my new favorite organization app // Notion

hi everyone,today, I quickly want to jump to talk about my new favorite notes taking app,and the only one,it is actually able to place every notes for good the app we talk today is NOTION , notion is like every notes slack combine put better so everything works with work spaces,a work space functions like main note booking every notes but besides corporating notes are also users discussion and commitment options one thing I really enjoy notion is that u can quickly switch work spaces without leaving app we don’t have to sign in with an account and so on so its really easy to manage different parts of your life such as sharing different users just quickly boarding on the left of corner of ur squint and select the spaces u want to work on, also, even u want to share work spaces with other people , u always have a sharing section and private section for u all pages, that can not be seen by others users’, a great things about notion is that the writing style happens we blogs instead of a whole page , so blocks mainly act as a paragraph of text or as a templates, these are all movable, so users click dragging mechanic that make easily simple to organise everything so there are needs listing copy information if u want to structure of ur notes also break down pages for different topics is really easy because the Main pages will always have the links for the subpages and I just need to click whatever I topic that I want to read more about also notion operates their attempt base this means every time u create new block u don’t have to automatically quote texts notion often has ability to quote to different things inside ur notes like images, to do lists, galleries and videos and so on , u can also use templates to quick pages on to go like u want to, include, a calendar, notion create a full size calendar for u checking incooperate into ur notes in the same way, u can easily in back things for apps ,like google drive, maps and so on and as u can image linking files are simistly incorporate things from ur google drive accounts insides ur notes and u just have to click it and then notional send the external files can download into ur device right away also I need to mention the minimal design that mix writing have no distraction so ever it works very smoothly its very simple and its very easy to understand how u use notes structure ,how can easily access to more spaces,on the other hand if minimal design is not for, also have ability to add icons and covers pages and that visionally organise in an identify notes better if u are more over-vision learner I think its the best thing about notion is that they have the solid free version,so with free version have a limited of 1000 breaks but if u over the limits, u can simply delete the breaks u don’t need any more so those paragraphs with things like to do are calendars there are no longer require in ur work place or u can simply create new work space and since u can switch back force between them so easily and this is web option for people who do not want to pay the opinion version.i was actually using the every notes in pay for premium account because it was the only way I am able to access my account in 3 different devices so my cases, my computer and my iPad without have sign off in one device and signing in the other, and that was really something annoying I was basically pay almost 40 dollars a year, just be able to sign in on the third device I don’t have corner any more I don’t need to pay for previous service that I actually don’t use and finally I was able to switch note taking apps I was linking down below and I swear this is not pay, this is not sponsored ,I really enjoied this app I am so happy that someone finally developed a note taking app that actually fits my needs thank u for watching. tomorrow we will have a new productivity and organisation video. so us will see then bye~

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