Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre | Liverpool International College

Hi, my name is Danish Anis. I’m going to show you around the University of Liverpool’s Sports and Fitness Centre. If weight lifting and body building is just your thing then you are at the right place. You can see a wide range of equipment right behind me for body building, workouts and anything else you need. So, this is a cross trainer It’s an ideal machine for workouts. It works your whole body, such as your arms and legs. What more do you need? You also burn a lot of calories. As you can see, there’s a wide range of equipment over here. You can see the treadmills here. And you can also have a look at the TV,
which is right behind me, while you’re running. Whenever I’m free, I like to come to the
Sports Centre and hang out with my friends. The Sports Centre offers various classes. But the ones I go to with my friends are the swimming classes. They teach you how to swim among other things. Sometimes I go to the fitness area or play Squash. There are a lot of various classes.

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