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Welcome to Maryville University Multicultural Scholars Page, where you will gain a wealth of knowledge about program expectations, requirements, and learn about the student experiences. The purpose of the
Multicultural Scholars Program is develop scholars to be student leaders and social justice advocates who help the Office of
Diversity and Inclusion in achieving our goal and create an inclusive
Maryville University. The curriculum of the program
is developed to make sure that our students have hands-on
interactive experiences where they are stretched to learn about different cultural identities and be prepared to be
social justice advocates. For instance, in the
first year of the program, it’s all about self
awareness and self identity. Your second year, we’re taking
you out in the community so you can learn about
different cultural identities and start to debunk cultural myths. In the third year of the
program, you’re participating in interactive workshops that assist you with learning effective
communication and listening skills. As a senior, you’re now a peer educator, with all the training
that you have developed, you are helping us in the Office
of Diversity and Inclusion educate the campus environment about social justice,
diversity, and inclusion. In addition, to support you throughout your college experiences, we have mentoring opportunities
where you work with peers, and you also work with faculty and staff to make sure that you’re
getting everything you need to have a holistic student experience. Most importantly, as a
Multicultural Scholar, you’re gonna gain a family
that’s gonna challenge you and support you as you assist us in becoming a more inclusive
Maryville University. [Both People] Will you be
a Multicultural Scholar? [Both People] Will you make a difference? [Both People] Join us at Maryville. [All Three People] Apply now.

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