Meet Kevin – Higher Education Student

Hi my name is Kevin German, I’m 36 years old
and I’m studying HND Business. Because of my age, of course I’ve had a lot
of experience. I looked back at my life and you know, I’m 36, I’m like what have I achieved
academically? It wasn’t really much. I decided that I wanted to have the qualifications behind
me so that I could then take business to another level in the future.
So it’s a 2 year business course, which I’m doing currently. It’s the foundation to a
degree, so a higher education course. It was the perfect course that allowed me
to build myself up over the 2 years, to then finalise my degree at University.
This College has been pretty instrumental in my life, in terms of getting the education
that I need, and also getting qualified so that I can then move on to do what I need
to do.

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