Massage Students, Massage Instructors and Massage Schools with Gloria Coppola and Friends

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women behind you expects that u_s_ on at empty besides
insisted that paper stocks dot com one their instructors at least out atlantis
ticket at africans tax cuts that is also the fact that this
fire u_s_ gets beginners so we actually had a wonderful
conversation with class yesterday that that’s a pretty accurate that
opinions about the size of the season uh… side democrats airplane no unfit him unhappy you’re black that k years ago
acceded before their respective owners at initial apprenticeship states only
diving about their instead uh… impact spike the same structure
that you see nowadays if we don’t want what is the resume with
another woman folders ok so even if you guys are
considered veterans of the field of status because not because this is an
average life expectancy of a massage therapist from three to five years would
you say yet you know catholic reverie expect
that you know and would you think the main reason why people get burned open by reciept that uh… these schools are teaching
acrobat addicts already teaching techniques to be fine appropriately as
the students eight it feel they’ve got a push really art it utilizing the funds in the
overestimate shoulders incorrectly actor also of working to make cameras
that would gently that’s next saturday in spots and i personally know any at bird
appetite for eight years and anyting is depressed anymore style it’s a combination of those was
kind of thing elbowed elem school wedding i thought you know uh… fast food stuff to me okay i think i would take effect right
now we have tickets to every night after work it was a project like the
background will get gilbert so it sounds nazis what bread speech but
salads subjective stylistic focused stylistic
all the full time job embraced advocate what i’d like to bow out there last catholic back there that foundation that don’t see very
often in stossel’s anymore it was very spiritually based program
without points they worked out last night he acts i
expect the atlantic v you’ll have tried to act fast well at the back of the foundation inc
evening with present that don’t play a game i get my inspiration agreement date
that’s what made me you know a really good therapist in fact
i don’t have the treatment technique at some point their occupancy education wouldn’t want to get them with them actually i have a certain extent uh…
serious accident past all obviously dot expert date one artists expected need to
get crowded at times we actually patrick pastor as we’ve ever had structure so that was
really of be right time at the right place for me to be access to landscape
expertly revolutionize bad light since that thanks karen catholic massage solidworks was very
structured massage school was that a opt-out peaks
subject happy any of the crappy and spiritual aspect but the stars style
epithet expedite that spot i was actually gets out of school mexico
apartments eight and now after eight years i’ve been to celebrate that inspecting satisfaction and now
coach for breast spiritual are saying that her experience before it’s not this
year crystal award to assist the roles of the
social committee that was pretty religious in a way
because that’s we started off long each class with them for the medication
scripture and things like that and the thing is i wasn’t that religious but i
didn’t work for convenience on the set for myself when i’m back in the day because of
their but other massage schools all in that way and then this one with freemen
tone but i don’t regret a million things and
went to school go through and what do you think about the length
of massage schools what he thinks idea or and black yet but on program answer at start past and i don’t want to be fighting active
nagpur hide yellow east that my experience excise without teenage he
should also ask sochna owner and also i think your program director
in many spills in the united states the programs like five edina or
background it against stein steve practice their skills that last through opt out of our program i personally have not an advocate and
you get this right i’m not an advocate for backed up for past six months cases topic you know about the fact that things that
gap hobbies if there’s a lot to be that’s all there and if they don’t go to this uh…
solicited a safe bet requires syndication based on about they don’t
call for more explicit no doubt be getting acquainted with suppressing fringe opted not to see program pizza fast
powers and happy no baby yet that you’re going
to use to take that to get people times after scandals suggest bill really or about the budget
understands it because expresses out of the text of the
santa ana coming up next with me tilted techniques on the evidence they
speak mister perry act they don’t need it apoplectic frankly so they’re getting roster these programs
background and one of the things i have found across the lessons statements with
the body instructors for students practice absolute jumping
into the province seats because the campfire affect society act aren’t the problem out there no basis for qualified instructors that
prevents baby deputy yet at their programs what do you think makes a qualified
instructor anti-peace out there ac i_q_ criticized idvd subtext inferior attempting to seek
given the size that you just don’t know how to teach uh… requires that fills the spot
adventure clarksville and people go any thoughts as uh… you
know i think that has the bat mitzvah prisons if they don’t know what to do
with the students and so they just ignore them basically
where this happened at class so i think that uh… on tuesday you
pick cases skills you need to help insert acts needs to be
created uh… step he texted and identity school history fast undoubtedly orchestra exacts a
bloody nothing terribly that wasn’t started by the cost of the at least
forthcoming backbeat poorly in addition sweetheart age thirty one
seats but she stabbed to death and state department out compaq backpacks watches sucks out there strike pictures he’s chatty she started
watching back that they’re not paying attention
because the poor and so i thought that was in a message
no ideal white students but that’s not teaching from well statistical prop something that it’s not anything setting up students couple shots that
affected extracts it separates outfit that i can’t help but students the right
direction within let’s look at what all of that so excellent luck because it’s just more
than most people relax and down into some programs out there
now for emphasized struts take lots of aspirant by step in the fashion years
ago ethically around background and uh… that is how i
started i had sets nazi now it’s free classes that teach psychology out all
these different things great even though it was not part of the year improved in look with teaching too uh… myself ulster thrown into a but
back in the day that sold what they did a lot of times reno booking in the syllabus and your keep spending
but over time we’ve we’ve got the standards a lot and we see the need for
a lot more by myself there first for every single day i want to quit coupled
with the question novak structures expect day op contacted uh… is if you make of that state
touched me on a regular basis and tell me what’s going on in their classrooms
if they don’t know what to do you know they anticipate a few years but the actual caldera twenty threatened
succesful i think we are prepared for all the
challenges that come up cut notes to consider twice their
executives try to get in the status of the price their rates but they’re not
mature enough to cancel if that becomes a problem and i find it could be caveat all the other email four point
the finger of blame at this fall status is also a time and place that’s
accept responsibility for whom they are lyrics teacher coupled with the nazis
view politics became lane schools ended students you know it cannot updating our bass etc will find out how
to do that working at and did you see the average life
expectancy per teachers not more middle or do you think this do you feel will
improve cute picture i thought uh… uh… old-school really
dedicates a pathway sasa skit was like myself giving up obfuscates predominant support are doing our own
thing and everything we’re getting out of the cycles husband programs have
changed so much because it’s not like the times truly teach the skills that sausages e we don’t have
the time being they want to be in what about it’s get
the money to cheat yet about and and that’s it it’s a lot of the old school teachers to
getting frustrated with that because the cancer to give and and help the students
get to where they are uh… and then some of the other one st
yet within a couple years to investigate pressure-cooker skills you know some of
the movement of the teacher they thought they had to belgrade you know activist happen there’s a lot of instructors out there
that that affect me but their frustrations at combination things
update from me and let you get an idea but again as you know today responsibility level itself a quiet student exchange the schools too you know the united both talked about this you know for a private your standard
size personnel out rising at commercials on t amy even at sixty seven eight
dollars an hour ago spread money or money and all this coming government so lots schools buildings the sedating
antidepressants called fashion also created a lot of challenges
sticking activities factor yep remember those days and whatever
started teaching but in two thousand one weekend influx of students consulate
coming in and it was coming in from the old really quick a little but over the years it seems to be
dropping wants and needs infantrymen you know what you want it is heard if
you look into their little rock you know out at my feelings about it i don’t know
what let without their research i mean i don’t want it you know some of the great pyrenees as
speedily school instances see i think a lot out funny in a
particular brand you see and also that exchanges i think because it was something ect is
that it is having a hard time finding jobs jobs but
they’re that they’ve promised worried abt jobs that pay about less they
thought they were going to get paid a they’ve realized and record of working up to ten or
fifteen dollars validates what will be ghetto already printout thing so i think the work that into you know i
have the size is it necessary to be you’ve
got money right after school now and attraction isn’t there to continue with that does thirsty dropouts handicappers
appalling doubtful alaska the great body and the fact that people
realize amar uh… it’s not just sit back yeah i’ve had some students prospective
students from up to me instead of blue suit or the commercials for cool that’s what
i want to do a good thing they don’t realize that even from a so-called was
signed up for massage school the first day of the stock that we had to redouble or consultant no it but password it flat standard out you com
artists up somebody north carolina and or has prompted it’s not the copies line my on atlanta wasn’t here at be is
thirty five years because you know there’s a cheap stocks opt-out all over
the place and because they’d work at that point
people operator in some of the government bodies robot acts sports like
mister rosalind you know i’m working standards and policies of the
bus although catapults what you think prospective students
should look at the need for school before they actually register himself
with what alert the merchant i think i’d uh… need to gap there’s a lot of them out
but i didn’t think there should be so he can make sure that what this is really
going to be something wanted wanted them to make that just because someone’s
sally that program was saying that pat levine okay it’s not e-tickets no follow instructions debate effect
actually feels like i think you need to get this oxford students but the quality of the sizes in turning
out eight now with this witness teaches that take up i did nothing anybody’s exciting
contracting and successful out of sight unseen up everything buddy eight months afs like that auto accidents that have come through
mexico through other contracts really loves that stuff for that day at dot that they are
happily yet elastin massage from the places that can actually save by all the
expected about in extract out of politics to at the
better uh… opt-out doesn’t know exactly
what’s expected of them tennis is at least effective besides
back by half where so let me get alu it will be questioned one question is did the prospective
student unions willful stylists west um… they might have one question
eighty along techniques distance t elected suspects uh… and truck where can i expect to get jobs inflation
curriculum including how many outweighs the bad eight fifty dollars um… the hands-on practices supervises
the clinics that provide thinking that’s what you have any wasted not stupid but
i think they have a supervisor but that’s revive um… past you have uh… against everett except perhaps because players part of that
understandings that without agency like that so they don’t get that out to help
us the story is that we proceeded any and it’s like a opt in service are tanks
for instance cigarette initially up into the program yeah because pakistan schools offer or asks here their past students to come again cell
prospective students and a half suspects that have gone through the
program how their experience went to school with every girl systematic tough assignments
ball incident proceeded to every known that
we actually feldblum they don’t want to be close to give the free so let’s make some really convenient for
the content of proportions of uh… installing ng is offering art program an based out effectiveness requirement when you take it apply and this is the
difference back anywhere back at school you have to prove to be planted except
you okay it wasn’t the other way around just
buddy stressful photographs that they some of those standards to change the
dentistry events palestinians insensitive before i accept it i want to make sure it’s a good day i want to come into getting arafat must
commit to a class that this antibody where act passed by parliament passed a bill
yet about pat now uh… acquired h_i_v_ understand is the
reason i lasted seven and i think acting close occupancy besides as well in fact touch missiles rite of passage split taliban there that you know the
final crowd back mail say had elite happy abigail that black expect assad so passes welfare i’d pop that test
student yeltsin now that this is flat it happened and then i bought this gak fast-paced exemplified it happened for august that
stopped your previous that graduated so i think that’s really important that if
you’re looking for a sizable c_s_ you know in our view those options startup
feedback whitepaper black defendants five on one
of the offerings indecisiveness okay at the top that and i think one of the biggest problem
since i was going through it and she was the this bill byrd followed special
these people who graduated or with the graduate booking three busloads no time and sometimes people expect them to
still feel still do that then yeah at artpad was program i think that
expire now is overwhelming they’ll not in that setting that unit in
the midst of our what speeding up and you know that i do all this other stuff
and it’s hard for instance really really fast your bill clinton’s were over the
uruguay barbara’s deplore what do you remember associate degrees to almost two
years known since two jcp you do you see the uh… education going to associate
degree or maybe even a bachelor’s degree in the future eyes echo yes nobody talk about that for this tape now uh… i think it would be wonderful if you know identically include
communication classes field business class is that ok that thank you hudson up death valley have been working for
dissociated reaping big idiopathic value for that super you know in in their own business
and at the time at disrupt the seventy s slot available it’s electoral with even if you work the
stuff but is selling pakistan’s with happiness elf so what you don’t work in the subject
field update file you know medical practice bradford spoke
your business replied that has to be you know hotpot customerservice at
please that crying and still have it but that is this week and activists clinton
back enjoyed if necessary so i think this couple ac eighty from the office effect you know what used to strengthen walked
up there for a moment uh… expect no it’s not ok to also don’t don’t don’t you think that not the no uh… uh… it and filed exactly bagpipes on are only s such
their satisfied aircrafts as artists like apps pants it way
victims on it would give them the essence of done as well because they
don’t like the justification and i know that that’s your time i’d
like to hear program have felt more well-rounded something
that happened in time to be able to grow into the techniques that they have
really appreciated they actually fragmenting that’s idealists and that is an
associate degree i think it is also on some of these
individuals that bookie that they have an edge massage school a
candidate could decrease street big money well callousness alerts that such that
this is back stop d it’s i’ve thought about quitting print
opposite your ourselves t-ball article itself did not and aspirate spaghetti it applied to you for its part through or spirit took selling to help others and it flat in emergency on students dropping off
the walls do you think you know in the beginning quarter roared up with the word for that and
there speaking turns again and it has all but since
that’s that uh… i’ve learned a whole new fragrance
datamonitor c_n_n_ u_s_-cuba bond pants white by greedy except perhaps an
business eggplant two years ago medical professionals and added that he had kids it’s how i
would ask that l you are to be gaslight ship that bore and what medical
professionals are depleted uranium have peoples lives so much what you need to
have a couple of this acts overall at the beginning you know what that satisfies orders
first you just can’t believe that you had a
great stuff and you know i’ve had a high point again
about approx three accessible it happened at but uh… no it uh… almost twelve years i had my
school itll a after the accident well that powell
asap inappropriate types of things that was
that no sleepover everything in stock but it’s not mapped uh… as far as
people backed down uh… waiting because it depends on the back gate happened school because it’s it’s like
and make sure that unadjusted what it to be expected you know and he said that the pretest uh… you know i was expecting to see
that they can get back to serbia stamp what they’re going to have to work
towards and it’s too much trouble dot pat like
kathleen it upcoming backed up and you know i have to say it that my
selected somebody that still about at practices
that ecstatic supported type ajaj lots today where you don’t get that necessarily
valentine’s if you get back to the senate dot up somebody the because they need to pay the bills and didn’t bomb was on the border closed
since the you can lose the students in i think that these people that uh… well obviously i think the
american that what needed at the uh… and i’d just like
you i think that night help because it’s applied definitively addictiveness
selected they also by cops taking with him in a plastic bag allies you know that that that go into the
specifically it so like it was think like which is
something at albeit lol dot experince past we have to memorize i think that’s pcd a big fall-out begins
to happen in texas to project at i’d also see sometimes with students let me bring you can expect that uh…
missiles expected fighting athimber cokie website but network of people
catfight that quality something expects a lot people
self-doubt tree johnson who live people too requested not and and as part of it i
think it airlines and a lot sports ticket pick-up stack and up what program antoinette treatment
programs schools out there and retire segments of route that training reaction rebecca it would be to public speaking that
means you don’t get the topic front notes you communicate with each other to
to learn how to make high contact housing do ac handshake how to block happily trustful deflate and he did not
write at least school yourself so fat with that now after that i thought i’d be back
with the defense department but send up asking anti-crime axis posted at on how to present himself you know how to yes some people said well that one size
fits uh… it’s a great this is not have a tough people voters are proving
nobody’s this feedback apoptotic jennifer dunn still have to be to client
we still have to be actually past yuki half a percent it’s ok teach students and teachers
listening skills to you know so that the party are paying the taxes so there’s so
much involved acne saxophonist interesting about programs as well there’s a lot of people moved locations no so what do you think about yes but the would you think about student
groups expect that you know it’s a great idea i think amnesties deputy engines at
about he is the body odor group uh… that’s the top letter of the
fastest explain that to be uh… picking up a buddy type memorize
townsend dot singh at the fox deport army sarcastic but analysts ustedes
ecstatic that he would get a group together and work with each other
because you know i i i my picks up the habit fast upstanding and they can’t buy kitzhaber arctic
charity party we can’t get explain all the things that dot and habitat monopolies this is the problem run into the best
buddy focus to begin to organizing getting moves toward them uh… savitz you all the other mc at ek and economically that are not no af structures at that point
product not p ship insist yes sickness uh… ended peacefully speeches inside
something like that all paper in the curriculum but isn’t our entries seventy days of something that becomes
part of it you know uh… but conceded that again i think
ask with the system and how it’s changed at the its students that is saving is committed and
passionate about used fashion antoine itself i think you’ll find work doesn’t
even want to take the time now to find somebody to work with uh… i think you got the visa sixty
percent want make about putting they have to take this i’ve been updating
experiences one white often outside the classroom i that actually does it work buddy and into that plastic kapil expect
lifestyles yes best interest that apparently where what picks up or that
the other and decisions a commander hands on it because you don’t get that
need it supports the stepbrother interact he reports and so it’s best to get across that i
really am and really don’t think that i think
that’s also instructors jobs to be able to see what courses they have to
understand that you know about america burgers and a half adult learning expanse of sweat
education processes you should but i’ve been lucky duck maybe other
dogs for a person that you are a slight visual person and relate that with their instruction that’s the excuse death threats might
have been able to upload our scanner it’s a little white ball all that’s
happened up their hats half it but but but but but but it makes a difference
and they don’t understand that that’s here event something that status and see dateline at orientation i think it’s
very important face charges out there suits that make the apple ok may cap on let profits to be well the thing about that sensor secretary it now each of these students this is what i
expected and i think you know what to is supposed to be back to you thank you needs to be yesterday but what happens if sucked up that the
fact that all day or assisted still you know what the practice are the founder i
begin with the dates you know because that sixty four x seven ra inspectors
get frustrated at once that with despot lessons that etc because they don’t believe it for weeks went by and backfired rules so i think we need to take the
responsibility instructors samples those raptor civic explains that essex eats a lot of pastor exams basically that help okay to you by box sixty and if they don’t like this at least
you’re giving them the tools and if the struggling along the way and
they have joined the group and recap again bill statewide for people to
withheld you know anything about the d_n_a_ and
carefully schooled at the crack school you can’t leave instructors back
instructor effective response to the itself commerce efforts aids suggestions and and the gods that the teachers
eighty simply canceled before dawn pass that same ex-presidents that brown
are all up sascha you don’t tell me the best in
pre-production your palestinians you can’t connector out there s square because e
three suggesting license you’re working out no people well at all off-campus not
al frustrates heat screw match with each other every catholic students how complex
their http pinpoint eric you’d hooper earth’s for students you should see about maybe fifty percent
to make you completing the whole program and every one of the border anxieties now your feedback hangouts times at fifty percent of
development from utensils that states hopkins other instructors you know i’ve had some people say the
start-up for instance yet that we’d be uh… n unfortunately that’s just part was
happening again because the screening process is not being that beginning and
which is filling seats up now i think it gathers if that changes
within the school system it gets the right people in cities
classes battery is that the fact that buddy pleasure had to drop out non-japanese bookmaking exit throughout
their it’s probably artistic opec except that satire expected here because if you don’t bite me and make
sure that they understand that i think that’s the biggest you know to qualify
pests expat priced lexus at rajput how past parts because scott’s loss that are about to the
region paradise wire cap graduate but there’s about that possible artful
because they don’t have the fundamentals to come if the court’s spots there was a was that at they passed a
point they get there by about this big businesses they don’t
have scale no c_ dot all these different parameters
so when the accident startup twenty students how many of the students
actually viable subsurface source loans there it’s still a few
longer there’s more geared people you know no star uh… este email uh… guaranteed by i go into the plan and other security mike thank john know
a lot of people a lot of places that this will generally be configured your t_v_ stated that you don’t know
where it was working for the whole time i think a_b_c_’s change throughout the last five
years so uh… symphony needs to out take a look at the middle
east peace out there that galloping mystic account for how r and therapist working art yes physical cast that started and a lot but about mine here at the
favorite the about mike six months of training eighteen fifty sixty seventy eight
dollars an hour about that you know high i think i response eunice
since this is market activists i want to have to buy statements because
back the democratic anyway and head back lives perhaps that this thing that they can get pick that up to six
that’s change except only make fifteen dollars an hour first steps you know the facts the facts they have
to get beyond doubt that you know because they’re what week spins station
when i’m still as a function it would be into business for a while have that yeah but when you’re fresh out of school a
six-pack program i think the finite practice on c_-span students are coming
across the board and signs expressing legacy here from the list of
contact me complain about this solid suspects businesses attaining
they’re not giving enough you know of clients the salads so is getting all the client
for some stuff happens westfield it’s really a backdrop tell habitat you know and and seven eighths these
individuals that upset me quick feedback about the company’s at all again i think that is that they’re
dropping like you would have been a caveat to that you know this toxic he’s operation out there that credit does not pay the fee paid sixty
dollars happens i want to provide jobs it provided jobs that that was the fact
that the disposed of by the west bank at any chop to get their basic foundation superfund by their own business to get
the skills that behind them it’s a starting point and you know what making ten dollars
that are suffering not happy job and if you picked them up optus ending up fifteen dollars exactly up for a while to think that
that l haha about that maybe you can bring
about a but now that crack up in specially simply decided to move to
briefly from students devoted to produce if you go into business for themselves
and honestly did not know massage therapists
are business people we didn’t hear someone not gonna make it
no matter what business there have been sometimes it is the disposal salons and
franchises in order to disclosed in the field and rule combating and i think it’s beautiful
places to work ok chaotic back they don’t have to death marketing no they don’t even have to keep that task
at some of the big guys check that everything is the final attitude shelf passed about business dallas picture providing its parking integrated
utilities captive power into your party into your boils honestok and so when you sit there until i think
you guys that are ok was sixty or whatever it is deduct all of that fact which but etc so i think that is contact sellout hit by stifle well so
far and you want me to place the providing
present some of these places you can provide distinction you know they’ve acquired sucked up
subject so i listened to seventy working in these different branch i think that
you know what our company action realistic educators
seats chess account they don’t have to pay for it some even get health benefits i would
have thought that that that the pact practitioner you know so to have to wait all hate if
you don’t like when you were a kid and dot but now the company go start your
own business or continue education providers
worksheets young students look and withdrew to get education ownership without step that’s for but is cap provide and that
of at with that it that cincinnati huge by mind west i don’t think it is not capable of agar mein weinhardt street by experts why at least native young that the bill
had students because of the heart of providers out
that that you’ve got the hat and it’s submissive reached incorrect
techniques that we’ve got teens fine okay because that person does them
therapists that’ll take often me right b glad about
their at pat later they become a provider dot
their website and analyst all the forces that insists that the answer policy says
that once it’s over the people out there like myself that
units and i have faith that accidentally are i wouldn’t want to touch but but but selecting first of all the providers the companies that yelper you appreciate
that have to come up with a better way apart
in the skills of teachers that if you want to take the clock i think you should ask and i think he’s jumping on a class yet
just because these ski it in your hometown painters start usc
easy about so many people do the naked optically any capacity need to makassar students test mobiles
or seeking instructor online i have a whole lot of instructor federal opti but
i will and gets hot asked me what that pile
about you know one subsequently students up but then on
the phone gary email i think it’s important else i think it’s
important to note we’re monaco in your future with the court that you can’t
wait to get started soas nazi stinson says that you just
think the only take a class because you know identity you know uh… and in-camera games picking up that tells me to you don’t
care about their past you know because identified six thanks lots thank you for the state
eventually dictate required experts learn as expected the about uh… you know
kills off a quick fix for my client so you’ve got to tell west went pretty
practiced fines that you wanted a medical kind of
structural percent and i thought that maybe can spot since you know it’s like
a botanist were appropriate spirituality into practice don’t just take class if
powell exude is got selected for spotlights spark
right job by half and exactly find out about students find
out about lists dvd’s that absolutely anne’s yeah mixture uh… as it’s something that’s that’s
such a car apac as character are individual business sense hands if you know if it’s not that i think
what happened in your hair is doing well that you know if you can acquire expenditures obviously after money all
that’s right but it’s the highest into newark yourself edits he’s integrating
you’re going to get the attention expect select specialized unit deductions of buys restructure assess their still
hampton point events ideas i thought it might explain follow up with that being
said patrick but or here lyfe through right streets at are s exclaims tight orders that upset but after about but except walkway just our
class art about her at this class that exercise a lot like jurkat city couple weekend class you repeat your question gone forever we’ll meet a certification winners would
so many things all thirty would be certified in suburban action fitzy p’s notification o meet that patrick inside was fine became certified notes i’d l his up application have worked on agreed to speak piece of paper after as
senate house plastic eight more certified split up that we as structures have to be
discussed embarrassing history are slipping back to texas to respectful
offer experience notes had cisco and promptly scale just to take anything out and call yourself certified if your
full-court press to get you know that statement advantages knobs which to me on the table is quality so i think you need both at the we need
to get the responsible and living tech pretty and make sure it’s stepping out there
with institute execution acceding tessick front steps this week the result there are just so
who will be so much hope then i mean everyday there’s a new styles
incidents via developers want them pride and captivity retrieved really quickly
noticed outback analysts say are something else stay upset asked a little
bit it put a little where on it is nothing there a distinct heat this is an flares style not taking past at cost countdown doubts
that was uptown that’s xoxo there really isn’t anything but not but use the massage therapist
would absolutely diplomacy used if it were required to i suck if possible tigers because you are going to protect your
client setup here comes the tough nazi classes at quantico supply showed us how
passionate will take the skies classes to better themselves because you’re not ready sixty five point escobar’s which fabric you’re right and what he wants to you know i can’t
say twenty-six yourself articulate these a plethora decisive special v_-chip you know what you better arena scouts
you know and why not take the property tomorrow here at mystique thirty therapy started that but i’d make all we’ve got several people in
that class is the point they don’t december spark verdicts storms are here because the edit you got a lot of learning something it’s
holly it and say your kinds of class bhakti plath take the time off from artifacts f tight-fisted dot blot plan off dot blot that passed student at this democrat uruguay bbc about something more that’s what i would hope more people in
this part goes the class which called sparked is
one of the events there you know bill so the chances that when
you get a bill is a great motivator for learning outside pants and black x i’d pounds al xd something except that steve
expert back from so i’d like you very quickly yeah you know will what about linens is there a lot of instruction out
there for a few teaching them the results them places to get help
himself with the state earlier downstairs stock prices that are out stating programs obvious not correct not snacks
ido sky atlantic coastal accidents either place that starts at some trainings etc a_t_m_s about that excellent updates states that i’ve
always trackback and officer right now data shows that schoolbooks the so you
think that we know the ex-football thinkpad by city constructors inc explain stockpiling every single thing
that you know eight up again how to do it uh… hiking to students taking that book that school system that happen someone
network with the staff at arnet what a great idea dat dot that’s about
schools identity to transfer that made no
comment home today announces the house and stop sex predator jack saw something
about statements your would’ve notices to let the cycle
of the year student at we’ll take a complete education classes
than you could see thirty jagan at this than those teachers and the people of
the services this person will bring all the time absolutely enough students fight back do
you think that’s a like this it looks really cool opportunistic if
track as all the recess is out there research found that yet stockpiles to stop now dot working out the area and passes
if at all in all of these it’s firing people settings dot there quite bigoted
research advancing giving us folks up biology pharmacology supported thought it back inside nothing behind it’s a half outfit now you know when you get back that we
didn’t know without their how i’m going to be sent just can’t seem to me and i
think backfired academic deficit to open up a book how ideals tunes tissue somebody’s on elegance that cha well what it at its heart ek it’s great that that sixty now themselves to a need for the website is
proving to be no clear but nobody’s tomlinson that’s what did they do
something to do because also frustrated because it was a much authors or just
want to give everything a wooden but at every step yet thanks to you each year p_r_ antioxidant sent me i
think he has been to the stratus dot is up on that can offer down helped
students victory in or to check out its sticking out like we have a couple people high-class this this week that that they saw espy
trying utube videos that you can’t speak creating on unfunny acting like campaign based on about
protecting exxon stock within eighty suspecting secure about the work that’s
why they’re there so eliot spitzer for that that
information is out there as you know i think actually gives up to it at even offered strange everything
spotlight people’s barakat geographic because but its impact act as sort to
provide information for their clients you know what a great way to make the
p_t_l_ and talk about the simple benefits of the size at lafayette park
to put it on your website the remotely there’s so many people who
could be the more visual window reading is okay but the thing is
they need another option sold disturbing you you get into trouble
matthew you’re also but it cebu raggedy united inhibit dot see i did not expect uh… what would
you like he was an accident uh… no so um… so for too many dome for a student this
one listings so quickly that tips that will uh… release would top the with
the help of on stuff that would you say for alerting lives and i kept thinking steady idea costs uh… celebrates that great support
staff all questions at the end he captures the
ppr technicians no it’s not really surprised that the kids workbooks don’t
see anything review those questions and answers so the kids
alone i think it’ll get let’s not get the full amount pakistan’s ask questions
don’t stick class ok say uh… numbers and not passed it’s easy to explain it
looks like it’s taking so many different ways that people learn it may be subject to get that week yet cut asked artistic talent understand
never ass here’s the instructors are not my
herself and what we’re going to read all about the crack that the about larry’s southeast of
substances you know you get this looks seacoast
words that follow isn’t that easy ideologies aircraft actors standout ok because that’s gonna happen
state your importance ellsworth show up but that didn’t stop him or bad seeking understand that they they got the you question see memorizing
picked the right answer and uh… you know i don’t know what
relationship to it doesn’t and so if you start dot arises that
alliances kessler in for the democrats fifty three percent so don’t wait for the last minute to go
home uh… graduate center collapsing but it was a head start setting the all the time help pick up that book
no view things he was the word to use the term secure vocabulary you know got sticky notes about your
office space in the refrigerator that right understand that they could
actress every single day violence four then a lot of people are totally against
the no trouble people who’ve been through so i mean and teaching for that listing at that that’s where a lot of people do it and
they do think that it’s in order to customer support that’s what we have to
do with this directive this missus frustrating uh… you know i didn’t several schools ranked top two
instructors that tactful bhakti basically house letting it get clinicals because they’re twelve b wolf will put the pop-up apparent density
business class at this is a true story um… answers yes for this one yeah yeah asking a lot of questions concise except
possibly year-and-a-half and she said i don’t understand but
businesses is not good enough really good therapist twenty effect this is a
phone number family by friends disability fights at the office instinct somali for this awful campaign update
not sleeping i don’t know if you pass that on the socks back explicit at their
instincts took us a little bit at obsolescence that have been evaluated
that you know asked any field massage therapist that fit the profession
successfully i’ve support about thriller its fiscal now this is a lot to do the best syslog its
formal one of these structures back it’s a lot of talk to you election starts at the school that was
in class and i said to this president’s to tell
her what she told me we have to pass roof for student i think it’s also
students responsibility inner city classes are not ethical satisfaction let’s be times that the application from
the teacher it’s their responsibility asked us to
get wants his profession seek out attrition ask goes to other
therapists ahead students comes quincy in noted walked in off the
streets on my side and sent to me if the price for you and so happy to sit down realistically advocate that the
information at how that’s produced because i was let’s protect their newspeople staircase in our history that dealt with it their yes my passion is massage time electorate thought and i
blasts but if they’re flat with g_o_p_
acrobatics zero if you can’t trust school happen like that passion statistics though it’s not not just
instructors successfully and what is this friday night next
starting in january two thousand stop its attacks instrument you know if
that’s the candidates and protects that david dash often postgraduate mainstream
program this is not something that’s that she’s facing himself when i think
that site it’s not that except by contents that scott breighton okay and you get you get your questions
answers you get your skills checked you know is that new financing
challenges for you you have to take that into the program you have to fill application i can’t see market at one twenty is what you look into the cheese
from it what goals he set for yourself how mike tyson is certainly supported in
this process now because i think this is the only
teach a class that this is what we’re covered statement but i think that’s
that unregulated struggling with you know and that’s what my intensities hours to set
up a small groups very small groups workers people tended to take that hotline after a
confident respect that habit and you know ironport content to we’ll
work on me uh… that that’s that’s still kept the
first airplane ticket out mentioned some but it’s just like that the but the fact that i think that that
that that would be cut spouse whilst on the path orders
teachers i know permissible that one or two
teachers and you cannot steve’s yes individuals that i want one that and
teach them difference aren’t tight stands on its diplomats logs to proclaim
themes i’ve eaten just in time but if i thought
process without walkways and would not want each best holiday fifteen twenty eight years caregiving border campgrounds these people dot hahaha testify given follow-up in the past it’s eyes that is also a dramatic schools well just express language capsules infertile so polluted the soul schools
to a different than every single class at a different
instructor in a so confusing to everybody unit as they can order one extreme to
another kind of thing because there’s this it was frustrated because new you said
what they do it but instructor said what they do you know and and and others were
produced to read that the other one applicant so
he can’t find i think he’s expecting abstract sweetness and they its sister plastic about but that’s trucked t so there is no
usually l attitudes coming in next week you know and indeed no doubt be offered and the
east side i think skills that i think it’s
practices on athlete faking it company teaches that art patsy atler uptown but i think you have to keep secrets is
connected to the same art programming you copy moon relates to your future besides not
interfere too track pablo natural all well that hits this terrible one of the water with or i’d steal it and yet rhinitis epic education seventy
in north carolina so i see myself not only to see more
vocally tired about traffic about virginia other instructors that
i’m still up uh… classes her instance there he pricing affordable students that
they’re not paying you know we take this crisis go burger king and i_t_t_ class survival used art and productivity it
convenient location a cut classes that full l fifty two
hundred people and outside node i didn’t get the teaching bigotry begin
over exactly what he’s doing amitabh is at expeced facility guys like
to offer that scott pardee itself enough people out there advocate
classes and willing to travel to north carolina network of it’s actual repeat each in
place it’s beautiful it’s balanced outbreaks
it’s fast rafting and kayaking think quietly way extract asclad yes continued six years airports
asheville and chocolate and you know we’ve got a couple africa
attached plastic terrorists and class i’ve done some after that is ok recently
act people are like well this is complete
this is great its support of all this is wonderful excited about that and i don’t
expect to protect our massage next year and a and saxo internet sidestep com up and drainage and tenncare pre and post
date only down antibiotic coming up next year but i i can’t tell you why i think my
asap betsy start out there that doesn’t left there appears to have skills that
pocket and it’s at present ask that sc asset left kitten and expect that starts therapist out there because i did this subband on kids her wonderful
chances by five successful because of that sania and starting over twelve times but
because it would be everything out that happening estimates he helped cosmetic for in my
life that touched by are frightening next ship that is happening and that’s not what he thinks to
substance prude that what’s best way for people that
will do that optic by westech down access expressed dot com nothing empathize princy at
gmail that were both very reduced that with yet meet seeking idea cat iowa is just about ten miles fifteen savell
where diverse state univeristy sudhakar hit met three times outlet dot com
prosecutors out at gmail dot com perhaps just be at loved to have to come
pick them up see let’s not forget uh… if you are a student work in
central iowa scalp lots of help to you sharon day vast library books are
placement of yours catholics does unfortunately because i thought that
that well thinking right now i’m on a different journey westerners out talked paul company opt out uh… but k ukrainians houses that assessed at camp by at gmail tap cell activity apartments here and that uh… fast effects last august students
graduates that had stayed in the area at supper interest for example x_-files
instances that pretty much after six and contest that’s right that defect so much about at stake
massage spa practice hahaha access expects back there in our inside the house and there order a client’s ted personally looking after their welfare
because that’s what they’re just picked it up at sidebar questions comments concerns specimens at instead at banquet concentrate reports that come
through regular because that’s that was my colleague okwu things you’re going to admit that
you could be a little bit brian secret fessed up that as this day itself it is lobbying warms my heart didn’t think you’d really that if there
is significant in the region check them out they are dot the landscape teaches at
their uh… institutes deputy dissatisfied instructors there uh… freed up here the irishman you
know or surrounding areas this building illinois monte check them out and again you can always contact me and
you know in which a person stands out the differences that you’re a much broader thank you did you plant earlier pledges
mathematical dot dot dot dot you’ve got a bit not my

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