Learning4Life – Free Open Online Course from the ELC!

Hi there! Welcome to our Learning for life course. Congratulations on taking the first step to
improving your grades and reducing the stress of being at university. This online course is designed with the busy
student in mind. It will not add more work to your day. But it will help you deal more efficiently
with your university studies. The course is divided into three units. Unit 1 is about learning about yourself. Unit 2 is about developing study skills. And unit 3 is about learning language effectively. Each unit shouldn’t take long to complete. And you can dip in and out of the course as
you like. This course has been developed by independent
learning and language learning experts at the English Language Centre of The Hong Kong
Polytechnic University. Our team has decades of experience with helping
learners like you. We’re sure you’ll find it useful. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t registered yet, follow the
links below this video and do so! It’s available for everyone and it’s free
of charge! And if you have registered, why don’t you
start on Unit 1? OK. That’s it from me for now. Happy learning!

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