Nursing on the Front Line Commercial (:60) | American Public University (APU)

Being an Oncology nurse, coming to work
every day and dealing with cancer and trying to be there and support my
patients is something that I really love doing. I get to spend a good five to six
weeks with my patients and really get to know them and really connect with them
on a personal level and I love being there for them every step of the way. Nowadays, a lot of bigger hospital
organizations prefer that the nurses come in already having their bachelor’s
degree. My bachelor’s degree in nursing from
APU will make me more marketable. It is certainly well respected in the
community. APU’s nursing program is accredited
which is very important. My degree in nursing from APU allows
me to come to work every day and make a difference in the lives of my patients
and that’s the one thing in life that I find the most joy in. My name is Shannon
O’Brien and I am an American Public University student. American Public
University proudly educating public service professionals.

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