Meet the Locations: ISSO Morningside

So I’m the front desk person I’m the first
person that students see when they walk in, me and then a graduate assistant will welcome
them into the office and try to figure out what they’re here for and get them to the
right person. So if there is any quick service, questions
or if somebody needs a signature or needs to find out anything procedural on how to
apply for something I would take care of them really guide them as much as possible and
if they have more comprehensive immigration questions, advising that is particular to
the student that involves personal responses rather than generic immigration advice, I
check them in to our system and pass them on to our team of advisors. I personally work on student cases that come
in every day, I would say our office gets about fifty cases on a slow day and we get
distributed so we start working on those cases, either it can be employment authorization
documents or it could be something where they needed a travel signature or a review of other
documents that are required for them to travel. My favorite part about working here. One of my favorite parts is definitely the
walk-in hours being able to interact with the students, and like I mentioned, the diversity
of the students we see. I love being able to again see the students
from beginning to end, I think some times students will get accustomed to certain advisors
and so they’ll sort of stick to that advisor, and just receiving even the smallest thank
you, a card or something like that is really sweet.

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