Marrying Mister Darcy in about 3 minutes

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any video referencing the works of Jane Austen must begin with this joke format. It’s like Fight Club but for nineteenth-century young ladies. Welcome to Marrying Mr Darcy in about three minutes. Marrying Mr Darcy is a game for 2 to 6 players, who each take the role of a young lady from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, seeking the best husband from a range of suitors. One is obviously Mr Darcy, but the value of each suitor varies between the ladies. And of course, this isn’t Game of Thrones, so no incest The objective is to assemble a tableau
of personal accomplishments, from dowry, beauty, wit, reputation and friendliness, which meets the standards of one’s chosen gentleman or gentlemen. The sixth characteristic, cunning, does not attract gentlemen, for they do not appreciate genuine intelligence. But it is used to determine which lady gets the first pick
of the suitors. Players take turns drawing event cards, which instruct them to draw or play character cards, roll the die to determine what occurs, sabotage
other ladies’ prospects, or other actions. This includes the party, gambling, and tea time cards which invite everyone to take part. Once the event deck is exhausted, the proposal stage begins. The lady with the highest cunning goes first, rolling a die to test if each suitor (whose requirements she matches) will propose, one by one, in the order determined by the game. On a roll of four to six, he does, and she may accept or move on to the next suitor. She may not return to a suitor she has previously rejected, unless she has a card that allows her to do so. She may also take a risk and exercise Lady’s Choice, rolling for only one of the suitors for whom she is an acceptable match giving, plus one to the roll. If no acceptable suitors are found, nor propose, the lady becomes an old maid, and the die determines her fate. The proposal stage continues until everyone is deemed a bride or a spinster. Victory is calculated by adding the value of your marriage points, either your fate as an old maid or the value of your husband, and your wit, beauty, reputation, and friendliness cards. Cunning doesn’t count because it’s already conferred a winning edge, and dowry doesn’t count because all inherited wealth is theft. And it’s used as the tiebreaker. Marrying Mr Darcy comes with rule variants for increased or decreased difficulty, and 7 to 8 player games. A zombie expansion and Emma
variant are available separately. You don’t have to be a Pride and Prejudice
nerd to enjoy Marrying Mr Darcy, but it is a lot easier and much more hilarious if you’re already familiar with the characters. The weighting of the different suitors and the special rules on event cards are super intuitive if you’re familiar with the story and the setting, but if you’re not, the player guides and the color coding used are really clear and helpful. The event cards can spark all kinds of banter – Your performance at the pianoforte outshines all your rivals! Your sister elopes. Your suitor suggests that modesty is among your many perfections! You are confronted by Lady Catherine. Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?! And it is a great quick, small-box, small-space game. And if you don’t let my mother play Jane – You might have a chance of winning. If you enjoyed this review, make sure to like it, subscribe to the channel, and support us on Patreon

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