[N’-124] Learning Tari Saman🕺

Hello I’m going to teach you traditional Indonesian dance You can call me Mr. JEONG The first step is (Thump, da, da) (Thump, da, da) Wow Hello We are NC… Sorry My name is Ms.Ii Ii I’m a traditional dance instructor I’m going to teach you
traditional Indonesian dance Let me explain about the dance briefly The dance is called ‘Tari Saman’ This dance is performed
to celebrate important occasions You sing at the same time This dance is one of the social dances You can perform the dance
to celebrate special occasions So, are you ready? Yeah Let’s warm up a little Okay, warm up (Warming up) I’m good at this JOHNNY’s moving his hands Wow Ah- Shake, shake You dance with bare feet Okay HAECHAN, go down Beep It’s the first floor I’m going to divide you into 2 groups (Group B/ Group A) Let’s get it I’ll give you 2 cues One is for start singing It also means you appear on the stage The other is called ‘Its’ Its (Step 1. Singing) (Ehhh) We are singers Chain (Yup) (Step 2. Placing hands) (Feeling like a superstar) What was that? Ehhh This is difficult E-hem (Copy and paste) Ehhh You, sing in tune All right Then, ‘ehhh’ Got me feeling like a super I know (Step 3. Appearing on the stage singing) (Noisy) (Got me feeling like a
super I know I can fly) (Yeah) (Oh) (Eh-oh) (Super human) (Step 4. Kneeling down) (Step 5. Hitting the floor) (Left and right) (They’re fast learners) (Point)Bounce, bounce (Passionate) (It’s too narrow) Okay, the last Okay Ehhh Ssimba (Thump, thump) Okay Thank you (It’s not done yet) Can we do it as if we were
in front of the mirror? Yeah (Step 6. Up and down with hand moves) Up Up Up Up 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 Thank you (The last) (Next move) (Step 7. Speeding up with the rhythm) Thump, thump (Speeding up) My hands hurt Be strong! Okay, let’s be strong Continue Continue (Step 8. The last moves)
Down, down, up (Absent minded) (Yahhh) (JOHNNY is the best student) JOHNNY (Enthusiastic) Ma’am I’ll practice while she’s not here Individual practice is not allowed JOHNNY will forget in the end, I’m sure (Haha) Guys, now Ahhh (They’re boisterous) (Oops) (Practicing) Are you all right? Mom Which part? (Slow) Oh Please Aw (Group A vs. Group B) (JOHNNY gets the drop on them) Don’t practice (Practicing) (Group A goes first) Yuta, what are you doing? Again Where are you going? (Nervous) (Busy) Oh-wa What is this sound? Here we go So cute Smile We should smile (Smile) – What’s next?
– What is it? How do we start? (Nervous) (Good) (Wrong) (Hesitating) Oh, right This is ours I’m possessed by a spirit (Group B’s turn) Ehhh (Moving slowly) Ha (Smile) (Yoo-hoo) Move your hips HAECHAN, you’re great Ha Oh, JOHNNY Great (Keep smiling) (Moving fast) HAECHAN, you’re doing great I did my best She’s going to pick the best member (Trying to win her heart) Don’t do that (He’s trying, too) (The best, JOHNNY) (Wow) (Ceremony) (Congrats) Now she’s going to pick the worst I’m the best I’m nervous Wait, why is she coming here? I made a lot of mistakes (Why is he so excited?) (Passionate) (Ma’am) TAEIL (Pick me) (The worst) No way, he did it well Was he that bad? HAECHAN, cheer up (The prize for the best) Wow Wow (Indonesian snacks) Wow, there’s a lot! Seriously, there’s a lot (The second prize- trying on
a traditional costume) That’s JOHNNY’s size Looks like that’s the only size she has Hope it’s small Oh, it looks good on you It’s going to be small Wow, pretty You look great You look like Aladdin Aladdin I can show you the world A whole new world No one to tell us No (Thumping) I can show you the world Shining, shimmering Okay, JOHNNY Cool Ehhh I’ll take a photo, 1, 2, 3 I’m the best student I’m the worst One more 1, 2, 3 Okay Thank you

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