OLR Podcast | Episode 12 – I Traded a Privileged Life in Paris for an Island Paradise Feat. Helena

Dawn (00:02):
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Listen, and you’ll believe if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Dawn (00:43):
I’m here with Helena from France. And I’m very excited about this interview. I’ve been
wanting to chat with you for a while. So thank you so much for taking the time to have a
little conversation today. Helena (00:54):
Thank you to you. Dawn (00:57):
Wait. Well I am am really curious. So you are originally from Paris, one of the most
beautiful cities in the world. Just the envy. I know a lot of people would, would love to
live in a city like that. And you left actually quite some time. Helena (01:15):
Well, yes I was. I was 18 years old. Dawn (01:19):
Okay. Helena (01:20):
Because I had the choice to visit my grandfather that lives in New Zealand or to visit some
friends in Mexico city. Okay. And because I love the Spanish language, I decided to
go and visit my Mexican friends in Mexico city. Dawn (01:35):
And did you speak Spanish? Helena (01:38):
Yeah, a little bit because at the school it’s obligatory to learn two languages apart of
yours. So I choose the Spanish and I had knowledge of Spanish before can go into Mexico city
because he used to go to vacation in Spain, every vacation in Spain. So I had only knowledge
about Spanish already. Then I went to Mexico city and I suppose to be there for three months,
but my parents made a big mistake to part me, uh, air air ticket for one year. It was
an area of flood company, a Russian company. Helena (02:16):
And when I saw that it was one year round a ticket, I said, no, I’m not going back or
we stay. And it was not an idea that it was only three months to study better the Spanish
and the university of LA Unum and then go back and continue my life in Paris and totally
the contrary. I stayed three months with my friends and then I started to travel around
Mexico until I ended up here in the Island. Dawn (02:47):
And how did that come about? Helena (02:48):
All because my friend says, Oh, you know, before you going back to France, you should
go and visit some places and the trace in a map, the places where should go. And I did
it on my own. It was a backpack kind of time and feel less because at the time you don’t
feel, uh, that you’re scared of anything because it was nice and you know, it was nice, nice
and safe. Helena (03:09):
This is what I felt. Okay. So I went with my backpack and went all around. Let’s see,
I started from Wahaca and then I ended up at the end, Cancun. But Cancun, I stopped
only to go to and get the boat. Okay. Cross was the wooden board at the time. We had the
wooden boat takes 45 minutes was nice fun for folkloric with the music end. It was really
nice. The Jose homina. Dawn (03:39):
Oh yeah, yeah. Helena (03:41):
So, and I ended up in the Island thinking that that will stay for 15 days and I didn’t
stay 15 days. I stayed six months. So at the end I did all the, all new year, uh, around
Mexico, between Mexico city and Isla Mujeres. Helena (04:00):
Then I decided to go back to Paris and I said to my parents, I’m not, I’m not going to stay
in Paris anymore. I will go back to the Island. So my band was not happy at all because my
stepfather, he’s a, he was a very famous doctor and we had a very nice life over there and
I was quitting everything just because I wanted to make my life somewhere else different,
different life, total live a life where I used to have in Paris. And so I ended up,
ended up back a young Island and I stayed and now I have 34 years living here. Dawn (04:41):
34 years on the Island. Yes. Wow. And you’ve seen all the changes that have been said?
Tiny changes, big changes, yes. Wow. Yeah. So how long were you back in? Helena (04:52):
I say six months in Paris and just to make enough money to pay my ticket because my parents
was not good. Helena (04:57):
Just what my idea. So I, um, what could, did use a bit and save the money so I can go,
uh, go back. Okay. And I, I had enough money to come back here and to stay with me, you
know, working for a while until the injury in 1991, uh, the owner of the fine jewelry
store that we used to have in the islands said, if you want to work with me, you can
come anytime. I said, no, I don’t want to work yet, was you? I’m not interested. And
at the end I said, miss, after, you know, a couple of, I think two years, three years
after I said, okay, okay, I will work with, for you. And I stayed 15 years in this place,
15 years. It was a beautiful moment of our lives. All the girls there. We were like 15
employees and we were managing a lot of nice, nice, fine jewelry. Helena (05:54):
Ruby’s emo diamonds, semi precious, precious stones. Also some Silvera, but most of the,
of the of the jury find jury we were managing. So it was a good time. We all had a good time.
We all have nostalgia. Why? The place has had to collapse Ecolabs after Wilma and then
everybody had to do something else with their lives. Dawn (06:21):
Gotcha. Have you been back to to Paris since then. Helena (06:27):
Paris? Not because my mother, she moved to my mother. She’s Scottish. Okay. And she decided
to move to Spain in 1989 after the days of my stepfather. I see. She wants the memories
of Paris anymore and I didn’t want memories of various either, which I left earlier than
she did. Right. So when I go to Europe to visit my mom that she lives in 45 minutes
from Malaga city South of Spain. [inaudible] very nice. It’s called LA Costa. The soil,
you have a beautiful climate. Helena (07:04):
Pretty much the same. Like here, the climate is pretty much the same like here and civilized
people. Yes. Nice and nice and clean. Neat. But, uh, the hope of my parents of my mother
at the time is I should go, come back. Dawn (07:19):
I see. Helena (07:19):
And I’m hoping to Lao he’s like come back and I’m not coming back. I guess something
caught me in the Island because I’m not going back. Has she come to visit you here? Yes,
but she doesn’t really like it if she comes is because she wants to see me, but she doesn’t
really like the Island. And especially with this changes now, she doesn’t really like
it. Dawn (07:43):
Scott a lot busier. Helena (07:45):
So she’s over there alone in a beautiful house and, and I’m here a rented house, uh, and
uh, I’m happy. I’m happy here. Dawn (07:56):
Do you have any siblings or, Helena (07:59):
I have a brother that he is embarrassed. Dawn (08:02):
Okay. Helena (08:02):
But we don’t really touch. I see. So he’s embarrassed. He came once in 34 years to see
me. Okay. So he’s over there. He’s very, very, very young. He never, he, he will never understand.
I could switch a life. The kind of like the head with my parents to come here and be totally
different and be a boy M style William style life and what I choose. And I like it. Dawn (08:31):
Well, good for you. That’s a, that’s, that’s quite a move. So obviously you’re happy. I
certainly had the opportunity to leave as you wanted to with, with, uh, your background
and. Helena (08:42):
I had the opportunity to study a good carrier. I had a lot of opportunity to do many better
things in my life, but I was not interested. I just wanted to do my, my life. Like I want
it. And what is so about this life that, that, can you share with me what you’re most passionate
about, um, that you have here? Helena (09:07):
Hmm. Well, I treasure was, it was, it was a time, you know, I ever treasure a lot of
good, uh, friendship, which I, I for me is very important. I don’t have family here.
So, uh, my friends are family and uh, I want to stick with my family, uh, here. I don’t
want to make another move to another place that nobody knows me. And to do redo again.
The new lifestyle. New people I’m not interested in. I prefer to concentrate in my friends
that I have here. Dawn (09:39):
So, and are the friends, um, mostly. Helena (09:42):
Mexicans. Dawn (09:44):
Mexicans Helena (09:44):
I have a lot of ease. Uh, I know the strengths and. Dawn (09:48):
I know you have a lot of other friends Canadians, Helena (09:53):
so I good friends. So I have half and half I guess. Okay. Yes. Dawn (09:59):
Well isn’t that one of the things we love about the Island is there’s not really the
separation that you see in a lot of places where you know, you have the local population
doesn’t mix with the, you know, Canadian really is blending. Helena (10:18):
Yes. I agree that the, we we we blend. Yes. And it’s nice. It’s a nice feeling. Yeah.
Yeah. Dawn (10:26):
The community is strong amongst both. Helena (10:30):
Yes. Yes, yes. Dawn (10:31):
Very nice Helena (10:33):
Yeah. And then what else? And then after the jewelry store that used to call, used to,
the name was monkey bananas. It was a franchising, the bus, a lot of money to use his name. But
we did our own, our own jewelry there because we had a place where you can see the juror
making the jewelry and fix the rings at the size of the client. And, and I used to go
to Cancun at a time to deliver pieces, find pieces of jewelry to the hotels while they
came here. Didn’t have the money to pay. So, uh, I go was about any go to Cancun, make
the dissection in Cancun and everybody was happy with the security guard that we had
our own transportation to the AutoZone and visit all the hotels at the time. Helena (11:21):
And, and making the businesses over there. They see something in the Island. They didn’t
have the, the cricket with them. So we said, well, he wanted, we can be at your hotel and
this is what I did for several years. Dawn (11:34):
And then you said, well, my. Helena (11:36):
women hate. And then I stayed six months without doing nothing. I was not sure what I was going
to do because maybe I was thinking, well, maybe it’s about time that day. Go back to
Europe. Okay, we would stay with my mother, do something different. And so I have a friend
that told me, why don’t you try go and see if they need somebody in what to Isla Mujeres
is the finest Marina that we have in the Island. And I went down and ask if they needed somebody
and actually they needed somebody. And so they had to interview me. Um, I got the job
and I stayed there for 12 years. Dawn (12:12):
And what did you do there? Helena (12:13):
I was the duck master assistant and I was a concierge and I was the person who was helping
also for the papers, uh, that, uh, we have an agency called in that area agency and we
help all the customers to be legal in Mexico results, uh, the paperwork, all that and the
authorities come to the boat instead of them to going about an area. All the stuff that
we, we provide a service because they want to go downtown. So we provide the service
that everybody comes at the same time and was making all the papers for them to be legal
and other things I was doing in that place until uh, until I had a severe discussion
with my boss and we were not, we will not agree for certain things and we say, well,
it’s time to go. Fine is kind to go and that’s it. Commercial (13:18):
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you to subscribe if you like what you hear. Helena (15:04):
And so now I’ve been using my economies for one year and a half and obviously my economy
go down because I was not really working. W was seeing what they were offering me, but
the paycheck is so low and I was alone and I didn’t want to do none of this anymore.
So I said, well, I met a, we’ll do something for myself. And I started the business in
September. Uh, September is not to be a good time to set the business low season that at
least I was like preparing myself. So I make a lot of publicity. So November, December,
January, Perry, Marta, it should be, I think that it really, it should be very busy. Yes.
I sing and occasionally it will pick up so I can continue living in my values. Paradise. Dawn (15:54):
So was this a big move for you? You’ve never had your own business before? Helena (15:58):
No, no. I use a, always a work for somebody for 15 years in a jewelry store with the Marina.
And then I used to make jewelry with my ex husband from the Island. Okay. And we do our
own jewelry at the beginning and we had the standard near wasteland is a downtown at the
time. There was a space to have, uh, like, um, Christ cycle in would be made was all
our design there. And we were there all day from 10 to five o’clock and pick up the stuff
and move it. A woman going on the street then, right. In the people. Dawn (16:42):
you are stationary? Helena (16:44):
Yes. And this is what we were doing at the beginning, but when we split up, uh, well
each one did something else. And this is the time when I decided to work with the owner
of the jewelry store. Dawn (16:57):
Oh, the jewelry store. Oh, so this was way in the. Helena (17:02):
1991. Okay. Yes. So, and I know the bus that he wanted me to be there since I was, I think
1985 and I said I don’t want, and that is at the end. In 1991 I decided to work for
him. Okay. Which was a very good time and he was really good to us. And the condition
was that I needed to go to visit my mom’s every year for six weeks. Okay. And he gave
me the six weeks off, which is good because here they don’t give you, you have to work.
Let’s see. I was working in the Marina for 12 years and the only vacation that I got
to get it was like 16 days after 10 years working. Oh wow. It was really not very good.
Especially compared to Europe. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. So I said, Oh, this is bad. We were
spoiled. I was fighting there in the jewelry store because I have medication paid for six
weeks, then you have one anymore. He said, Oh, bless that. Do, do jewelry that we, um,
because the best salesperson of the year of, of demands of the closer, I was five years
closing sales and it was good. It was really a good, good, good. This was really my best
moment in Island. Okay. No, Marina is nice, but the, I still have the necessity of what
we had in the jewelry business. Helena (18:24):
And I send you this. Dawn (18:25):
So when you were thinking about a business you, you didn’t have, did you think about
the jewelry? Helena (18:31):
No, because no possibility. Nobody. When I, I, uh, I closed the chapters of my life. It
was nice when it was okay. So I was happy and I closed it. And Medina, what the number
is. It was nice when it was there and I close it and now I’m doing something else. So I
really hope that’s what he’s going to be got because I don’t see myself going back to Europe, Dawn (18:54):
so. Oh right. So, so you kind of have an attitude like been there, done that. What’s next rather
than returning to something that is familiar. Helena (19:02):
Yes. And there’s, you know, and I have my Mexican nationality, so you know, it’s like
I’m done, you know, I can, I can work any. Dawn (19:11):
And you, yeah, you’re, you’re, you have plenty of options. Helena (19:15):
I had options before, but Sean, you have the double nationalities better. Yes. Yes. So
that’s it. What else do we like to know? Dawn (19:24):
Well, um, so how would you, obviously you are a very adventurous spirit at a very young
age to just just say, say go, I’m, I’m and I a woman after my own heart, cause I actually
left home when I was 18 and never, never went back. But how have you changed from that 18
year old girl to fast forward 34 years? What, what is this life? How’s it impacted you in
terms of, obviously you’ve grown in many ways, but, um, I guess maybe my question is how
do you think you are different now versus had you simply gone back to Paris and, and
lived a quote unquote normal life? Um, back then? Helena (20:11):
Um, I’m not sure what the question, but I can only seen, they can see that the one I
was eating, I was very shy. Ah, okay. I couldn’t even take the, the vigil on myself by myself
because I was always shy and I was always scared and eh, and everything. I was super
shy. It was just terrible. My, uh, teenager moments was not good and I don’t know, my
friends was just surprised. Like I am surprised myself that I, I did this big mood being a
very shy and I’m not much covens in me and I don’t know what happened. Something happened
when I was in Mexico city, because instead of sustains three months, I did, I did six
months in Mexico city. And then the other six months I was traveling. And then I hit
the Island in at the end of 85 and met my future husband. Helena (21:03):
And he’s a, he was a beautiful, handsome guy come to iron. And when I saw him I had a crush.
I said, Oh gosh, this is the one I want a fishermen, you know. No, no, no ambition,
no nothing. He didn’t want to, you know, he has no ambition. I didn’t have much image
on May 3rd. So I said, wait, we could live with water and you know, and bread and said,
sit with dish and then you should be happy. You know, we don’t need money. We don’t need
that. And then, and. Dawn (21:31):
when did you get married? How old were you? Helena (21:32):
I was 2189 were married in 89. But we worked together since, since, uh, since I met him
in 85. Oh, okay. So back and forth, back and forth, berries, Isla, various. Ilana and I
decided to come here and state in 88 bring my 45 kilos or they had and being made here
and state an estate. Helena (21:59):
That’s it. No ma’am, no more back and forth, you know, like making money so I can bring
it here and making money with that again. Yeah, that’s it. I say stay put and I will
do something else here. That’s why we decided to do the at a time with him doing coral.
At the time it was Coral was not forbidden, so we use it a lot of coral and surely we
did a lot of nice things, uh, at a time. And then when we separate the I, this then is
when I decided to work with . Dawn (22:30):
And how long were you married for? Helena (22:34):
Um, like five years, so quite awhile. But uh, we knew each other two years before, so
I guess seven years, more or less. I don’t really sure. I don’t really remember exactly,
but yeah. Yeah. Do you, are you still in contact with him at all or just Heinz? That’s okay.
That just much better with his family. He was a sister that lives in the U S and it
was a mother that lives in Cancun. And these are the two closest are they having in his
family? The sister. One of the sisters and a mother. Okay. Dawn (23:10):
So even though you, your marriage ended, you still have that family connection. Helena (23:15):
Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We were a nice set of very nice handsome couple of that time. It
was good time at a time when it was, but everything changes. Of course. Helena (23:29):
Here we are. Dawn (23:30):
So you’re pretty happy with the way things have turned out. You’re excited about the
new business? Yes. Yes. And how did, talk a little bit about how you decided to get
into that business. Helena (23:44):
Well, I was taking care of a Louie. A gal is a friend of mine and she says, you know,
I will be away and I don’t find a place to, you know, to take care of we and I don’t want
to cross a over Cancun. I just want something. You could, you could you take care of him
taking care of the dog? Well yeah. Why not? So I say, why, why not? So since, uh, summertime
I have leave for many times. She went two weeks in Europe and then 10 days in the season
another. So I don’t, I lost the, the times that we came in, uh, after that I was thinking,
well, if I could do that for me, maybe I could open up the . Helena (24:33):
Actually, Diana, we were talking about something and she says, Diana set up something for yourself
as a, I’m going to do something for myself. I always wanted to be in Bruie. I don’t want
to be the bus. Well, he doesn’t have to try it. And I see something between Diana and
the we before something was there. And I think that at the, at the end, Diana was the one. Dawn (24:58):
who give you the push, Helena (24:59):
the push to do it. Let’s do it. Because she know how she is. I know I don’t want to do
it. I say, okay. Okay. So, and she had me was a Facebook page, which today, the day
that she hit me, uh, cards and everything. And then I learned fast because the day that
we opened the page, we couldn’t do, we couldn’t open the page for some reason because there
was a name that we didn’t want to have it. Helena (25:28):
And Facebook was says, no, no, no, no. So I had to own the courage to do it. I said
to redo all the things, close it, and redo all the things my by as sick and then will
not be able to do it. And I did. So I guess I learned fast from Diana to the Facebook
page again on a week after I wasn’t gay. I will never remember when not remember to do
it. And, uh, and she said they do it yourself because you know how to do it. Okay. So, so
here we are. Yeah. So here we are. Yeah. So, Dawn (26:02):
yeah, so I think it’s a great business and I think you will have tremendous success here
for this business because I really, it is a service that is needed here. And you know,
there isn’t anyone else that I know of who has that type of a business. So, and I, uh,
as you were talking about it, my, I’m an entrepreneur at heart and of course as a former business
attorney, I always loved hearing client ideas and I’d say, well, what about this and what
about this and what about this? And um, I mean I’m thinking, you know, you could, if
you wanted to even have, I think about the services that they offer in the United States.
Like even like walking the dogs for example, if someone’s, you know, busy or not, or maybe
they’re, they’re ill, you know, have a knee replacement or something, they can’t walk
their dog, you know, that that’s something you could do. And I don’t know about that. Dawn (26:51):
The Babs or you know, the grooming. grooming, but maybe, but you know, you, it isn’t expensive
to hire people around here. So I didn’t want to do it yourself. There’s always the possibility
that you could, Helena (27:09):
I was thinking if the business VP, I will add some things, the extra shirts, his butt.
And do they see that there is a regular incomes because the shirts just come once in a while.
They needed to stay, Dawn (27:24):
you know the saying Rome was not built in a day. Helena (27:27):
So that’s why I say I have to have no patient. I have to just have patients. Dawn (27:35):
So. Dawn (27:36):
how does it feel having your own business is a little bit, I know in the beginning when
you were, people were first talking with you about, you were a little nervous, not so sure.
Is it feeling better, Helena (27:49):
feeling better, too confident to be able to go talk about it? Yes. [inaudible] promote
yourself. Yes. Yes. Talk about it. Dawn (27:58):
A good way to get over shyness is business. You know, it’s one thing to promote or sell
for someone else, but then when you sell for yourself, yes. Right? Yes. Sometimes I get
se get nervous. Sometimes I still get to, you know, sometimes I, when I have to speak
in front of everybody, like we do sometimes in the sister, I guess sometimes they froze
and make it worse and they sort of shit. I just wanted, this is what, I didn’t want to
say this and I say something else and you know, because all the attention towards us,
towards the person who is like, I feel sometimes in comfortable now I get nervous and I can,
I can froze, but I try not to, but it’s not easy. So Dawn (28:49):
you’ve had this amazing life for the last 34 years. You came into it by yourself. Yes.
You’re, you’re here by yourself. You’ve gone through some, you obviously went through the
transition with Wilma, you were by yourself. And so what, what would you advice would you
give for, say someone, a young female that were, was going to consider making this type
of a life change. Is there any sort of words of wisdom that, that you would like to offer Helena (29:20):
and would he, if it was sometime ago. Okay. And nothing you want now have Dawn (29:29):
changed for sure. But I guess, um, well one question I have, you have this wonderful community
that you’ve created, a friends that are, are like your family that you talked about. So,
and you said you were shy in the beginning. Dawn (29:42):
So did it take you a long time to establish that network? No. Is something just I, Helena (29:49):
when I took the plane, I took the plane, eh, and I think something changed right at the
moment because how could you know, be on my own in a different country so far from Paris
in Mexico city with my friends, with my friends. But still, eh, I see somethings trigger me
when I was in the plane because I personally don’t know. Somehow I could, you know, do
what I did, being so shy when I was younger and couldn’t speak, I couldn’t talk. I was
like, you sound, we were having a meal and restaurants like I was sitting on, eh, was
the back. And one day I didn’t want to see the beeper. I didn’t want to communicate with
the people. It’s just a wall. And the person who found not, not me here and all the people
in front, no way. Helena (30:41):
It was like this for years. So did the change something just snapping me. Dawn (30:48):
And you don’t know what it was? Helena (30:49):
No, I don’t want you to was yes. So. Helena (30:53):
Well, it could be just you just did it. Right. I mean, you know, there, there’s a saying
too that I, I’ve, um, said is leap and the net will appear. Right. And you took that
leap and said, I’m going to, I’m going to experience life in a different way. Yes. Yes.
Bailey obviously is no, it wasn’t not the desire of my parents gray hair, most of them
because by, uh, they were so upset about it. They can understand, you know, I was in a
boarding school for many years and litigation and they expected me to be, you know, Dawn (31:28):
you have a certain future that they had in mind and what you wanted to match up with
that? Helena (31:34):
No, not at all. I didn’t want to study. I didn’t want to do whatever they wanted me
to do. I just, it’s not because I want to be against them. I just didn’t want to do
all that. I just do something else. She’s wanting to do something else and yeah. Yeah,
yeah. Well, I mean, life in bed was very, very good, very good neighbor village. But
you know what? I had it and I have Goodman knows all about it and now I am leaving what
it is. And you’re happy and, and that’s the most important thing. Exactly. Right. Exactly.
Yes. Dawn (32:10):
Well that’s a great story. I love it. Thank you so much for being so transparent and talking
about that because I would never have guessed that you were shy like that when you’re younger.
This lifestyle has brought you out of your shell and I learned to speak Spanish is a,
I am me when I speak Spanish. I am not me when I speak English or French. When I speak
Spanish, I am a different person. I feel it. I feel it. I am. I am Helena what Helena (32:39):
I want to be Helena . Dawn (32:42):
That’s awesome is awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate
it. And uh, I can’t wait to share your story with the world. So, uh, I will definitely
put links in for your, uh, new business daycare. So nobody’s interested in that. They can get
in touch with you. Yes. Yes. Helena (33:05):
Thank you so much. Yes. After. Yeah, I guess we’ll see how it goes because in that case,
if the business goals nicely, yeah, we’ll have to find a place. You know Bega is, you
know, most baseball. Yes, yes. More fancies that did w key, you know. Well, I’m a big
believer in drain boards, so you know, I mean if you can see it in your mind’s eye, then
you’re halfway there to having it. Yes. Yeah. You eat stuff it. Alright, well best of luck
to you in your future. A doggy daycare business. Thanks. We’ll we’ll keep in touch. Yes. Commercial (33:50):
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