Maryland DLLR Benchmarks of Success – Management/Frontline Staff/Partners (part one)

Good morning. Welcome back to the
Maryland benchmarks of success. I’m your host, Richard Reinhardt. Today we have a
very special guest with us from the Department of Human Services Secretary
Padilla. Madam Secretary, thank you so much for being here with us today. You’re very welcome. Madame Secretary, Governor Hogan
announced recently the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act which is the
Maryland state plan under WIOA very exciting news. Could you give an
opportunity here with us and the folks watching an opportunity to explain what
WIOA really is and what the Maryland state plan is about? Absolutely. The good news first. Okay, good, we like good news. Right, is on bipartisan
legislation passed by Congress and then signed into law by President Obama in
July 22nd of 2014. In addition to that, on bringing it down to the state level, each
state is required to create a four year plan which becomes the regulatory
framework outlining the goals and vision of what it would be and how the WIOA plan would be achieved in the particular state. So on what in
Maryland, the Maryland state plan, what it does it really becomes a
ecosystem that allows to support the customers of the workforce system and
the businesses as well. So what we have done is we have included our six core
programs and which are your adult dislocated and youth program which is
your Title I. Then it also includes your basic education for adults which is
your Title II, then the Wagner-Peyser which is your Title III, and the
vocational rehabilitation services and then we added your trade programs
and the jobs for veterans state funded the program which in it really allows
for us to focus on all the different core programs that are working for system has to offer. I can also say as you said it we just revised our state plan and it
just got approved right and included in that revision what we did is we included
the Department of Housing and Community Services, and the DLLR Division of
Unemployment Insurance, and the Veterans Community Employment Program, which are now part of that combined plan so that is on WIOA at a very
high level for you.

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