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Dear students! Comparing to the college day,
we celebrate every year… …there lies a speciality in this
college day celebration. Today, we are going to release
“LIFE STYLE” book. Written by our former student, Mr.Anand. Your clapping hands alone say that
how firmly he stands in your hearts! In this delightful occasion, I request Mr.Anand to come onto the dais
to share his experiences and feelings with you. Give him a big hand! Now, our district collector, Mr.Abhiram
inaugurates the “LIFE STYLE” book. Dear students! Bliss, while getting
admitted into college. Bored, while studying in the same. Beer, after getting dark. This is the life style of a
college student. Am I right? What you said is correct, buddy. But, this is not correct
in a student’s life. Yes. An attention, while getting
admitted into college. An ambition,
while studying in the same. A sensation, to reach our goal. This is… This is what the quality to be with the
college students of this generation. Today, all the esteemed
personalities over here, have made me a great man
and made stand before you. But, that’s not my greatness.
Do you know one thing? Equality lies only in the college
campus all overthe world. Coming to this “LIFE STYLE” book… …it’s a sweet memories ofmy life. I, who lost my parents in an accident
during my childhood stage… …have been blessed with great friends
as a boon by the God. We all together met in the same
campus during first year as freshers. We became very closer
during the second year. We shared our relishes and
opinions in the third year. We made our ambitions come
true in the fourth year. His name is Prabhu! He has to study holding the book
by making no difference… between the bedroom
and the bathroom. That’s the rule laid by his father. He is not only a No.1 student,
but also our best friend. That’s why he does know only the spellings but not
the meanings for flowers, figures, tiffins and dinners. He speaks even for6 hours
non-stop about Einstein, But, he can’t speak even
for half a minute, if Aishwarya Roy expresses
‘I LOVE YOU’ to him. The name of this handsome guy
is Lakshman Rao. As he felt that his name, which was put
by his parents, didn’t sound stylish… …he has become Lucky in short form. He feels as if all the beautiful girls
across the world were born for him. That’s why he feels as if he is Loed
Krishna among the beautiful girls. They look at him as if
he is a funny thing. The name ofthis
naughty girl is Priya. Don’t know at what time, her parents
named her with that name! If any guy is encountered, she gets tensed up
for he may express “I LOVE YOU” to her… …and makes the opposite person tense up. That’s why she was nicknamed as Rector scale
in college by seeing her tension. She feels safe only during the
Rakhi festival, thinking that nobody
would encounter her. The name of this public girl is Nandini. She madly falls after the offers. It’s enough if she comes to know that a shaving set
is offered free for a purchase of colgate. She buys it curiously irrespective
ofher requirement. Consequently, everybody in the campus,
teases Nandini saying, Marry me, he will be extra to you. This is our friendship. Now, you have grown curiosity to
see all ofus, haven’t you? Let’s go back! We enjoy the friendship… We just do that’s why! Getting excited… Let’s go and touch the sky! In the long lasting friendship… …We live or die! Achieving the targets… …we want to like to be five! The eternal friendship is Life style! The seven colours rainbow is Life style! The set of ambitions is Life style! The joining hands is Life style! Betting you and me is Life style! Wishing forthe new path is Life style! We will be together,
always will be having fun! By just liking theJuliet,
we drop into the dreams! We have done P.hd in naughty course… …Ours is the troupe that undergoes
mischievous things! Having liked as if he is Romeo… …throwing a powerful look over him! Robbing all the money in the purse… …laying a break in the
mischievous play! Behaving like monkeys… …we will have a silly fight! We forgive the very next day… …we will become friends!
It’s alright! Six pack and sexy look is Life style! Rock ‘N’ Roll cocktail is Life style! Hip hop and Rap top is Life style! Getting a luck accidentally
is Life style! Getting fever on Sunday night
is Life style! Having no limitations is Life style! As it taught us the depth of life… …this campus is our heavenly place! All the skills we have learnt
in the class… …will be implemented in our lives! The ambition of our broad heart… …is the new pattern that
weaves our wishes! Let all the resources stay as they are… …let all the directions stay so! Our words would be
commanding the time… Our path raises by
defeating the speed… The eternal friendship is Life style! The seven colours rainbow
is Life style! The set of ambitions is Life style! The joining hands is Life style! Betting you and me is Life style! Wishing for the new path
is Life style! Hey, where is Anand? -I don’t know. Hey, Anand!
-Prabhu, Where are they? Where is Prabhu and gang?
-I haven’t seen. Hey! Hey! This is boy’s hostel.
-Hey, go away! Look how they sleep like buffaloes! Hey, get up! Hey, Pig! What’s the time now?
Get up. Haven’t you kept the wake-up call? What made you appearwith make-up? Hey, useless fellows! There is a campus interview today.
Have you forgotten? O my God! Time is up! Rush…
– Hey, let’s go! If we get selected in this interview,
our fate will get changed.- Yes! Good morning, seniors! We are dead!
This double gum is the one… If he sticks, he will not leave
immediately. Move fast! Stop seniors! For you all have to succeed in the interview
and get jobs in the same company! I have gone to temple and
worshipped for you, seniors. Tell me the truth. Forwe have to get jobs orto set her
on the track? -Shit! Go away… Senior! Senior!
Solve my problem, senior. No chance.
Priya feels allergy seeing you… But she is my energy, senior. I swear on my mother, senior. What should I do to trap Priya?
-Do one thing. Put your leg across.
-Thank you, senior. Your father! Hey… My dear students!
This is a wonderful occasion for you. Getting a placement through campus
recruitment is really wonderful thing. It is momentous occasion in one’s life,
and one should never miss it. I wish you all the best! Now I introduce you to the
company people. Dear students! Our company is one of the world class
reputed company in India. It has so many opportunities, especially for
engineering guys like you. For any professional graduates, the technical knowledge
is very much important. However in the software field,
whoever communicates more effectively… …will reach the highest goal. Shall we confirm?
-Let that round first get completed. Sir! Sir! What about our results, sir? Sir! Have we all got selected, sir? You should not ask me
all those things. We are your students, aren’t we sir?
What’s wrong if said, sir? Sir! Tell us, sir! Please sir… Four of you got selected
among your 5 members. Hey, what happened? It’s a great thing that four people getting
selected among 5 people, isn’t it? Who is the one, who hasn’t got
selected among us, sir. I cannot say it. Results will be announced
within a short while. Wait for it. We are very happy to announce that the following students have been
selected from your batch. Mr. Anand! Mr. Prabhu! Miss. Priya! And Miss. Nandini! Where are these selected guys? Shit! We four have got selected.
Only Lucky is missing. I would not have missed. When I was going, the double gum came
across and upset everything. If I catch him…
– Let it be… Take it light! We are not doing this job. We do only ifwe five members
get job in the same company. Or else…we will start our own company!
-Yeah!- Yes! Hey, Lucky! -Lucky! -Lucky!
– Hey, Lucky! Stop… What happened, buddy?
-What buddy? Hey, Lucky!- What happened to him, Priya?
-I don’t know. What buddy? What happened? He has been fine so far, right?
-Hey, stop I say. What happened to him?
– What is he? Hey, Lucky! -Hey, Lucky!
What are you doing? What? -What?
-What are you doing? You all have done a
great sacrifice for me. I also have to do something for you.
I will do it. Wow! What are they?
– Cool beers, buddy!Cheers! -Cheers! Let’s try… What happened to you?
-I don’t drink beer. Well cried. You father is not here, is he?
Close your eyes and take in… Hey…no! If you once get into this taste,
you say that you want all. Open your mouth.
– I don’t want I say. I don’t want. Leave him. lfhis father comes to know that
we made him drink beer, he will come into our dreams
and hit us. Why don’t you try the beer?
-Shit! Go away. Look! She beats me…
-Why do you tempt so? Will you buy flowers?
-Shit! Go away. Stupid generation! Stupid generation! Jeans and Middies have come into
existence and ceased our survival. We can’t find who male is
and who female is… Hey, what are you murmuring? I am not murmuring.
If you would buy flowers… Do we look like the girls
who put flowers? Why do you say so, madam? They, who have come along with one person,
would buy 3 cuboids. You have come along with 3 guys. Hello! How do we look like
to your eyes? What can’t I guess, madam?
Two pairs are sure among you. But the third guy seems
to be a bit different. Will you shut up? Is there any rule that says they are lovers
if a girl and a boy meet together? You first change your opinion. We are friends from the same college.
We remain as friends until we die. Don’t tell me so. I have been selling flowers over here
forthe past 7 years. They say that they are friends when they
get admitted newly into the college. They will become lovers in the next year. The next year, they come along with
their children and buy flowers from me. What Poolandevi?
You are tempting too much… What bothers you if
we are friends or lovers? lfl hit you strongly… -He is not an
ordinary guy. He is a mad fellow. Have you seen, sir? We have unnecessarily
got tensed up? Look at them how happy they are. Then…Crazy five or something else? Hey, Bunny! Two double omelet
with extra cheese. The fat you have now is enough…
why do you need extra? Though you are not capable enough
to pass the interview, you are not lesser in style. What is that look? Are you a hero? Will you hit me? Hey, stop it! Will you hit me? Will you hit me? Hey, stop it! Hey, Prabhu! -Hey, Lucky! What is this?
– He talks as he wishes, sir. Hey…You don’t know about me. I will complain to the Principal
about you five members. You have cried.
– I will see that too. What Anand? Being the engineering students,
what is this quarrel? Sir, the entire fault is his.
Who is he to ask us. What ifwe got selected or not selected? We have confidence upon ourselves. Being an engineering student,
why does he behave like a rowdy? Okay, Lucky! Cool down… Prabhu! Prabhu!
– Hey, Prabhu! Prabhu! -Prabhu! -Prabhu! -Hey, Prabhu! Prabhu! -Prabhu! Hey, leave me. Hey, please buddy! Listen to my words. Hey, I am sorry for what had happened. We all together had been hasty,
why do you go to complain about this? You will not get sense unless I do so. Hey, don’t say so. Listen to my words. If you go and complain,
my father comes to know that issue. You don’t know about him.
My life will get spoiled. Why to reach such a distance? We shall adjust among ourselves.
Please buddy! Understand me, buddy!
– Okay! It’s alright.-Thanks! Anand! Pass it! Wow! Hey, Prabhu! Give it to me. Hey, toss towards this side. Hey, Prabhu! Pass it. Give me the ball. You have achieved what you wished. The company which has rejected Lucky
has reconsidered… …and offered jobs for your 5 members
in the same company. Is it? Go and see the notice board! Thanks buddy! Hey! Hey! Look here… -Yes! East or West! Our friendship is the best. East or West! Our friendship is the best. East or West! Our friendship is the best. When did you come, father?
– It’s better! I thought you might ask me
why I came for… Father! Father! -Uncle! Uncle! There is no fault with him, uncle. We all have got jobs in the
same company, uncle. Please uncle! -Please uncle! We all are celebrating it uncle. Please uncle!
-Please uncle! Listen to us… Move the vehicle.
– Please uncle! Why is he so serious? Are you fine? -Yes, I am fine. Mother!
– Honey! I have come, mother. Why have you come to here? Have you informed your
father and come? No, mother! I have come as
I wanted to see you. Is it wrong? Wrong or something else?
You bloody fool…- Honey! -Mother! I make you study in town by
showering thousands ofrupees, for not to come home
whenever you wished. Tomorrow is Diwali festival, father. All my friends have gone.
That’s why I have come. What is Diwali? -No, hubby! You wait! Do you want Diwali giving up the studies? He will die, hubby! Hey, stop! Stop! -Don’t beat me, father!
– I will kill you. Stop I say. If you come once again without
any intimation… Rayudu! Rayudu! -Hey… Why do you hit the child
as if you hit the cattle? He is my son. I may kill him or cut him.
What bothers you? lfl leave him freely
as if you have left your son… …he would roam across the fields
and get spoiled. Get lost! Hey… -Father! If you step into this village until you know that
either your mother or father has died… …I will break your bones. -Father! From now on, your food…sleep,
everything is your studies. Go! My son! How do you bear such a man? When I came home at my childhood stage,
he hit me like anything. Now, he is hitting on my life. Don’t I have my own desires
and blisses? Go, mother! You at least tell him. I have nevertalked against your father
otherthan doing what he said. He gave a word to his friend that
he would conduct this marriage. What is a word, mother? Will he spoil my life for his word? I have just got the job, haven’t I?
Why is the marriage immediately? Don’t I feel to spend for some days
along with my friends? Why is your voice raising? For your behaviour, I have to beat you
with a tamarind stem. You are not old enough for that. Even my heart doesn’t permit me
to leave you freely in air. lfwe leave him on his track…
he will bring some girl and say, Father! She is your daughter-in-law.
– Father! That is… -Hey! If you get married without making any trouble,
you will leave out ofthe village. Or else, you will remain
at my foot forever. Move… Mother! What my son? Having got married auspiciously,
why do you have a weeping face? You said that you had got
some job, didn’t you? Go and mind that job now. I will bring my daughter-in-law
on an auspicious day. Look! If you roam like mules
along with those stupids… you know about me, don’t you? Hey… -Sir!
– Drop him safely. -Okay, sir! Give me the scale. Hey, give me the scale. Don’t be angry, senior. Hi, Anand! -Hi! Hey, Love Birds!
Why are you not seen now-a-days? My marriage! Congrats!!! As you have carried out your love upto the
wedding cards during this generation… …you are really great! Rakesh U.S.A What about him? -Only lover! Yes, ofcourse! They’ll need a black sheep to receive them
in India wheneverthey come, won’t they? What dear? Have you been
forced by your parents? No, dear! We have got bored. Does your American ‘would be’
know about this affair? Yeah! I am very open.
I said, “I have a boy friend”. He said, “You come to the U.S,
I will introduce my girl friend to you”. Alas! That’s all! Now-a-days, love and marriage
are two different lines. Ah! Superb! Hey, Prabhu! Have you just come? -Yes! What has your daddy said? He bought a land on my name.
I have gone to finish the registration. Hey…Breaking News! Ramya has forsaken Gopi, you know? She is going to marry a U.S guy. Congratulations Ramya! Wish you happy married life!
-Thank you! When will be the marriage
for you 5 members? We don’t get married in an ordinary way.
We get it done very grandly. What Prabhu? Yes, buddy! Good night! Bye! -Bye! Okay, we make a move. Bye! -Bye! Okay, good night!
-Bye, Priya! -Bye, buddy! Good night, Priya! -Good night! Have you seen, senior? He has had the entire ice cream and
sends the empty cup to the U.S. Can you please tell Priya
that I would not do so? I know about your sincerity, buddy. You go urgently and bring a
family pack ice cream. I will settle your matter. Sorry! ATM repair.
– O Double gum! Hey! Hey! Hold that pillar.
– Connect that cable properly. Hey, if you are lazy so,
Priya never loves you. Go and do hard work. Ifl do so, will Priya love me, senior?
-She will definitely love you. Thank you, senior!
-Go! Go! Crazy fellow! Hey, junior! Come over here…
– What senior? Take this mike and check out going far.
-Okay, senior. Hello! Mike testing. As the Crazy 5 seniors have got jobs in the
same company, this party is being held. Hello! Hello!
– Excuse me! Where can I find the final year
student, Prabhu? Which Prabhu? He who has got selected in the
campus selection recently. He has got married too, right? What? Has Prabhu got married? By the bye…you?
– I am his wife’s uncle. Please call Prabhu! Juniors and Seniors!
It’s a breaking news! Our senior Prabhu sir has got married. Our senior Prabhu sir has got married. You have degraded the value of our
friendship with a single lie. How could you hide this big matter
without informing us? A few people leave the
friends after marriage. Is our friendship such a crooked one? Don’t talk as you did not know
what had happened overthere. That’s none of our business. It’s wrong to get married
without our knowledge. You have hidden from us after
getting married, haven’t you? That’s a big blunder. Actually, how could you
undergo this marriage? I have not done purposely. My father has not listened to me
however I said I was not interested. Hey, stop about your father. Hey, if you don’t understand,
I don’t want your friendship at all. Okay, buddy!
It’s all over, right? We can’t change it. He has already been in pain.
Leave him. Leave it. What to leave? We determined not to hide
any secret among us. He doesn’t feel about it though he had
committed such a blunder, you see? Sorry! I am very sorry! It’s okay, buddy! Hey… No! Please…No! Cheer up, buddy! Congratulations, my dear students! You have proved that the friends
not only roam together, but also achieve together. It’s really a very good
example to the juniors. Carry on, sir! One thing, you should remember.
It’s a well known company. Once you joined the job, you have to
work at least for2 years. Okay? Yes, sir. Congrats! -Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir! -Welcome! Thank you, sir! Thank you! Thank you, sir! -All the best! Mr.Anand! -Sir! Are there any differences among you
5 members? No, sir! You all have been given
postings in Vizag, why only Prabhu has
changed it to Mumbai? Mumbai? We have achieved what we wished.
-Yeah!- What next? What else is there?
We have to join the job. Hey, give me your cover.
-What for? Give me I say… -What happened?
-You wait! Everything is the same. Have you seen? As we all have placement in Vizag,
he only has changed it to Mumbai. What is this all?
– I don’t like Vizag. Do you not like Vizag or us?
– I don’t like anything. Leave me in peace. If so, are we spoiling your peace? Thanks forthe compliment, buddy.
You are changed a lot. Not only you…but we also know
how to forsake friends. From today, we don’t want
your friendship. Go away. You go and lie wherever you feel peace. Useless fellow! – It’s our mistake to
make friendship with you. I feel shame to say that
you are my friend. Take it, senior! Why are you doing too much? However, I am lower than you,
aren’t I, senior? Take it, senior! -Hey, go away! Please! One minute, senior! You go… What? Senior! Shall I share a secret with you? All the great personalities are
Juniors & Seniors. Tendulkar is juniorto his wife. Similarly…Sharuk Khan!
Hajaruddin! Ravi Sastri! Similarly, if we both too… You bloody… -Please senior!
Don’t refuse, senior! Please senior! I love you, senior! I love you, senior! I love you!
-Leave me! Leave me! -Please senior! Anand! Lucky! Come over here…
– Please… What happened, Priya? Have you come?
You at least tell her, senior! If I join you, we can become Crazy 5 again,
can’t we, senior? He is lying, buddy!
He is proposing to me. You have not done too much. We have done too much
by entertaining you. Don’t hit me, senior!
Senior! Please, senior! No! I am sorry! I am sorry, buddies! Talk with me… I am leaving for Mumbai by train tonight.
I will not come back again. This is the last day
in my college life. Please look at me, buddies. Haven’t you given up the
anger upon me yet? Hey, if you encounter a problem,
you have your parents. But my problem is my parents. From tomorrow, you will all stay together.
I am the only lonely fellow. I have been happy only
in your friendship in my life. I wanted to commit suicide
forthe betrayal done my father. I am going far as I am not dare
enough to do that. I have shared my happiness
with you so far, buddies. Share my pain also forthe last time. Please, buddies! Please… Prabhu! Control, buddy! Control yourself. We are not angry with you at all.
Cool down! We feel hurt as you are going
away from us. That’s it! You are always our friend.
– Thanks, buddy! Thanks! It’s okay, buddy! You want to stay away from us
for some reason. Respecting your friendship,
we don’t want to disturb you. Hey…we don’t try to meet you unless
you come to meet us by your own. But we ever stay together
and live together. But you ever have room in our hearts.
You can come to us at any time. Okay! I phone you as soon as
I reach Mumbai. Why do you go to Mumbai? You shut up and go to
yourwife in Bhimvaram. I go taking leave after joined. There is still 10 days time forthat, isn’t it? No Priya! I have got the ticket
reserved too. What is the Mumbai ticket?
-What is this? Priya! Come on! Train is about to move.
Shut your mouth and move. Not like that. Listen to what I say. Sir! Sir! Our friend has to go to
Bhimvaram urgently. We have no time to buy the ticket.
How much is the fine?- Fine? He gets adjusted ifwe give him Rs.1000/-…
-Is it okay, sir? You board! -You board! Go…Get inside! Thank you, sir.- You said that you would
give me, didn’t you? Give me… Have it! You don’t worry. It’s my responsibility to make your
friend reach Bhimvaram. You get inside.Okay, buddy!
Happy journey!- Bye! -Bye! It’s said, “Dreams will not come true.” Though Prabhu is away from them… The dreams, they have in the sky… …have been brought onto the earth
in the form of a beautiful Villa. They have made theirwishes come true. As they wished, not only in the
same company… …but also in the same Villa,
they lead their lives very happily. Priya and Nandini, who have moved
happily like children,… …have become the mothers
fortheir children. Though they are unaware that
where Prabhu is… …they have allotted a room for him in the Villa,
hoping that he would come one fine day. Lucky and Anand, who lead busy lives without
relaxing for a second, are not married yet. lfthey are asked why it is so, they say that
they have to get their dream girls. Idiot! It’s late because of you… Why do you scold me for
everything, buddy? Mummy! Joker has come. Wow! Marvadi girl!
Not Joker. Hero has come. Hi! My name is Lucky.
Hi, uncle! Lay the card. Hey, buddy! What is this?
– I beg you. Leave me, dear. Excuse me! Yes!
– We are 4 friends. If you don’t mind, if you can adjust
in the adjacent coach… Sorry! At least, can grand mother… ‘SORRY’ means ‘Not possible’ in Telugu. It’s okay, buddy! We will adjust in the adjacent coach.
You carry on. Oops! Is she married? Lay this card. Shall I take that one? -Take that one. Uncle! Look over there.
– It’s good! No! No! Have this one. Something is running behind it.
– Hey, stupid! Good! Good! Lay this card.
Game is over. Hurray! I have won…I have won!
-It’s okay, aunty. Who are you? Will you get me defeated? I have made your daughter
win, haven’t I, aunty? Oops! Why do you disturb me
when I am in a good mood? There is a beautiful figure
in our coach. What buddy?
Are you talking about girls? Why? Should we not have
a loving heart? What if so? You proceed… But a disappointment, buddy! -Why?
– She has a baby. You do one thing.
Go and lull that baby. Calm down! Should not weep. Alas! What happened, baby?
Calm down! Calm down! Calm down, baby! Take him for a while. Calm down! Calm down! Thanks!
– It’s okay! No problem… You have done the tiger dance well.
Where have you learnt it? Grandmother! Ssh! Excuse me! Has my child troubled you?
-Nothing like that, sister. So, she is unmarried. Hey, Anand! Lucky chance for you… Good! Very good! -Thank you, uncle! What is your name?
– Sundar Lal Mehta! What is your name?
– Lucky Lal Mehta, uncle! Are you also Marvadi? I have been Marvadi since my
childhood stage, uncle! Take it, grandmother. Grandma! He gives me with love. She says so. You take it. Thanks! Good! One is not enough to her. Grandma! They exactly taste like the
grapes in our place. By the bye,
may I know your name please? Is it that necessary now?
– Ooh! There is much stuff… Have it!
– What are these? My grandma has had all
your fruits, hasn’t she? If so? Should you give in return?
I don’t want… Mr.Anand! I don’t take anything
if given by the strangers. How do you know that my name is Anand? At the time ofjourney… It’s my habit to check the passenger list
to know who are travelling around me. Is it? It’s there, isn’t it?
Thank God! Hey! Hey! What is this?
Are you attempting suicide? No, sir! I am looking for a
name in the list. You come inside. If anything goes wrong,
not only in this list… …you will not be in the voter list too. Whose name are you looking for? The name of the girl who
sits opposite to me. Her name is Anjali.
– Anjali? Thank you! Oh! Shit! Do you undergo such a vulgarthing?
-I am dead. Will you open the door? Who is that? Hey, man! Hey, man!
You don’t have manners at all. You idiot! I did not know that the doors
were not locked. What a bad fate!
Shameless fellow! No! No! Don’t take lemon rice, uncle.
Oil content is more in this. You have chapati. Uncle!
– Wait! No, aunty! Wheat is heat!
You have curd rice. For me… -Wait! Wait! Uncle! Look over there…
– Have dear! Have curd rice! Uncle! You stupid! Why don’t you also have food? No! No! Aunty first and youngsters next. Hey, come here! -Good boy! What again, buddy? Her name is Anjali. She is not married.
– Then…that baby? The baby belongs to the family
in the adjacent coach. Wow! I bless you for yourtrain love should
result in a grand success. Thanks, buddy! Excuse me! -Yes. Can I take this book?
– Yeah! With pleasure… Thank you! Why do you read from the middle part?
Don’t you read from the beginning? I have already read the halfpart. This is a new edition. Though it’s a new edition,
it bears the same story, doesn’t it? Yes, ofcourse! The thrill is different ifread
from the beginning, isn’t it? Not required! You have it with you. Why do you lose yourtemper like that?
You read from there itself. The abundant treasure… …is the naughty boon… The romantic treasure! Let it be asked! The unmoved treasure… …the lips have not tasted! The romantic treasure… …let it dissolve! There is a romantic treasure within you! Your mother gave birth to a
diamond treasure! Your smile is the star treasure! Your speech is an intoxicated
sugar treasure! Our love is the unity of sky and earth… It’s enough if you stay as life! There lies in the clouds… …the rain treasure! There lies in the Ocean… …the pearl treasure! I find within you… …the music treasure! In the stem ofthe flower… …lies the honey treasure! The one that identifies
with the eye sight… The one that realises
with the speech… The one that is softer than Jasmine… …is the heart treasure! Let me surrender all my
naughty desires to you If you stay with me,
I will have nothing to get! In the mountain valley… …the waterfall treasure! In your body colour… …the gold treasure! The one that is hidden into the eyes… The one that rocks the hearts… The one that has come true… …the dreams treasure! The one that won’t drench
during rainy season… The one that won’t fade during
summer season… The one that won’t shatter
in winter season… …the love treasure! Let the tender beauties welcome! Let the unlimited bliss
come onto the lap! Buddy! Buddy! What buddy? Are you in dreams? Where is Anjali? Would she still sit as the
destination has come? She might have got down. Has Vizag come?
(Have we reached Vizag?) It has not come.
We have come to Vizag. Dammit! I have missed
at the last minute. I have not asked at least
her address. Don’t feel in such a way, buddy. If you are destined so,
she will appear again. Take it light. Priya! Nandini!
– Pinky! Where are they?
– I don’t know. Amith! Sekhar!
Where have they all gone? Who? Who is that? Stop it! Stop it!
Who is that? Stop it I say. We are being hit.
– Stop it! Who is that? Who is that?
– Stop it! Welcome! Welcome! How is ourwelcome treat? Dammit! You have spoiled my shirt. Then… Where have you been for a month without
giving your address and phoning us? It’s a project work. How can we come out
without completing it? What is this? -Is this welcome idea yours,
Amitab Bachan, brother-in-law? Well said. Should anybody give idea to them? Idea is theirs. Implementation
is theirs too. -Yeah! We have died in their hands so far. You have come now. We are safe. You are a great innocent, sir! Sending your low angle photograph
through internet… …giving buildup like Amitab Bachan,
you have trapped our Nandini. Yes! Yes! We all have got shocked by finding you
as a lilliput during the wedding, right? Yes! Yes! OurAmit’s style is different. Is it? You are not lesser anyway. Saying that you had many sites,
you have made Priya fall in love. We came to know laterthat it’s
not land site, but the eye sight. Brother! lfwe wait for sometime,
they seem to take our honour away. It’s betterto get
compromised with them. Have you seen?
Friends should be like us. They won’t let us get ticked off.
-Yeah! Okay, darling! I agree with you. Anand! What else is up
regarding the tour? I forgot to say… In return, our glamour boy fell in
love with a girl, you know? Is it?
– Who is that girl? Tell me… What can he say?
Her name is Anjali. Don’t you show us how she will be?
-Show us, buddy! What to show you? He had 6 hours journey and couldn’t
ask even for address. I am much better. I passed my time superbly
with a Marvadi girl. You won’t be changed, stupid!
-You are always so. Excuse me! -Yes. I gave for developing, yesterday.
Would you give me those prints? Give the receipt.
– Receipt… I think I forgot in my office. Sorry! We won’t give prints without receipt. They are very urgent. Should I go
all the way for your bald receipt? You first call your manager.
I will talk to him. Manager will also say the same.
– What is this? Won’t you respect the customers?
You are replying for each word. I want to talk to your manager
right now. Call him! Call him I say.
– Sir, please! Why do you quarrel by coming
without having the receipt? Quarrel? Mine or yours? Why don’t you understand what I say? Those photographs are the matter
ofmy life and death. Swathi! -Yes, madam. What happened?
– Wow! Anjali. You are here… Look madam! He quarrels by coming
without having the receipt. Mr.Anand! Will you please come inside?
-Okay! What is that? You have appeared and
disappeared in the train so. Do you know how I have
searched for you? As we meet frequently like this,
there must be some relationship between us. What do you say? Mister! What is actually your problem?
– No problem! My problem has automatically been
solved after I have met you here. I asked about the reason
behind your quarrel.- Nothing! As she denied to give photographs
without receipt, I asked herto call the manager. As I have known that you are the manager,
where would my photographs go? I will come tomorrow and take them. Not required. Swathi! Bring his cover over here. Here is your cover. Take it! No! I give the receipt and take the cover.
-Not required, you can take it! Thanks! That is… -What again?
– Let me check them once. Wow! Beautiful! Fantastic! Superb! How nicely you have developed the photographs!
-I don’t want such compliments. No! They are excellent! You look at them once.
-No! No! I don’t want to see. You may go now. Okay! See you tomorrow!
– What for? To quarrel again? I have to get in touch with you, don’t I?
Bye… See you! Give me a 100 VX film. Very nice! She is cute! Wow! How nice it is! Simply superb! Yeah! She is very nice. You have won a jackpot, buddy. This is the first time, a beautiful girl
is going to enter our district. If so, are we not? I will hit you… So…you all are family birds!
I am the only bachelor bird. I don’t have any type of commitments. Someone has come. Check out, buddy! Hey, Lucky! You are out. That Marvadi guy has come with
sword along with his family. O God! Don’t open that gate. Hey, where are you going that side?
-Alas! Wall, this side. Tell them that I am not here. -Hey, Lucky! What sir?
– No cabbage! Where is he?
– Who? Who? Who? That Marvadi guy, Lucky Lal Mehta! I will not spare him! -Stop, sir! What won’t you spare?
What won’t you spare? Talk to him, father!
-Wait! I will talk with him. Stop! What? What has he done? What has he done?
– He is not Marvadi! He is very smart! He played cards with my daughter. Her hand was broken. I have been
affected with heart attack. Go and hit him. Uncle! Uncle! Look overthere. I am dead.- He is running!
He is running away, uncle. Hey, wait. Listen to what I say, sir. Why are you all staring at me seriously?
What have I done? Hey, lady Marvadi! You tell them. I have dined along with your batch. I have done Bajan along with your father. Have I at least touched you? You have not touched her.
But you have touched her heart.- Me? Yes, you!!! That’s why we all together
have come to one decision. What is that? We have decided to get
both of you married. Marriage? Hey! Hey! Why is my marriage so early, buddy? When will you get married then? Look! Will you get a girl who loves you
more than she does? Shut your mouth and agree
for this marriage. Steady! What buddy?
Are you getting me committed? Your line is clear.
My line has to be cleared yet, right? What do you want? Yesterday, I gave you negative
for developing, right? What madam? What is that look?
– Bill? It’s ready… No. 75. Look now! Hey… What is this?
The whole roll is empty. What would happen to the taken snaps? What sir? Would you come to studio
to quarrel with us? It’s too much. If you try to make the customer
fool by misdoing yourwork, I can’t tolerate. I want to go to
consumer court. -Sir! Please… Why should I talk with you? Call your manager first.
I want to talk to her. Come on. What happened, Lakshmi? Look madam! As we developed his roll
which was given yesterday, he quarrels saying that
it was empty. Mr.Anand! Come inside. Have you seen?
That is the power of administration. We fight and get compromised.
See and enjoy! What is this nuisance every time? Not nuisance. I want justice. I have made this photo session
spending much money. It’s totally been spoiled. Mister! Don’t try to bluff others. I have seen you changing the
dummy roll from your back pocket. Oh! Have you seen it?
You are really genius. Tell me now. Why do you follow me?
What do you want? You act as if you did not
know what I want… It’s something…I have given you a Novel in train. You have taken along with you
without intimation. Would you please return that Novel? You can tell that matter, can’t you? Okay! I will return it.
– When? Shall I come tomorrow? No! No! Leave your number.
I will phone you. How can you give over phone? O great man! I will phone you and say
where I would come and give. Okay! Okay! By the bye, this is my visiting card. I will be waiting for your call. Bye!!! It’s too much! What honey? Why have you laid
all the books like that? What happened?
– English Novel, aunty! I have taken it from a guy in train
and forgotten to return. I don’t remember where I have kept. He kills by running after me with that excuse. Why do you get tensed up for
such a silly thing? Inviting him to our house, giving him a Rs. 1000/- …ask him to buy a new book. That’s it!
– Yes, aunty! That idea did not strike me at all. But not to our house. I will call him
to somewhere outside. lfit was Dhoni,
he would have hit this ball sixer. Make a call, buddy!
-To whom?- To Dhoni! Shut and watch! Hello! Is Anand around?
– Who are you? I am Anjali. Hey, Anand! Phone call for you. Hey, don’t disturb me. I don’t come though
C.M calls me at this time. It’s okay! Shall I tell the same to Anjali? Anjali? Hey! Hey! One minute. Please Priya! -Shall I hang up?
– Please give me. Hello Anjali! I want to talk with you. Would you come to Hot Windys
restaurant in the evening? Hot Windys? At what time?
– 5 O’clock! 5 O’clock? Done! Hot Windys! -5 O’clock! -Anjali! Hey, buddy! Scooty is rocking… Mileage is superb too. What would be the capacity?
– 3 in one! Excellent! Idiots! Hi, Anjali! -Hi! Do you knowthat I have not
expected your call? I am so happy.
Come on, let’s sit! Not here! Let’s go there.
– Why? They are commenting vulgarly. They have taken a photograph
with the cell. -One minute! Anand! It’s superb! -Structure is rocking! Give me the cell.
– Why are you so tempted? There lies a figure nearby, doesn’t it?
I think it’s a buildup. Give me the cell.
– I don’t give. What can you do? Anand! Anand! Listen to me.
Don’t fight with them. Anand! Anand! Hey…Police! Hey, stop! Timid fellows! Hey… Rascals! Sorry Anand! It’s all happened because ofme.
– It’s okay! No problem… Wait here for 5 minutes! Where are you going?
-I will be back now. What Anjali?
-Just 5 minutes. Okay? Anjali! Anjali! I am sorry, Anand!
Your dress got spoiled. Take it! Anjali! What’s this all? No problem! How can you go with this dress? I will call you, okay? Keep watching…
The eternal news channel, TV9. Why has he become like this? Dear viewers!
A quiz for you now. Why has Anjali given this
dress to Anand? A. With Love B. With sympathy C. None If you SMS the correct answer,
we will give this Villa as a gift. I will give the correct answer. As his dress was torn and
he turned like a beggar, Anjali bought him with sympathy. Feel my love! Feel my love! Feed my cell number! Rob my glamour! You do something! My beauty is so superb! Lay a sketch! Pinch me once! You drink me like scotch! Come on! You catch the virgin! You dine with french kiss, O Hero! Hello, crazy! I am your fan… I am just gonna make you wine! Make you line! Hello, crazy! I am your fan… I am just gonna make you wine! I am just gonna make you wine!
Make you wine! You hold… You coil… Let me say, I love you! Most welcome! My heart has reached you! Top to bottom! It has composed music! You give signal… Increase your speed… The tender age is a new Pulsar!
Take me along! It’s chocolate! Don’t delay… You taste it for once! Come on! Hello, crazy! I am your fan… I am just gonna make you wine! I am just gonna make you wine!
Make you wine! Shall I fall upon you? Shall I become crazy? O my cupid! Am I not a woman? The ingredients ofmy beauty… …Hot mixture! Make a picture with your eyes!
Do you understand? Look at the structure! Bat sixer! You have the chance. You sponsor! Feed my cell number! Rob my glamour! You do something! My beauty is so superb! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Feel my love! Aunty! What honey?
– Aunty! Look over here… Hello!- It’s me, Anjali!
– Anjali! Hi, Anjali! What a pleasant surprise!
-Yes! It’s really a surprise. You should come to our home
for lunch today. With pleasure! But one condition.
– Who is that? Hey…Come! Come! Come!
– Give me. My friends also come along with me.
– Sure! We all will be waiting for you all. Address is plot No.16,
Meenakshi Enclave, Gandhi Nagar. Yes. That is Anand. Anjali has invited us to lunch
today, you know? Wow! -Wow!
-Yes! -Yeah! Mummy! Anand uncle is in terrace.
– Terrace? What is he doing overthere? He is getting a greeting ready
forAnjali aunty. Wow! Greeting? Hey…uncle! What buddy?
You are doing something secretly… What is it? Won’t you show me?
– Show us! Please… Nothing, Nandu! It’s just a greeting. We know, buddy! Hold your build up. Show us! Let us have a look at it…
– Will you please stop? This is not for you. Only for Anjali. Welcome! -Hello, aunty! -Hello! Anjali!
– I am coming, aunty. Oh! Hi! -Hi, Anjali. She is Priya! She is Nandini!
He is Lucky! Mr.Amith! Nandini’s husband. And he is Mr.Sekhar!
Priya’s husband. Hi, baby! What is your name?
– Pinky! What would you like to have? It’s okay, whatever you give cool.
-Okay! Be seated! -Okay, aunty! She is superb!
– Yeah! Very homely! What buddy? Tensed up? There is enough time to give the card
Cool! Cool! I am very happy! Anjali is so happy because of you. Rocking response, buddy! Take it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Anjali! You must come to our Villa once. Henceforth, she is going to stay
permanently with you, isn’t she? What darling! Have they all come?
– Why are you so late? I was stuck in traffic. -Hello, uncle! I am very happy, honey!
You have told me a good news. I have been excited since
I knew the news. Buddy! He is… Uncle! You have once come to
our college, haven’t you? Yes! I had brought Prabhu’s
marriage sweets. If so, Anjali is… She is my brother’s daughter.
I am his uncle. Then…where is Prabhu, uncle? What is this? You are asking the
question that I have to ask. By the way, Anjali has invited you
just to know about Prabhu. If so, Anjali is… Whom do you think Anjali is?
Prabhu’s wife! Anjali! Anjali! I love you, Anjali. Anjali! Anjali! I love you, Anjali. Anjali! Anjali! I love you, Anjali. Anjali! Anjali! I love you, Anjali. Hey, take it light! You have not done
intentionally, have you? Anjali is a good girl.
She doesn’t misunderstand you. She is good.
I have behaved without manners. Shit! As she has been worried being away
from Prabhu, I have troubled her a lot. I don’t know how he was hurt.
-No such a thing must have happened. We shall all together go to Anjali’s house. You ask her for apology by
seeing her mood. Anjali will definitely understand
your problem. What Anjali? What’s your
wrong in what had happened? Not that, aunty! I thought I would know where Prabhu is,
at least through them. Why is it happening especially to me, aunty? Look, honey! Whatever happens,
take it for your good sake. As it has happened so, you were
able to meet his friends, right? No problem! Nothing happens…
-You come I say. It seems they have come.
You just wipe your eyes. Hi, aunty! Hi, Anjali! -Come, dears. -Hi! Hasn’t Anand come?
– He has come. But he feels uneasy to come inside. Anand! Come inside. I am sorry, Anjali. Do you still remember that? I have forgotten it long while back.
Please come! He is very sensitive. He has been
much worried since yesterday. Anand was worried only once. If so, I have to get worried
for many times. One minute! You also follow me. Prabhu left away after our marriage. I went to college to complete
my studies. These are the letters given by
many with love then. Your letter also lies in this. Please Anand. Let it be so. I have kept all these to show Prabhu. Haven’t you understood? One day or other,
Prabhu will definitely meet me. I will show him all these letters
then and ask him… …these many people like me.
Even your best friend likes me. I have kept all those to ask Prabhu,
why he doesn’t like me. You are Prabhu’s best friends, aren’t you? You must have known Prabhu’s heart. Doesn’t he like me? Why has he deserted me?
– No! No! Nothing like that. He is angry upon his father. He will definitely realize if he sees you. Won’t he, Priya? -Yes, Anjali. Aunty! Shall I ask you something?
– What, honey? If Anjali is here, she gets worried thinking
of Prabhu every second. We have spared a room for
Prabhu in our Villa. Send Anjali along with us, aunty.
– Yes, aunty! If Anjali is with us, she feels as if
she has reached Prabhu. We get satistied as if Prabhu is with us. Take her without fail. We want her happiness. Their good friendship will join you
with Prabhu. Go, honey! Have you seen? Have you seen? Anjali’s feelings changed
as soon as Prabhu is seen. Wow! What a shy!
Hide it until Prabhu comes. That’s it! Whoever comes to our Villa,
should feel happy like this. -Yes. Mummy! Aunty is cute.
Shall I kiss her? -Why not? This is our campus. How joyful it was! You know? All envy our togetherness. Our campus looks very beautiful
if viewed from this terrace. I used to take any decision over here.
-Hey, Nandu! Where is my wedding thread?
-Check out in that shelf. Well, where is your wedding thread? I have hidden it. Why should you hide it?
You are married, aren’t you? There lies the problem. You have your husbands. You can answer if you are asked
about his whereabouts. Then…me? “Are you married?”
“What does your husband do?” What can I say if anybody
asks so deeply? That’s why it is… -Good!
We are different… Until husbands scold us, we don’t remember
if we have the wedding thread. Saying so, don’t join me with you. Do you know what had
happened recently? While I was cleaning flush out,
herwedding thread fell into it and washed out. She grabbed my wedding thread fearing her husband. I got ticked off at my home and
got tied for the second time. Do you know dancing too? Do you ask me ifwe know dancing? There was craze for our dance
on college days. -Yeah! He is silent, but Prabhu dances excellent. Hey, Anand! Do our friendship dance.
Please, buddy! Now? No! No! What sir? You jump in bathroom, don’t you? You jump like that here.
-You shut up your mouth and get away. Hey, Lucky! You also dance.
-Hey, do it. Please, buddy! Anjali watches… I will dance if you also join us.
-Okay! Done. East or West! Our friendship is the best. East or West! Our friendship is the best. East or West! Our friendship is the best. Mummy! Aunty is weeping… Hey, what happened? Anjali, what happened?
Why are you weeping? I am not weeping, Priya. You are best friends, as well as
your husbands have great hearts. Prabhu missed a lot staying away
from the best friends like you. He missed a lot. What is this?
There is no proper response. lfthere is no such a least response,
why is the friendship then? Please…Somehow, try to trace him out. However pain she has in heart,
she smiles outside. Though he hasn’t been seen for these days,
she is waiting innocently for him. Do we find such girls nowadays?
Please, buddy! Take a little care and e-mail me immediately
afterfinding his whereabouts. Thanks, bye! What is this? All spelling mistakes. Is this address correct?
-Correct! -Okay, right! My boy! Your Marvadi list is completed.
-Thanks! Hey, shall we invite your
ex-girl friend, Neeraja? Why is she? I made time-pass
with her during the first year itself. Just friendship! Yes! You said about this Marvadi girl
also like that. Shit! Hey, Anand! -Yes! You would call someone as
Lagaan during final year. Mad cricketer! What is his name?
-He is… Leave it. Some tube. Have you called me, madam?
-Not you. Go away! -I go… Are you prepared to invite every
beggarto my marriage? Though you invite, they won’t
attend for beggar’s marriage. Stop joking. We are not supposed to discuss
why to invite someone now. If anyone ofthem whom we invite,
has contacts with Prabhu… …he will come to know
about this marriage. Though he can’t attend this marriage,
he will send at least a greeting, right? Why should we leave that clue?
-Yes, you are right, buddy! Anand is right! List is over. Hi, senior! Senior! Senior! -Why has he come? Alas! That Double gum fellow!
Why has he come at this time? Senior! Senior! Senior! Oh! Hi, seniors! -Hi! Hey, why do you hide behind me? I have told you that a guy proposed me
by holding my feet, haven’t I? It’s he!
– Oh! Is it he? Good! Hey! Hey! Hey! She is not
unmarried now. She is married. He is her husband, Sekhar! I miss you, senior! You did not miss anything.
I missed by marrying her. -You! Have you seen?
That is called, ‘Made for each other’. Tell me, senior!
Lucky’s marriage is ahead, right? How can I help you? Look! You’ve to ask information about Prabhu
with everyone, who attends the marriage. The entire responsibility ofthis marriage
is yours. -Okay! You first distribute these cards…
-O God! He? No! No! He will throw the halfin dust bin.
I will distribute everything. The side angle ofthe eye sight
is rocking! The beauty that raises the
temptation is rocking! lfmy heart likes, only love
and magic take place! She will be Sonali Bindre! You preserve the shining gold! Shall I get ready for Thandia? Shall I present my beauties as gift? The stories in my heart
have matured… …hug me and show your power! Your power! Your power! The side angle ofthe
eye sight is rocking! The beauty that raises the
temptation is rocking! You become my pair… Fresh beauties… Don’t jog me… Your beauty rocks… Slowly! Slowly! -I felt the shock! Joyfully! -Love is matured! Come and have my hug!
Don’t feel shy, buddy! The real McDona! Has the world thought ofit? Lock the beauties… I can’t bear, come and hug me! Shall we both stay
together forever? I have searched for you, O parrot! As you have reached
beautifully forthe hug! As you reached! As you reached! The side angle ofthe
eye sight is rocking! The beauty that raises the
temptation is rocking! The doors have opened…
– With pleasure! The quarrel has begun…
– You raise high! Hurray! What a dare! Know my curiosity!
-What a dare! My beauty is yours! -Wow! You come to me, my man! Where have you hidden
these days, O Mynah? As I reached you,
shall I become a rain of romance? In the wrinkles of’Kathakali’ play… Shall I play the romantic sitar? The hastiness chases within me! My heart raised anxiously to
make you crazy towards my age. Crazy! Crazy! The side angle ofthe
eye sight is rocking! The beauty that raises the
temptation is rocking! Hubby! Hubby! Father-in-law!- Honey!
– Mother-in-law! What happened, mother-in-law?
What has doctor said? It’s said, “Sinner has less span oflife”, right? Doctor said that I would just be alive. What are you talking, father-in-law? Have you come? I couldn’t understand my son
as you have understood him. I took him away from you that day,
not to entertain my authority or desire. To see him in a great position. Hey…We have 400 acres of land. Nothing wans howeverwe eat. As my father brought me up
in that way, my studies had been
stopped at 5th std. Our servant’s son had become a Collector. The grandson ofthe postman in our village,
had become districtJudge. All my property have been decreased. I learnt then what I have lost. Therefore… As my son’s life should not
become like mine. Though I had much love towards him… I punished myself acting
very strict towards him. I punished myself.
– Uncle! Please control yourself. My boy! I told him a word
when he was child. I asked him not to enter into the village
until his mother or father dies. Will you do me a favour? Will you please publish in any
newspaper that I am dead? Hubby! Not for my sake. For his mother’s sake, who lives
with abundant love upon him. Forthis innocent girl, who is being
punished for my fault. Will you do me only this favour?
– Uncle! You be bold. Wherever he is in the world,
I will bring him to you. Yes, aunty! -Yes, uncle! It’s a promise. I will just call you back. Hello!
– It’s me. Rajesh! Hi, Rajesh! What a pleasant surprise!
Where are you calling from? I am from Bangkok.
– Wonderful! How are you?- Fine. Balu met me in chatting yesterday. He came to India for
Lucky’s marriage, didn’t he?-Yes. He asked me about Prabhu while chatting.
But I said I didn’t know. Prabhu met me in a
weekend party yesterday. Really? Are you sure?
-Yeah! But one thing. He felt uneasy as soon as he saw me. Did you take any ofhis details? I asked him. He said we would
discuss during the dinner. Bad luck! I couldn’t meet him again. If so, is there a chance that
he stays in Bangkok? Yeah! I am sure about it. I saw him moving closely with many people. Such an intimacy is not possible, if hasn’t
stayed in Bangkok for a long time, right? Thank you, buddy! Hey, Lucky and Priya! Good news. It’s known where Prabhu is.
-Wow! Really? Where is he? -In Bangkok. Have you talked with him?
-No! Rajesh has phoned. It’s confirm in Bangkok. Anjali, you know? Prabhu is in Bangkok. Congratulations, Anjali! You are going to meet Prabhu shortly.
-Thank you! Why delay? Let’s all togetherfly to Bangkok.
-Why are you all? Sir! I watched airplane in cinemas,
I never boarded. If you take me, I will come
along with you. No matter if there is no chair.
I will just sit down. Will you sit down? -Yes. To Bangkok? -Yes, sir!
– By airplane? -Yes, sir! You? -Yes!-You…
– I understand! I have to turn that side. I will turn. O God! Anand! I will also come along with you.
– You? Why Anjali? I just know that he is in Bangkok. I have to go and search for him. Look, Anand! I could stay till today without
knowledge where he is. But now after I have known,
I can’t withstand even for a second. Not that, Anjali! -Please, Anand.
– I am coming. That’s it. What about your passport and visa?
– I have everything. Yes, buddy! As we are so curious to meet him
after knowing that he is there… How does she feel then?
We are just friends. But she is his life partner.
Take her along. -Yes, buddy! Okay! Where is your uncle?
– He is in office. Hello! G7 Travels, Padmanabham here… Uncle! This is Nandu.
– Hi, Nandini! You have a life span of100 years.
I just wanted to call you. Don’t create such a thing, uncle. Book 2 tickets to Bangkok urgently.
– Bangkok? What, honey? Honeymoon with your husband?
– No! For Anand and Anjali! We have received an information that
Prabhu is in Bangkok. Is it? Very good!
Give the receiverto Anand. Hi, uncle!
– Congratulations, Anand! You have somehow known the
info about Prabhu. I will book the tickets immediately. Our agent Krish will receive you
in Bangkok. Krish? How does he look like? It’s a strange case and
he has an ugly face. Be careful with him. All the best! Hi, Krish! You are Anand. -Yeah!
Anjali! A -A, fantastic names.
Very good! How could you know my name? You have written your name instead of
our names in the flap board, right? Oh! Okay! Okay!
You know one thing? The greatest scientist Einstein has
forgotten his wedding day. -Is it? The great people like us would be
forgetting like this. It’s all common! Let’s make a move.
Come on! Come on! Have you seen?
Bangkok manners is so. He has opened the dicky
as soon as we arrived. Give me your baggage.
Keep it inside. -Okay! Okay! This also…Very good!
Give that too… It has got important things.
– Oh! No problem. Come on! Follow me… One minute! Come here… This is Lord Buddha! He was born in India and
got good name in Bangkok. Hey…The car is moving, Krish! What bothers you if that car leaves?
This is our car. But we put our luggage
in that, didn’t we? Have we got our passports?
-They are in my handbag. Hey, Krish! Have you received the party? Yes, I have received, sir. But I have kept the luggage in an
other car. That car has left, sir. What? I expected this.
Idiot! Useless fellow! I have appointed you foolishly
in my company. Has the whole luggage been lost?
What will you do now? Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir!
You tell me what I should do, sir You do one thing. You make them stay in
your house forthese 10 days. That is your punishment! Why don’t you speak? You have your house at
East facing road, right? House is East facing, sir.
But there is a waste face at home, sir. My problem is with her, sir. It’s none ofmy business. It’s okay if you accommodate them. Or else, I will dismiss you.
Rascal! Okay, sir! Okay, sir! My boss wishes me as best wishes. Wow! The atmosphere of your
house is very nice, Krish. What have you seen
outside atmosphere? There is an atom bomb inside.
Look at that. Is she yourwife? -No! My knife! Who is he? Is he your brother?
– Is he my brother? Is there any resemblance between us?
He is our cook. My name is Kuyum! I lost my passport! You shut up! Go! -Okay! Come here! -What sir? If you overact as if you did in the airport… Your accommodation in this
house is secondary! I will lose my accommodation! Have you understood? -Okay! I will manage carefully and call you.
Wait here! -Okay! Sukku! Sukku! Sukku! What? Why are you scared
as if you saw a devil? Why do I fear seeing a devil?
– If so… That is…That is…a joke!
I have just made a joke. It’s okay…you went out in the morning.
You have just come now. Where have you been till now? Wow! What a sweet and
peppermint voice! A good news, for you.
– Tell me what it is. I will tell you ifit is egg or donkey dung. You have been saying that
I did not get promotion, right? Has it come now? They have come. My boss phoned from India and said… I am sending a newly married couple.
Take care ofthem.” I will give you promotion. I have brought them to our house
to avoid extra expenses. Welcome! She is my only wife, Sukku! Sukumari. Greetings, madam! -Greetings! What is this? You have come
without any luggage. We have brought, madam.
But your hubby… That is… I have kept the luggage in the
dicky of other taxi. If so, you have lost them! Well found.
– Useless fellow! The room upstairs is empty.
You may go. -Thanks! Come on!
– Where are you going? You go. You come. Good morning, Krish! Milk! Why are you late?
– I am not late. Milk was late. How nicely you drink! As if a buffalo drinks waste water. What are you murmuring? I am not murmuring.
I say that I prepare tiffin. Why do you murmur for that?
Is your mouth buried? Go and prepare tiffin.
– You drink. Tea! Hey, Kuyan! You come here. Massage! What boy? What are you staring at? Are you looking at me
with pity orwith joy? Sympathy, sir. How were you yesterday?
How are you today? Why is it so? Fate, my boy! Fate!
Nobody can change it. By the bye, yours is love marriage
or arranged marriage? Arrested marriage!
– What sir? What can I tell you? I belong to Renigunta!
She belongs to Bitragunta! As I got job in Singapore,
I started to Chennai for stamping. Train stopped at Bitragunta. I went to a telephone bhooth
nearby to make a call. I met this devil overthere. Even the pig looks beautiful
during young stage. Anything will be beautiful
during young stage, right? By seeing so…
I got tempted and committed. Since then, my life has turned like this. Control yourself, sir.
We can’t change the fact, right? Hey, keep calm! She may see us. What? You are talking about marriage.
– Nothing madam! Sir reveals sweet memories about you.
That’s it. Is it such a necessary now?
What about the breakfast? He said that he had prepared.
– Done! Done! I have told you for 1 lakh times that
I can’t eat that chinese food. Yes! You are going thin by having that. Madam! Madam!
He lost my passport. My wife Sansui in China is weeping. My children would be waiting for me. What is he saying?
– What else is there? When he came on tour from
China, a year ago… Like he lost your luggage.
He has lost his passport. Since then, he has settled with us. We are dying as we can’t
understand his language. My Sansui is weeping.
– Is your Sansui weeping? Hey, take this. Pile up. Your life is so. Hi, Anjali!
– Hi, It seems you have got ready by now.
– Yes! What is this? Why have you
brought this Novel to Bangkok? I haven’t brought it. It has brought us
all the way to here. What is that? I felt many times thinking that
Prabhu might not like me. But only by seeing this… I came to know how much love
Prabhu had with Anjali. You have been booked. She seems to show this
Novel to him. You are going to meet
Prabhu, aren’t you? What is yourwork with this…
Give me. Wait until I meet him.
I will give you then. It’s okay. Look at this.
This is the heart of Bangkok. People from all countries come
to here for sight-seeing. People are very cultured here? Very highly…Look at that. So high.
You go madam. This is very high! And… Where are they? Is, what I have said till now, Air India? When I am telling you in detail, why do you make discussion
with the cat beard fellow? I am an international guide. Will he tell you the things
which I am unaware? Is it? You are not an ordinary man… Go right? Go left? What? Should we turn that side
and this side? I have understood. Are you enquiring about the
lost luggage? You… What man?
I ask you without knowledge… Have you come to Bangkok for sight-seeing
or to look for the lost luggage? He is the one! Hello! Why do you go like that? Where are you going?
It’s a software company. Come on! Let’s go this side.
I will show you a good location. Okay! You wait here… I don’t understand you. Yes, I remember him. Just one minute! I will check and
confirm with my security. Hello! Mariyan! Oh! No! Are you sure? Thank you! Thank you very much. I am very sorry to tell you… …that Prabhu is no longer
in our organisation. Take your photograph. Anjali! Come on. Let’s have lunch. Please Anand! I am not hungry.
You go. Mood off again? Hey, come here. What’s it? Sing again. Stop it! If you sing the song of Mayabazar again,
I will pluck yourteeth off. Go! Madam! Sir is scolding me. Alas! Alas! Alas! What is this? That is not for you. For guests. Have you called them?
-They are coming. Not that they are coming…
Go and call them. Go! I will have one piece… – Go! If we meet Rajesh, we will get
Prabhu’s address, right? Please Anand! Leave me alone. If so, won’t you eat anything
until the address is found? O God! He doesn’t seem to eat food
until the luggage is found. You… Anand! Lunch is ready.
She is calling you. We are coming…you may go, sir. Are you still in the expectation that
your luggage will be found? I say we are coming, right? Not that…for lunch! He is upstairs.
She is downstairs. They are not hungry.
You serve for me. I will have it. Why would it be? You must have
turned offtheir moods. You go away.
Today, lunch is cut for you. Is lunch cut? -Get away. Sukku! Please give me a piece…
-What are you looking at? Go… There you see…Why is the lizard
like that on the wall. Ah! Hey! Hey !Hey!
What is it? -Water snakes! What? -Water snakes! Oh! Are you trying to say
about Noodles. Superb! Superb! How taste they are! Have it! Have it!
– By what is it made of? Water snakes!
– It mean? Water snakes! Water snakes. -What? Water snakes! Water snakes! Good morning!
– Good morning, aunty! Where is Anand? I don’t know. He went out as
he got a phone call. Here he has come. What Anand? Where have you gone? We have lost our luggage, right?
I have lodged a complaint regarding that. Is it such a necessary task now?
– What Anjali? Many contacts are left within. How struggles we faced yesterday due
to the lack of communication! Okay! Move… O God! Time is up.
Site Seenu will come now. If he comes, he will take me
around Bangkok. Krish! Hey, Krish! What man? What?- What Krish?
Why are you still sleeping? We thought of going early today, right? Sir! I bow at you. I won’t come. Here it is! Car keys and route map. I got the tank filled. You go around all the places you require…
I bow at you. Leave me. What Krish? Howwould we knowthe
rules and routes without you? What are you talking.
– I have been in this country for years. You know all the routes
more than me. Go! Go! Go! I bow at you. Go!
– Okay! Let’s go. Have tiffin in some good restaurant and go. Hey! I said I would not come, didn’t you? What is this? You said you would
not go with them.-Yes! As I sat continuously with him yesterday,
my buttocks got swelled. I can’t go. lfit is so, you won’t get promotion. Will you respectfully go or shall I
make the China man mark you? Not required, I will go. Excuse me! -You go, sir! What is this? What is this buildup? As if you have lost Kohinoor diamond… As if you have lost the
crown of Elizabeth… What is that searching? You don’t find it. You will definitely
not find it out the lunch. Hey, man! Have you seen my luggage?
-No, sir! Why does he scold me? Why does he ask me losing
his luggage? Will I be asked for anybody
to lose their luggage. As I heard that couples were
coming from India. I thought I could fill my pockets with tips. Who are they? They wander
all overthe country for luggage. Ah! As you have the girl who looks like a
beautiful Arabian horse… …how should the Bangkok trip be? Saira! Su saira! Su saira Sayanora! Love you! I love you!
I love you so much! Laila! O Laila! Your smile is Niagara. As I see your style,
my heart bears bangura You are my heart robber!
I have become yours! I am luckierthan you!
Are you my Choco Bar? Tell me ifit’s true or not and yes or no! Saira! Su saira! Su saira Sayanora! Love you! I love you!
I love you so much! Are you my hello tune? Are you the Moon
that walks on the earth? My heart went mad because of you. Are you my golden spoon? Shall I turn into Ice softly? Shall I dine and drink with you? Give me a strange experience! It’s very good within me! I am floating in dreams! I suddenly feel shy! Has any intoxication
covered me like you? Saira! Susaira! Susaira Sayanora! Love you! I love you!
I love you so much! Laila! O Laila! Your smile is Niagara. As I see your style,
my heart bears bangura Won’t I melt with your eye sight? Won’t I tempt if I am touched? Shall I become bonfire joyfully? Is your beauty a Saxophone? You come and sleep in my heart! O my beautiful darling! I really can’t believe!
I become a strange girl! I am straightaway telling you! I say that you are everything! Is this how the love
becomes magic? Saira! Su saira! Su saira Sayanora! Love you! I love you!
I love you so much! Laila! O Laila! Your smile is Niagara. As I see your style,
my heart bears bangura You are my heart robber!
I have become yours! I am luckierthan you!
Are you my Choco Bar? Tell me ifit’s true or not and yes or no! Hello! What man?
Which country do you belong to? Have you also lost your luggage?
– What man? Have you gone rude by
having the food of Thailand? You are blabbering meaninglessly… Sir! Sir! Is it you, sir? I have blabbered
thinking it might be someone else. Sorry, sir! Well cried! Are you properly looking
after the party? What to look after, sir? You have sent a nice couple, sir. They have been looking
for their luggage since arrival. No kiss or something else, sir. Shit! Shit! Shit! Hey…ls yours the mouth
orthe drianage? Why do you speak vulgar words? Have I told you that they
both are couples? What do you say, sir? Are they both not the
husband and wife? There you see…again the
same vulgar word. Hey, useless fellow! They both are
not couples…they are friends! As they received the information that
her husband is in Bangkok… …they have come in search ofhim. If so, they are looking for…
– Her husband, you idiot. If you confuse them with your clay brain,
they both together will defuse you. Hang up the phone. What? Are they both not couples?
O my God! If Sukku comes to know about this
matter at home, Hey, Krish! You will be done. He is Rama! She is Sita! Now, we are doing Sita Rama wedding.
– I see. As an additional to my existing tensions… …should this Srirama Navami
fall by now? Fate! Fate!
– Hey, Krish! Not that, you get ready like a buffalo… You go upstairs and bring them
for the wedding. Have I got ready like a buffalo? What dear? Why should we have
all those troubles? Let’s celebrate our festival by ourselves. Why should we involve them into? You have been scolded till now. Take care of yourself from getting
beaten on the festival day. lfwe make the new couple conduct the
wedding, we get virtue and you get promotion. We get the both. Madam! Panakam is ready. There you see…
Panakam is also ready. Go and call them. This is how it will be with him.
All problems. Excuse me, are you ready?
She is calling. What is this? Do you have a little
amount of common sense at all? You can tell herthat
we are not couples, can’t you? lfl tell her, she will hit with slipper. I will take care without bringing out
any problem. Problem is not with her, but with you. Hey, Krish! Will you come downstairs
or shall I come upstairs? Have you heard? lfwe go downstairs,
it will be ‘Srirama Navami’. If she comes upstairs, it will become
‘Naraka Chaturdasi’. Listen to my words. Anand! Come on, let’s go. What Anjali? How can we sit
on the wedding chairs? I will manage it. I will take care that you don’t get
any problems. Come! Come! Have you come?
Come! Come! Pray to Sita and Rama,
and sit on the chairs. Oh! Shit! Look at there. What are you staring at?
Go and give them the wedding thread. Come! Come! Have you come?
You are done, my dear. Madam! Police! Hey, why have you come to here? Why is that nuisance? You stupid! Do you feel the songs of
Sri Rama as nuisance? lfl hit you… -Hey, arrest her. Hey, make a move.
Come on. Yeah, ofcourse! Hello! Yes, sir. Mr.Anand! -Yeah!
– Boss is calling you. -Okay! Anjali! You wait here. Why is it so? I will also come along. Please…I will go and meet him.
Okay? Please be seated. -Thank you, sir. He is Prabhu from India. You may rest assured! What did he say? Sorry, Anjali! He resigned two weeks ago and
left for other country. Didn’t he say which country it was?
– No! Come on, let’s go. What Anand? How can we go without
knowing about Prabhu? I want to talk to him.
– Anjali! As it’s said that he is not in this country,
what will you talk to him? Don’t you understand if said once? Rajesh’s address was found through e-mail.
Come on, let’s first go and meet him. Hey, Anand! You said that you were coming to
Bangkok a week ago. Where have you been till now? An idiot has missed our luggage.
I missed your address in that. -I see. Wow! Anjali! My goodness! When did you get married? Don’t you have a least
common sense to invite? He has been so since our
college days, Anjali. Whatever he thinks,
he achieves easily. Do you know how nicely he
would be saying about you? He would be rocking hours together. Anyway, congratulations! For you have married a nice person like our Anand. Hey, idiot! She is Prabhu’s wife.
– Prabhu! What is that? By the time, we met Anjali in train,
she had got married with Prabhu. I am really sorry, Anjali.
I have been mistaken.- It’s okay! Anjali! What is that? Why is she leaving so? You should have told me about this
matter earlier over phone, right? What actually happened?
– Don’t ask those details now. Rajesh is your friend, isn’t he?
-Yes. Why? You had said different lies about me. Why didn’t you tell him the fact that
I got married with Prabhu? Did you not feel to say that?
-I am sorry, Anjali. It’s not a small mistake done by you,
to get convinced if said sorry. What buddy? Was she hurt? If you had told me about
this matter earlier, it wouldn’t have created
such a problem, right? Prabhu! Prabhu! Prabhu! Prabhu!
– Anjali! Prabhu! Stop, Prabhu. Anjali! Anjali! Stop!
– Prabhu! Stop, Prabhu. Stop, Anjali! Prabhu! Anjali! Anjali! Are you mad? Why do you run like that?
If anything happened to you… Anand! I saw Prabhu leaving
in that car. Please let me go, Anand. Anjali! How can it be Prabhu? The M.D said that he was
not in this country, didn’t he? No, Anand! It’s Prabhu,
whom I have seen. You have gone mad.
You take someone else as Prabhu. In this current situation,
you take everyone as Prabhu. Come on, let’s go! You have lied that my husband
was not in this country. I have just seen him. I have come in search ofhim,
all the way to here from India. If your daughterwas in my position,
would you say like this? Tell me, sir! Look! I don’t have any necessity
to lie at this age. As Mr.Anand requested me
to say so, I said. Hey… Anjali has seen you. She is not getting convinced
however I say that it’s not you. You don’t come out until we
fly for India. Okay? Whom have you talked to now? You have talked to Prabhu, haven’t you? Don’t try to cheat me putting
such an innocent face. If so… If so, you know where Prabhu is, don’t you? Anjali, listen to what I say…
-Shut up your mouth! Do you try to come close to me by
separating Prabhu and me? It will never happen. I have just talked to the M.D You have made him lie that Prabhu
was not in this country. Look! Look! Prabhu may stay away from me.
But…look how deeply he loved me. Shit! How firmly I believed you! You still stay in his dreams. Do you know one thing? That’s not written by Prabhu.
But by me! Yes! When I met you in the train… …as I was not bold enough to express
my love to you, I had written like this. Is it enough? Dammit! Has a small little desire… …turned into disappointment
with grief? Have all the dreams… …shower as tears into the eyes? Have the steps become unsteady? Has the tension started in heart? I have wished forthe destination… I have reached it…
I am waiting for it. Though the moving time stops… Will the pain in heart vanishes? Is it true? Has a small little desire… …turned into disappointment
with grief? What did you want to talk urgently with me?
-About your misbehaviour. Do you know how Anjali worried,
coming to me? Hey, she believed in you
more than Prabhu. That’s why she could come
all the way to here along with you. Don’t you feel shameful to misbehave
with such a girl? You might have loved Anjali. But, as you are betraying her in spite of
knowing that she got married… How can you face Prabhu
when you happen to meet him? Stop it! Will you just stop it? What do you know about me to babble so? Is this what you understand during
our long time friendship? Thanks, buddy! You have degraded me to the level of an idiot,
who cheats his friend’s wife. Yes. It’s true that I loved Anjali. But after I knew that she was Prabhu’s wife… …the more hurt I was, the more closer
I moved as a well wisher. Do you know one thing?
A cheater can be a lover! But a real lover can never be a cheater! It’s okay! You asked me how I would face Prabhu when
I happened to meet him, didn’t you? I have already met him. What do you say? -Yes. Situation was out of control by then. I’ll meet you later.
You come with me. – Okay! Anand! Hey, Prabhu! Hey… Don’t come…
– Okay! Okay! Hey, be careful! O my friend! – Hey, Prabhu! Anand!
– My friend! What a sudden surprise! -Yeah! When did you come to Bangkok?
-It’s been one week. Has it been one week?
I am so happy, buddy! Come on! Let’s first go to my home.
-Okay! Let’s go. Hey! Come, buddy. Come. Look at my dream house. Do you know how much it costs
in Indian currency? More than Rs.20 crores. Hey… Why have you become so? Did you think that I have forgotten you?
Never! No matter however I earn and
what status I reach… I will never forget our friendship. Tell me…How is Lucky?
How are Priya and Nandini? All are fine! -Okay! By the way!
What brought you to Bangkok? As an idiot cheated and left,
I have come in search ofhim. I think that you must have understood. You asked about your friends
as soon as we met. Have you asked even a word
about your parents? Haven’t you felt to phone anyone ofus
during these 3 years? Please, buddy!
Don’t talk about my fatherwith me. I have come and got settled
all the way here, as I did not wish to see his face, right? Everybody has great fathers… …for except the person like me. Yes, buddy! Fathers of everybody
are great. But your father wanted to
see you in a great position. That’s why you could reach
this stage. You live like an orphan givig up
all your kinship. Hi, dad! Daddy!
– Hey, sweety! Come. Come. Guess! Who is he?
– Anand uncle! -Wow! Wonderful! Where is your mom? Hi, honey! -Hi, Lucy! Come. Hey, meet my wife, Lucy! Greetings! -Greetings! How are Lucky, Priya and Nandini?
-They are fine. Okay! Carry on…
I will prepare lunch for you. Come on, baby!
– Sweety! Go with your mom. Hey, skip about our friends. Why don’t you ask even a
word about Anjali? Anjali? Where can Anjali lie here?
That’s past. To be frank, now,
she is not in my imagiation too. I think that she must have also got
married someone else as I did. Now-a-days, it’s quite common. Look at that girl. Her name is Stella. She stays along with
her third husband Peter. Do you know how joyful they are?
Forget about it. Thomas and Leecy stay in the
opposite house. It’s not been even one month since
Leecy divorced her first husband. At present, she is dating with Thomas. To tell you about the life style
in our office… No bounds! I thought that your style got changed. You have totally changed your life style. Hey…Anjali, who stays in your
imagination, is different. You haven’t seen that foolish Anjali,
who has been waiting for you yet. Look! In this Bangkok, lakhs of Stella and
Leecy you say about, may stay. But, can you show me either Sita
or Savitri among them? How easily you said… …that Anjali must have got married
forgetting you! When I proposed and gave her a love letter,
as I was unaware that she was yourwife… …she showed me 100 love letters in return. Do you know what she said
having shown me? As I was liked by many,
why didn’t my husband like me? She said that she would ask you after that
when she happened to meet you. That’s the character of Anjali. Believing that you are everything to her… …she has come in search of you up
to here, fool! What do you say?
– Yes, it’s a fact. Shit! Is Anjali still waiting forthis idiot? I have committed a blunder, buddy. I am a fool! I am a big fool! What honey?
What happened? Nothing, Lucy! We are meeting after a
long time, aren’t we? That’s why he is a bit emotional. Okay! Nothing to worry.
Cool down! Hey…Lucy is also a very nice girl.
So innocent. She is the one who takes credit for
I have been in this stage. Had I not had her support, I would have
committed suicide long ago. Hey…As you said, all who dwell in this country
might not be Sita or Savitri. She is as same as Sita. If Lucy comes to know the fact,
she can’t bear. Hey…As a friend, I seek your advice. Tell me what I should do. Now, you are not in a position
to do anything. Be happy! Hey, Anand! I am sorry, buddy! I am sorry!
I am a fool! I have hurt everybody.
– It’s okay. What will you say to Anjali?
– Don’t worry! I don’t tell her even about our meeting.
Bye! My God! What would happen if Anjali
comes to know this fact? Will she be able to understand? That’s what bothers me too.
She madly loves him. She has come all the way to here in search of
him with abundant desire to meet him. Now, if she comes to know this fact…
– Hey, the more you delay, the more misunderstanding
Anjali grows against you. Listen to me and reveal the
truth immediately. No, buddy! Let her not know
this fact at any situation. No matter however she hurts me. The good impression, Anjali has
upon Prabhu, should remain forever. However, he is my best friend, isn’t he? Shall I bring you Tea? -Not required. Why are you so tensed up? I have to call Anand. His matter has
become very serious in the company. Why? Hasn’t the leave been extended? What is leave?
He has resigned the job. What do you say?
He said that he had applied for leave. He lied with us. Hello! What task have you done?
I’ve heard that you have fought with boss. One minute! Why should we discuss that now?
Let’s discuss later. Let me know if you have
resigned the job or not.- Yes. That’s what…what such an urgence
have you come across? What can I do then? I applied for leave to leave for Bangkok.
He denied. What a project it is! Did you forget how much you have
struggled for that? Hey… Who else would pay attention
towards Anjali except us? Comparing to the bliss I saw in her eyes,
when I said that Prabhu was found… …my project is nothing, buddy!
– Not like that, buddy! What a high range you
reached before all ofus! Leaving such a position… You are really great, buddy. Even afterAnjali rejected your love… Hey…Everybody can love. But one should be able to do anything
for a person he loves. That’s what I have done. It’s okay! Hang up the phone. This silent tune… This dumb expression… You have forgotten his sacrifice! A love feeling is blossomed today! How to forget those terrible
memories, O heart! This flower route was not owned
by you for your sake. Small little desire… An unfulfilled desire… Has only griefbeen left? Where have you gone? You would be with me when
I did some futile job. Why don’t you appear when
I do a good job? Where is Anjali? The guy, to whom you wanted to send
Anjali, to make her bliss… I have sent her to the same guy. What do you say? Don’t get such a shock. Gift me with something.
I will reveal out the actual matter. Tell me what had happened
without joking. You are looking for your
close friend, aren’t you? I have seen him.
I have found out his address. I have told that address to
Anjali and sent her to him. You… What is this?
He has given such a stroke! You have grown the faded flower
creeperwith pleasure. You have made up your mind
like a temple for love. The past days having moved
before the eye sight. The injured heart has been
broken today. The dumb rain drop has
lost its grade. Rush for the unidentified love path. Run turning into the speed of air. It’s the light of a beautiful temple. Don’t let the light put off. Did you think that I have died? I had a tension in my mind till today. Do you know how peaceful I am? Prabhu hasn’t committed mistake
by forsaking me. We have committed mistake by
coming in search of Prabhu. If so, have you met Prabhu? I heard the discussion between you
and Rajesh that day. Anjali, he might have
committed blunder… But after getting known that
you were still waiting for him… …do you know how bad he felt?
– Please Anand… I don’t want the sympathies of
anybody else. You have given enormous value
to the friendship. You have loved me so much. You have valued me in spite of
knowing that I did not love you. I have not given value for anything
in this matter, Anand. I haven’t given for anything. The worry, for Prabhu married
someone else is lesser than the worry, for I have hurt you. Will you please forgive me, Anand? Why do you say so, Anjali?
What happened now? The truth of Love!
The faith of Marriage! I have lost the control ofthe both. Henceforth, I don’t have
necessity with this. Come on! Let’s go. Hey…Tell her not to go.
She will listen to yourwords. She will remain peaceful if she is with us.
You go and tell her. What Anand?
What are you still thinking of? Why are you all tensed up? We all stay as your company,
don’t we, Anjali? You can also stay along with us, can’t you? Look Anjali! Howthe poor children
feel at your departure! Please aunty! Don’t go, aunty! Who told you that I am leaving? I am just shifting the room, that’s it! Wow! Likewise, the confidence we have
upon the friendship… …has brought Prabhu again to us. Even now, we reside in the same villa
all together very happily. Now, they all are here for you.
Come on, my dear friends. Congrats, Anand!
Have you married Anjali?- Yes. Only our Anand deserves to become
the husband forAnjali. Because, his love bears honesty. Anand -Anjali Made for each other. No! No! Born for each other.
Am I right, Anjali? I will give only one message. Foolish fathers feel that they are the reason
for their children’s development. No! Good friends like him. Well said, sir. Having got selected as software professionals
in the very campus… …they have come as software company owners to
the very college to conduct interviews. Great people are not born!
But they are made! It’s their LIFE STYLE. Give them a big hand! Come on, my friends!

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