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  • What is love?

    Baby don't hurt me

    Don't hurt me

    No more

    Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me

    No more

    What is love?


    I don't know why you're not fair

    I give you my love, but you don't care

    So what is right and what is wrong?

    Gimme a sign

    What is love?

    Baby don't hurt me

    Don't hurt me

    No more



  • There ain't know such thing as love .know angels flying up above today. So go cry on somebody's else's shoulder and remember there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.🤗🤗🤗

  • The mother should have chosen a picture of her child for best results. (not every picture may be the best picure/angle etc. as per the mothers preference)

  • What's the music at the very end of the video, the closing music? Please anyone who knows or DW let me
    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for great effort you guys are doing in this channel, it's extraordinary

  • The documentary is full of out dated generalisations, the worst one being at 12:56 which can be debunked in seconds by going anywhere where there are large crowds of people.

    The conclusion to the documentary is that love is complicated and we are no closer to understanding it than we were a decade ago, like every documentary on it before it.

  • Love is "building block" for all reality's.Nothing would exist without it.And yes..unconditional love is only true love.And i believe that there are not many people on this world that have "capacity" for unconditional love.

  • Sexual attraction is real. Affection is real. But love is not real because it is just a social construct invented by certain men for their own self-interest. 300 years ago the so-called romantic love as we know today did not even exist. It is perfectly legal for a husband to pummel his wife in England and the neighbours would not think the husband did anything wrong. Wives were just chattels.
    Just over 100 years ago, no woman any where in the Western world had the right to vote.
    Women were not allowed to open a bank account in their own names until early 20th century in some Western countries.
    Marriage has always been a business transaction to advance the interests of both the groom and the bride. Today, we prefer to wrap this business transaction in glossy wrapping called love with the idealistic phrase "till death do us part" sprinkled liberally over it. But a business transaction it will always remain. That is why many marriages are dissolved every year because ti no longer serves the interests of one of both of the partners involved in those marriages. Just as we could delude ourselves if we wish by believing that government is of the people, by the people and for the people. But reality will always remain true which is that all politicians love power and want to remain in power.

  • Isn't it wonderful that humans are so complexly designed. The connections of emotions to hormones and even to what our eyes see and what our nose smells proof that we are made in an awe-inspiring way, and our creator is wonderful(Psalms 139:14).

  • As good as this science is at identifying somes aspects of love, like the instinct for survival, the physical chemistry of love and such material things, it fails to define the essence of love – like why we choose this person rather than that one in spite of all "logical and rational" choice we should have made in the eyes of other people. So yes, today's science fails to explain a lot of essential things about love but it shouldn't be otherwise, though, as its discoveries are limited by the scope of its search area… A lot of people in this world know that love is not merely a matter of biology, but this mystery that is love cannot easily be explained. Like many other phenomena, it is part of the invisible, the underlying, non apparent, reality to which each creature on this earth is linked.

  • Love ? seems an artifice ,nature wants reproduction to continue, that's it . The public paid research is a vested interest

  • Your children are your extensions in time. Loving your children is actually loving yourself. Any surprises?

    You need basic attractions to get everything started from beginning.

    Compatibility does make sense because otherwise you will eventually have conflicts that cannot be overcome. When you start young, you are more "plastic" so you could even develop such compatibility.

    Love does grow from that "day one" until you are inseparably attached emotionally. My previous neighborhood has two (even a little different kind) trees grew up together (literally next to each other) into a single tall tree. From a little far, you can really only see one tree because they complement each other into one. That is love to me, not the one you get from "day one".

  • Love is not an emotion. It is only considered an emotion because it is interpreted as affection experienced by the self. Desire, lust, affection, attachment, is not love. All those things can and are felt by people who love, but love is an entire new universe we haven't even begun to uncover. Love is truly understood when we go out of our way for someone, not because they are cute, not because we are attached, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the only thing we can do when they need us

  • So I understand from this documentary is that the love is a sort of chemical reaction inside our brain….. Now the big Business industries will invest in making the pill of love and on the name of intervention sell their pill on thousands of dollars to the customer who otherwise would have produced oxitocine in a natural way. So in future love would also be traded in market.

  • Like claws to bears, nature equips women with all the weapons she needs to secure her prize. Namely resources in the form of a male partner that will look after her and her offspring. Without beauty, what weapon does a woman have to make us fall in love?

  • In the end you want to feel love and thats why you love no matter how much your mind and heart revolves around other things .all just want to be happy about their love and relationships and feel more love .

  • The best sentence in documentary is"Our experience of love in infancy shapes our ability to form meaningful reltionship in life"

  • I don't understand love and never had any relationship , my parents never loved me , they were never involved with me and I lost my spark much earlier in life , now I have real difficult time staying alive, we humans hurt each other so much

  • DW documentaries never dissapoint do they?.. In a world full of confusion and chaos it's a beautiful thing to end the year with this beautiful documentary….happy new year in advance..much LOVE! from Nairobi❤

  • So mark and Bianca can never split now. You made them famous as a happy couple. :/ That's the kind of pressure parents in Asian countries put on their children – the societal pressure of being the ideal couple – so ideal that breaking the marriage or relationship becomes a sin and a sign of failure.

  • Love is giving, sharing, caring, sacrificing, love is life, love is motivational, love is energy, love keeps you going, and being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings a human can experiences🙏🙏🙏.

  • It is wrong to say animals dont have love. Separate a calf from its mother ..You will see .Looks like that man does not know this.. He should find out why humans have such a greed destroying the nature..

  • Dating, sex, marriage and divorce is easy. Easy come, easy go searchers don't care that UNDERSTANDING takes effort, and genuine, LASTING effort is TRUE LOVE. 📌Google: "Why GOOD Men Refuse To Commit"📌 Happy to help/engage authentic DW viewers.

  • Very interesting segment. Made me wonder if I needed oxytocin since I have a problem with touch and closeness. Very interesting scientific views on love.

  • I think this was a perfect Christmas gift, a fantastic documentary on love.
    Thank you DW Documentary. More power! Looking forward to more of your great content this 2020.
    PS: May I also recommend the books of Dr. Helen Fisher on the said subject.

  • What’s the point of understanding love if there was no one to give or receive it from? You can only learn to survive without it with minimum damage possible to yourself and others

  • DW usually has very excellent documentaries….but this is a real disappointment…trying to fill up time with stuff like the still face test (secondary school psychology) and takotsubo cardiomyopathy (almost unrelated to love as a kidney stone) is farfetched… crowd-pleasing phenomena is not really the pinnacle of the fine journalism to which I otherwise uphold DW

  • Does anybody knows the name of the german online dating platform? Im intrigued about the kinda psychometic test to choose wisely

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