MakerBot Education Solutions

It’s very important for students to
realize that the career they pick and the field they pick should be something they want to enjoy for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of opportunities for students to utilize 3D printers in the workplace. So when we talk about 21st careers — if we just gave kids the ability to print they’re actually walking away with ideas as to how I could use this moving forward. I know what I’m gonna get with a MakerBot. I know that it’s going to work, I know how it’s going to work The reliability was obviously a big factor because we didn’t want to bring something in that would fail. The reason why we continue to do what we do successfully is because the customer service for MakerBot is outstanding.
We get the parts we need. We get things fixed. We get replacements whatever it might be as soon as possible There was no guide when I started — and now there’s this opportunity to see how to use a 3d printer, how to unload it, how to clear it, frees you to then focus on teaching children how to design. We also have the Thingiverse for education piece where you have these things
that have been developed by educators so instead having to search through
the whole volume of Things you just *boop* go to that one spot and there they are.
Some if not all include lesson plans that go along with it. You know that’s a great resource. I love the training. I love the fact that there’s this curriculum now, that there’s community. After talking to teachers, we made the MakerBot Educators Guidebook so they would have tangible lessons that
they could use in their classrooms. I’m really excited about it because I think
that the design industry has been talking about manufacturing and
prototyping — having the technology in school that prepares them to fabricate
and build and test gives them an edge that none of us had few generations ago

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