Lyodra Vs Tiara Vs Ziva Indonesian Idol | Who’s gonna win? | Road to GRAND FINAL #ShadyArmy

okay ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it’s your boy Shady Shae the one and only guys and I am back with you guys again
so guys today we are gonna be comparing Ziva versus Diarra masses you draw
Christ but in your drawer guys but still you draw guys because they are now on
the way to the grand final yes guys yes guys these three girls have
made it true and now we just don’t find out who Davina is gonna be who’s gonna
go first place was gonna be second place who’s gonna be third place they have
been us already guys they are winners already just to find out who’s gonna
have the edge I better Tulio already I’m gonna react to her at the end again so
you can hear the song I just you know the fresher Prince again but nothing too
much cuz I’m gonna jump on this right away
so guys gonna quickly so much the like button subscribe shoot goddamn Bellanca
9 guys let’s get ready soon dancy yup yup guys let’s go mari kita mula all
right I’m sorry Devo let’s do the zero okay I like the strings is gonna be kind of emotional songs yeah boys shaking is shaking she’s
putting emotion it’s like she’s about you know we’re about to cry when the
voice is shaking eyes about to break oh I like that you know I think I think shadow pop
voice I don’t know oh yeah yeah he’d be shaking I loved her I don’t know guys
but it’s just me I think she’s got a pop voice I may be wrong guy just correct me
correct me oh I love that yo-yo Oh okay I just said she al a couple voice
and she’s doing this so system voice you know soul sisters you know the black
ones yeah the world the black a little
Franklin ones back saying like she just done something similar to them it just a
bit does a bit though well yeah yeah you want to unlock the transitions beautiful
Sankat Shattuck killing it oh my days oh my days guys
you hear that do you I’m hearing no no no I’ve got to take this back a bit Havas always went what days tell like a CC ammonia thank you
everybody yo she’s got power
she is a power house powerhouse she’s got the transition she’s got the voice
she’s got that pop voice and she did some soulish thing in the as well and
then her voice her vibrato well beautiful bye guys
oh well she sang twice you said it better when I am done oh yes oh oh
hurry hurry cool Oh hurry hurry cool this Ziva is a powerhouse her thinking
is incredible it’s incredible I didn’t expect these
guys a visitor before but do you think she had this capability
oh my the final is gonna be mad and because I seem too much I’m gonna jump
on next one the next one is tiara poor always llevado what what her voice is
soft Chicago the level soft meat hi she’s got the tenderness the emotion
then she got that soul sister sort of feeling you know that gospel voice then
she’s gotta pop boys again I think her strength will be the pop voice yeah
anyway guys let’s go to the next one that’s good next one let’s listen to the
ER oh I see what tiara Scott maybe Tara’s gonna take it who knows so guys
let’s go shoot the business yet alright Eri let’s do this okay a bit smoky voice slightly off-key
she’s beautiful Santa Chadwick commercials Wow her voice is just it’s just
wonderful it’s just smooth it’s just flowing easily easy like water I love it
at moment she’s on the Loki Loki emotional is the voice I guess into your
brain to your heart into your soul I love this very breath here as well yeah she has a soul voice she has a soul full
voice tofu yeah zebra has more of a pop voice she has a soulful voice I can feel
it is getting straight to me she’s very beautiful very Oh yo yo yo yo yo yo guys this is a
professional level of singing this is pro factional she knows what she’s doing
she has control over this performance over the whole performance whoa this is
not a competition it’s like a performance Oh little walk yourself she’s so beautiful
I’m not gonna lie Wow okay okay okay guys like this is crazy
I’ve listened to all three people now all three ladies I’ve heard them oh I’d
literally two days ago but I mean I completely dry again so we can hear her
guys I don’t know what to say like I’m blown away she is so
professional she is so profession she’s not staying
in LA she’s competing she seen you like you know what guys I wanna just express
my talent to you you know I just want you to feel ministered I don’t you to
feel blessed in your hearts you know also sit down and listen forget about
the vote for now just enjoy this music and that’s why she sent you just put her
up Ziva sangee give her heart show off show
her talent show the powerhouse diva is talented guys what am I gonna say what
am I gonna say you see with Tara her voice was a bit low yeah because you
used the soulful voice that she went really strong then she came back so food
Owens true wrong word oh just blows out of the water
and we let this into leo drop and then we decide let’s go Leo dropping it on it
so guys we listened to leader already yeah 23 days ago but I’m gonna play it
again so that you can listen I just have you know refresh your brains let’s go I think she’s the most beautiful I don’t
know what she’s they’re beautiful in different ways but she’s very she’s a
stunner she’s she’s wait how old is she Shh let’s not talk about how she looks
as continued is he a she went from the subways to a
shop voice she really sharp yeah good transient she has a low the
meets excuse me shot good lows good meets okay yes she seems a bit like that should
kill her you know she could have something in her voice
I don’t even I thought I mean look how her face you can see what she’s feeling
you can feel the song days Oh Oh Wow she is very beautiful she is very
beautiful guys she can sing she has attitude she’s got stage presence
okay guys you’ve seen my reaction you’ve seen her reacted yet and my reactions is
how I really feel in my heart I don’t come to ten down guys
to be honest yet to be honest if you ask me yeah guys I love them all three I’m
gonna give you three I want to try to give you three different scenarios of
more than one scenario if it’s just based on how I’ve reacted hear how my
body has gone crazy I’ll say Leandra first Ziva second tiara
third yeah depend just based on how I just felt you
know being taken away but then if you go check black if you want to talk about
talent like someone that can come up this come off stage and show off their
talent yet someone I could come up here and just go like you know shining if I
wasn’t on a shine back then one just goes that boom you know show off show
off show off Ziva have got a show of capability she’s got that show capacity
like and she does this so well so so well
Wow so Ziva could then in another scenario diva could be fast yeah Leo
drunk on second and young comfort there finally if what what you’re looking for
is someone that we just come up with so much professionality calmness so
basically she puts the message and the song first a new feeling entertained and
blessed by it first yeah so she doesn’t do too much extras she does what she
needs to do so in that sense she could be a winner
guys to be honest I’m just happy I’m not a judge
yeah because I think I think she can contrast they all confessed in the test
scenario little drunk on second and Ziva content I don’t know one person that I
think has everything laughing can you drop I don’t know I think early ultra
has everything she might not win but think she has everything she has
everything what guys yeah just let me know in comment section but I really
love them I love them so much like Tara touched my heart
t-ara touched my heart so much Ziva blew me away I was like oh my face I want to
say oh my gosh oh my days I know drop she’s just the icing on the
cake I’m just like you know what and just at
this point if I’m gonna vote I’m gonna be like this like meanie meanie miney
moe I’m just gonna pick any of them oh my god I wish if she’d wanna guys got a
weekly smash the like button guys subscribe subscribe subscribe
it’s gonna be a piece out for me say she won
oh you like that like the shine in my way you are

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