilla] Always. I don’t know why. Priscilla makes fun of me about it. Not butterfly wallpaper, real butterflies. I think
they’re such cool creatures. They’re bugs. – [Priscilla] I thought
you were gonna say sexy and I was like okay that’s a little far. – Yeah, that’s weird. Why would your brain even go there. – Because you went to say s – But they’re bugs. – They are bugs. – But look how pretty they are. Isn’t it crazy? – It is crazy. It’s the only
thing I want landing on me. – Especially in 240 frames per
second they’re really cool. Boom. (soft piano music) – [Male] See? That is also a bug. Not nearly as much of a fun bug. Okay. Bye bud see ya in a lil bit. All right, headed out. We gotta meet Isaiah at the school when he gets out of football practice and leave Abby with him, cause we don’t have respit and we have to go to a
Booster Club meeting. So, we’re doin that. – Did you see my eyeliner today? – Oh it’s blueish! – Yeah. – Look at you that’s new. – I went with a rose gold
and then a navy blue on top. – Neat. – Look at me out of my comfort zone. – Proud of you. Super
proud of you for that. – Yeah. – [Male] That is not your
parking spot Priscilla. – Oh that’s okay. – [Male] You are not
the teacher of the year. – I know but they’re gone. – [Male] Hey you need your shoes. (squealing) Do they? Put your shoes on. There’s your brother. Come on. (squealing) – It’s already turned up,
can you hand me the shoes? I’m gonna put em in the
back so you don’t lose em. – [Male] There ya go. – [Priscilla] Ya’ll can
grab something to eat. – [Male] Yeah, get some foods. – [Isaiah] Alrighty. – [Priscilla] And we
shouldn’t be too long. – Okay. – [Priscilla] Okay? – [Male] Yup just a meeting, that’s all. – [Priscilla] How was your day bud? – Sounds good to me. – [Male] Good day? – [Male] She’s wavin bye.
She’s like I’m ready. – [Priscilla] Oh my
gosh, your car is gross. – [Isaiah] Yeah I gotta, I gotta clean some up. – [Male] So, when you get this car it’s not gonna look like that right? It’s gonna be all nice? – Yup. – [Male] How was football? – It was great. – [Male] Good. All right we gotta go. – Okay. – [Male] Bye. Love you guys. – [Isaiah] Love ya too. – [Male] Is it brother in autism time? – I think it’s brother in autism time. – What’s up guys? It’s
brother in autism time. Abby, what time is it? Brother in autism time? (squealing) Okay let’s do some music! (loud rap music) – Should we have told him
that she’s yelling a lot? – [Priscilla] I think he’ll figure it out. – Yeah, I can hear her
all the way up here. (loud rap music) – [Male] She’s really loud today. She’s really loud today. – [Isaiah] All right. (loud rap music) – [Isaiah] Okay kid now put your shoes on. We had a fun drive home. Basically, all we do
when Abby are together, and if you guys don’t know, is crank the music up
as loud as it can be, and ride with the windows
down and it’s fun. It’s a fun time. For sure. You all good? Thumb. Thumbs up? Thumb. There ya go. Nope, wait,
you were almost there. Thumb. Switch back. No look. Stop doing your finger. Thumb. Just your thumb. Just your thumb. There ya go. Open your door. Come on. Let’s go. Look what we got. We got Wendy’s and all the fixins. Wait, you want some? Take a bite. Big bites. (laughing) (groaning) – [Male] Gosh, now we come home and none of the lights are on. Can’t see anything. Oh I see Abby. – [Priscilla] Huh, hi! – [Isaiah] What’s up guys? – [Priscilla] How’s it goin? (groaning) We had a great meeting. – [Male] Yeah, we did have a good meeting. Very productive. – That’s awesome. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – We were very productive here. (squealing) – [Male] Thanks for
helping with your sister. – You’re still yelling. – Yeah, it didn’t end. It never stopped. You want a new song? I can’t believe that! That’s just absolutely
out in left field for you. – [Priscilla] Are you doing your homework? Yup. Right on. – [Isaiah] I be Biology is
what she’s workin on right now. Oh stop. (squealing) – [Priscilla] Sit down
and listen to the music. – [Isaiah] Hey you have to go in there. You have to go in there, that’s the deal. You know the deal. Go in there. Look, I’m changin the song. Go sit down. – There can only be one DJ. – So, I got something in the mail today. – [Isaiah] Mmhmm. – These things in my ears,
they look like headphones, which is kinda good. I like that they look
like headphones, right. – Yeah they do look like headphones. But, do they seem like headphones? – So, this is not going
to have any effect for you if you’re not wearing headphones. – Yeah, otherwise I just look stupid when I’m walking around you right now. – Right, and the audio’s gonna sound a little bit different cause you, my voice kinda sounds to you how my voice sounds to me. Because the microphones are near my ears. So, what these are for, this is for spacial sound. I met this company at Vidcon and I told them about
my idea for this right, cause, you know the
whole audio part of video and how important it is. Stuff like that and getting
that immersive experience. But, I had a bigger idea for it also, as far as sensory processing. How people see and hear
the world around them. And I wanna work on kinda like a project where I can deliver kind of an experience of what people that have
sensory processing issues, what they experience in
the world around them. So, – I saw a video once on
Instagram and it was like this is what it’s like to
be someone with Autism. – Right. – And it was like a kid
walking through a mall with his mom, you know? – Yeah, yeah. – And it’s like super loud. – I’ve seen that one. – Yeah, you seen one. – So, that’s kinda my
idea for this, right? So, I wanna do, I wanna get insight from people with sensory processing disorder or with sensory processing issues and figure out how they see things, bright lights, traffic lights, you know, cars flying by, as well as hear things and try to deliver that same experience through the audio/video, you know, experience that you’ll get. So, like I said, with headphones, it’s gonna be a crazy thing – I really like that. – Without it’s not. Wouldn’t that be cool? – Yeah I think that’d be really cool. – Of course, I don’t have autism. I don’t have, I have a few sensory issues but no more, like tags
on my shirt kinda stuff. Just, you know, our
whole family’s a little, a little like, gotta have
my socks a certain way I’m freaking out. But not like sensory processing disorder. So, that’s why I would like to talk with, but more information on that later if you’re interested in it. It’s just gonna be like, you know, conversation where I’m
getting some feedback from you on certain things type of deal. But, if you wanna be a part of that that’d be really cool. – And it’s not gonna be like
what every single person in their individual life experiences. – Exactly. – So, that’s a little disclaimer I think, because people are gonna be like this is not at all. – Right. – It may not be exactly
what you experience but it is what, you know,
kind of generalized. – Exactly, yup. So, this oughta be fun. But, these things are awesome. Yeah, and this company sent these to me. These are beta. They’re not even out yet. They just sent em to me to – New, new. – Yeah, new new. (squealing) – I’m not gonna do it. I don’t like this anymore. I don’t want it. Leave me alone. – So, I’m gonna let Isaiah listen to this cause it’s gonna trip him out. – [Male] Is that wild or what? – Yeah. – [Male] So, do you hear Abby
stomping through the house? – Yeah but it’s super far away. It feels like it’s over there. – [Male] Right. – Which it is. – [Male] But she’s in the living room. She’s not stomping through the house. – Oh, wait, that was just her right now? – [Male] No, that was not her. She hasn’t made a sound since you started watching the video. – Oh, oh. – She made like a little bitty yell just a second ago. That’s it. Isaiah just said something
when I stopped recording, it was a good point. Like, that’s, it sounds like you’re, I mean you are in the house but it sounds like you’re in the house. – Like, if you’re ever curious like what does it sound
like to live with Abigail and like, the way that she yells. – [Male] Just the way the sound resonates off of walls and the sound of the floor when you’re walking through the house. – Yeah. – [Male] Yeah. – Like every single squeak
feels like you’re next, like you’re there. – [Male] Right. – Super weird. – Okay guys. – Thanks for watching. – That’s it for today. – Hope you comment down
below how creepy this is. – We’ll see ya next time. – Bye. – Bye. – [Isaiah] One more time,
just turn the water on. (water running) (groaning) (wind whooshing) (soft music)

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