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♪ ♪>>NARRATOR: Tonight…>>The Philippine leader
has faced harsh criticism for launching a bloody drug war.>>NARRATOR: The film
that has been hailed a “street level investigation of
Duterte’s murderous campaign in action.” (screaming) A testament to a dark age
of cruelty… (laughing) “…apocalyptically real.” And “so electrifying viewers
will have to remind themselves this is happening now.” “On the President’s Orders,” a “Frontline” special
presentation. ♪ ♪>>Tonight’s program contains
graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.>>Hitler massacred
three million Jews. Now there is three million
drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them. (gun fires)>>Another night,
another killing in the Philippine government’s
war on drugs.>>All of this openly encouraged
by President Duterte in what has become open season
for anyone suspected of being tied to
drugs.>>His orders to his people
and his police: “Kill them.”>>At least if Germany
had Hitler, the Philippines would have had,
you know, me.>>Vigilante-style killings. Many suspect police involvement.>>President Duterte is
delivering with a vengeance on his promises: mass
extra-judicial killings.>>My campaign against drugs
will not stop until the last pusher and the
last drug lord are… (mimics throat slicing) (cheers and applause) (crowd chanting “Duterte!”) (yelling in Filipino language)>>The public has been largely
supportive of Duterte’s ruthless methods, but that may finally be
changing. OCTAVIO DEIMOS (speaking
Filipino language): (sirens wailing) (man calling to attention) (applauding)>>Please take a seat.>>We really want change. We want to make a difference,
my dear friends. We want to make the future
of Caloocan the home of the discipline. (man calling to attention)>>It’s very important to win
the hearts and minds of the people. We do not want to kill. No. If we can resolve things without
having death penalty, then why not? Okay, showtime. Are you ready?>>Ready, sir.>>Fire one round and holster. And remember, gentlemen– (speaking Filipino language) Ready, up! (guns firing) Hold fire! (bleep) damn it. (speaking Filipino language) Holster. (speaking Filipino language) You do not know how to… (speaking Filipino language) Son of a gun. Do you understand one round? Do you understand one round!?>>Yes, sir.>>”Yes, sir, yes, sir.” (speaking Filipino language) What is important in this kind
of training is your discipline. (exhales) (gun cocking and firing) (speaking Filipino language) In order for you to earn
respect, you need two things. They are afraid of me or they
like me. Those two things only. (laughs) 30 push-ups. (speaking Filipino language)>>Two, three, four, five…>>(speaking Filipino language)>>Seven, eight, nine, ten…>>The Philippine leader has
faced harsh criticism for launching a bloody drug
war in his country over the past year. Thousands of people have been
killed…>>Reports of over 5,000
drug-related deaths. The poor have been mostly
affected by the campaign.>>…President Rodrigo Duterte. They say his so-called war
on drugs is a class war– a war against the poor. AXEL MARTINEZ
(speaking Filipino language): (people talking, laughing) MARTINEZ: (all conversing)>>One, two, three. (laughing) MARTINEZ: (all chatting, laughing) MARTINEZ: (people talking in distance) MARTINEZ: ♪ ♪>>(singing) MARTINEZ: (sirens wailing) DEIMOS: MARTINEZ:>>The police have faced
mounting criticism and accusations of rampant
corruption and human rights abuses. Now there’s a major shift
in the campaign. WILL CABRALES
(speaking Filipino language): JAKE:>>Oh. (flicks lighter) (horns honking in distance) JAKE:>>Oh. JAKE: CABRALES: JAKE: ♪ ♪ CABRALES: (dry-fires) (vehicle engines puttering) MODEQUILLO: ♪ ♪ (dogs barking, howling) (woman shouting) WOMAN: OFFICER: OFFICER: AUSSA: WOMAN: AUSSA: WOMAN (screams): OFFICER: WOMAN (shouting): OFFICER: WOMAN: AUSSA: WOMAN: AUSSA: WOMAN (shouting): OFFICER: WOMAN:>>What’s this? So many paraphenalias. So many, so many. What’s this?>>Jimmy?>>Oh, what’s that? WOMAN: OFFICERS: (moaning, crying) WOMAN (crying): OFFICER: CABRALES: WOMAN: (crying) OFFICER: (dog barking) AUSSA: OFFICER: WOMAN: ♪ ♪ (barking continues) MODEQUILLO: AUSSA: MODEQUILLO: (car horn honks) ♪ ♪ JAKE: (ringing) I saw him with less than
ten grams of marijuana. (people talking in background) (cell door clangs shut) JAKE (in Filipino language): (Adolfo Agustin singing) ♪ And you know sometimes
I’d rather be… ♪ (continues singing) (hair clippers buzzing) ♪ Too much love will give you ♪ (continues singing) MAN: AGUSTIN: (baton clattering on bars) (man groans) (baton clattering on bars) AGUSTIN: (man groans) AGUSTIN: (engines revving) (people talking) ORLY FERNANDEZ: (vehicle engine chugging) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪>>Remember that the drug
situation is still very, very alive
and vicious. (bird squawking) (child shouting)>>When I became president,
I said, “Do not destroy the Philippines. Do not do drugs and kill our
children, because I will kill you.” So what is wrong with that? (children shouting playfully) ♪ ♪ MODEQUILLO: Now the president is very eager with regard to his drive against
drug, drug war. MAN:>>If you want to be a good
leader… MAN:>>You must be a good follower. The approach of the president,
there were a lot of, you know, comments that it’s somewhat
harsh. But, you know, we do sometimes
need to have a strong hand also. Because drugs is the,
the evil of all the evils. ♪ ♪ (Filipino national anthem
playing on loudspeakers) DEIMOS: (people talking in background) DEIMOS: (laughing) MODEQUILLO: DEIMOS (chuckling): ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (TV playing in distance) MAN (on TV): (TV audio fades) (Fernandez calls dog) MAN (on TV): (bird twittering) LOREMIE SEVILLA: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪>>Police, just do your duty. Just follow my instructions and you do not have anything
to worry. I will protect you. Murder and homicide or whatever,
unlawful killing, is not allowed. Your duty requires you
to overcome the resistance of the person you are arresting. If he resists,
and it is a violent one, placing in jeopardy the lives
of my policemen, you are free to kill the idiots. That is my order to you. OFFICER:>>This one! REPORTER: MAN:>>How many suspects, sir? MAN: REPORTER: ♪ ♪ (dog barking) (horn honks) FUJI: MARTINEZ: FUJI: MARTINEZ: DEIMOS: (dog barking) BOY: DEIMOS: BOY: DEIMOS: (thunder rumbling) Drug dealers, drug users,
the problem of the nation. (thunder rumbling) Those are usually the victims
of the shooting.>>(murmurs)>>Lots of the shootings seem
very professional.>>Yes.>>You can understand why people
might think it was the police.>>Yes, the people might think
that it was a… or it was done by some
police officers, but actually, it was not. The police kill
when they fight back. (chuckles) If the police do it, it will… It is, uh… It is legitimate, because we
the police are law enforcers, so what we are just doing is to
enforce the law. President Duterte
really hates drugs. A drug addict or drug pusher, that kind of person has no place
already here. That’s their choice. They don’t want to live anymore. They want to live in hell
already. (chuckles) They choose to transfer,
to reassign in hell. I heard that most of the
shooting incidents here in the south was in the way
of what you have said.>>It was the police?>>Some said about that.>>That the police were doing
the shootings?>>Yes.>>Other police officers said
that?>>Yes, other police officers. ♪ ♪ (people talking in background) MODEQUILLO: (cheering and applauding)>>These drug dealers
know fully well the consequences
of their criminal acts. The war against illegal drugs
is far from over.>>Almost every day, dead bodies
are being recovered from the streets in Manila;
on this occasion, a tricycle taxi driver
who was shot in the head. (tattoo needle buzzing) (buzzing stops) (buzzing resumes) (buzzing stops) MARTINEZ: (buzzing resumes) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ FERNANDEZ: MARTINEZ: FUJI:>>President Duterte! You consciously and deliberately
put in place a permission structure
for mass murder. And in due time, you will be
held accountable for the thousands of
extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. (crowd cheers) (speaking Filipino language) CAJIPE:>>Huh? CAJIPE: MODEQUILLO:>>Those shootings, they seem
quite professional. Can you understand why people
think it’s maybe police or connected to police?>>Uh, you know,
there are a lot of people, they are thinking that police
are involved with that. But no, we are…
we’re not after for the life of these people. In Caloocan,
we have 1,000 police there. I cannot see all of them. There is always a black sheep.>>And some of the police
in Caloocan told us that some of those shootings
were done by police. Are those just black sheep or do you think that comes from
above?>>I do not know, because,
you know, sometimes, there are incidents that are
still under investigation. All the killings
or all the incidents that is happening actually is…
are all under investigation. (people talking in background)>>Was that something that you
had heard, that maybe it was police
from the district who had carried out
those shootings?>>Um, I do not…
I do not know. I do not have any comment
for that. Um, but what is important is,
the investigation is rolling. ♪ ♪ (birds chirping)>>”Shootings get Caloocan top
cop fired. Relief prompted by series
of unsolved incidents in city. More than six months after he
promised to keep Caloocan city less bloody, Senior
Superintendent Jemar Modequillo was fired from his post
effective on Monday for failing to solve over half
of shootings which happened
during his watch.” ♪ ♪>>Our Lord make a lot of
sacrifices to save people. So we are not actually God. No one is perfect
and we are all sinners. We have sometimes to repent. But it’s somewhat
like unfair to me. Being a good soldier,
we must be a good follower. We have to follow. We have to follow. (women singing) (siren wailing in distance) (police radio beeps) ♪ ♪ (vehicle engine puttering) (siren wailing in distance)>>What are your sins? (hair clippers buzzing) The drugs war will not be
sidelined. (clippers buzzing) Instead, it will be as
relentless and chilling… (clippers buzzing) (clippers click off) …as on the day it began. (Martinez expels breath)>>Go to pbs.org/frontline
for more on the origins of the drug war
in the Philippines.>>Until the last pusher
and the last drug lord are… (throat cutting sound)>>And the activists trying
to reform drug-related policies and laws. (shouting) Connect to the “Frontline”
community on Facebook and Twitter, and watch anytime
on the PBS Video App or pbs.org/frontline.>>I will nominate Judge Brett
Kavanaugh…>>NARRATOR: A Supreme Court
face-off 30 years in the making.>>You will see a system
that has become toxic.>>When Bork got taken down,
they promised never to forgive.>>It was raw politics
and it was war.>>Mitch McConnell
is a tactical genius.>>We’re not giving a lifetime
appointment to this president
on the way out the door.>>Unprecedented.>>Democrats are outraged.>>We’re living in the era of
the McConnell Court now. ♪ ♪>>For more on this and other
“Frontline” programs, visit our website
at pbs.org/frontline. ♪ ♪ To order “Frontline’s”
“On the President’s Orders” on DVD, visit ShopPBS
or call 1-800-PLAY-PBS. This program is also available
on Amazon Prime Video. ♪ ♪

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  • Well I know all you druggys will hate me but if the philipino president doesn't do this it will probably turn into a mexico like country. Where drugs and gangs own everything. =(

  • another propaganda film against one of the greatest presidents of Philippines. Duterte is saving lives and saving Philippines from the satantic globalists who are trying to corrupt and destroy the country via drugs as one of their new world order agendas.

  • I unironically love Duterte.

    Drug addicts, dealers, prostitutes, etc. deserve annihilation. These people are the manure of society where the maggots (criminals and degenerate freaks) breed and spread their filth. They are cancer that drags the rest of society down. Like cancer, they must be amputated. Better to lose a limb than to lose the whole body.

  • 16:00 “You are all liars”

    > cop literally finds a gun and a box full of drugs in a dresser

    Lying trash. Get owned 😂

  • Quite a departure from the usual production quality Frontline usually incorporates, and not for the better. Unconvincing, anecdotal, & strikingly poor transitions weaken a great subject and a worthwhile investigation effort. Frontline remains the #1 news / investigative journalism program of all time, IMHO, but this particular episode fell short.

  • Every policeman and person of authority in this documentary is either smoking or fat. They demonize drug users and kill them, but are addicts themselves. Hypocrites. Duterte is a murderous and corrupt dictator, and the people of the Phillipines deserve better.

  • All so stupid and pointless. Drugs will always be around, they're part of Nature. And there will always be some people who want to use them. They should be free to do so.. If there are bad consequences then there are bad consequences. Their choice, their risk. Killing them for it is the act of a monster. And the US and West have no room to criticise, their anti-drug policies destroy as many lives as those of Duterte. A plague on authoritarian governments who want to save us from ourselves by killing us or imprisoning us for life. Drugs don't do a thousandth of the damage that moralistic politicians do.

  • I'm willing to bet that the president of the Philippines is an addict himself. He is just ashamed and feels he has a vindeta he needs to push. Kinda like J. Edgar Hoover and his attack on homosexuality because he was ashamed and had a secret he wanted to hide.

  • For 10 gram marijuana, 6 months to 20 years in prison. And killing those users too . I just want to say these police face the real cartels of Mexico, and then we really want to see how they responds to them, you are beating people who are already inside that inhumane over crowded place.

  • This is unreal , it is beyond a police state , its a state of goons.
    I support however the war on drugs but this is chaos.

  • I would caution to bear in mind that although this video belies objective footage, that there is such a thing as deceit by omission. Scenes that were included were chosen for a reason, and the Philippines are more than what this documentary depicts. If someone doesn't have firsthand experience of Pinay culture, what will their opinion of the country of the Philippines be after seeing this pointed documentary? There are unspoken implications here which have likely consequences which are counterproductive socially and may fuel racist or xenophobic ideas for those predisposed toward such tendencies. Let some foreign journalist go into another society with a good attitude and friendly demeanor to win the trust of locals and record the daily activities there, then let them have in advance some underlying notion or discover while there a pattern of a phenomenon they find troubling and record it for purposes which serve their own reasons. They can then select bits of footage that speak to that point exclusively, add their own music to tell others how to feel about the footage unconsciously, and then release it to the world so many others can be influenced by it, unbound by time since it is a recording made freely available on the internet and can be replayed without mention of any contextualization considering possible cognitive errors given in this comment post as a disclaimer. This video appears to be explicitly critical of the President but to those who can't temper their understanding of the culture via a baseline of personal experience, a natural heuristic is to consider one's mental depiction of a place in entirety by what little information one has concluded or been influenced to believe about what happens there.

  • I think the President is right. Look at what happened in Mexico today and South America in general. They deserve no mercy.

  • This kind of campaign resulted in Philippines not being a narco state! Strong hands wields strong authority! There’s a reason why the US is narco state! Mexico is narco state and Central American countries are narco state ! That literally driving people from those countries to flee their lands by millions! Why because it’s a fucking narco state! In Philippines you can get drunk in public easy but if you consume meth? Or sell meth? Worst of all manufacture meth? You’re as good as DEAD!

  • The view count proves that people don't watch long-form meaningful content. Most people prefer click-bait and memes.

  • This documentary is based on half truth and propaganda of the so called 'moralist' Human Rights defending the rights of the criminals but sheer away from the rights of the true victims and the oppressed.

  • if this was a prime time television show i would of believed this was fiction l can only quote my mentor " It is insane who the world leaders are in office" John Lennon…

  • Whats sad is hes killing his while the islamic terrorist to the south snd communist are killing his people

    Mostly the poorest

    He should be force recruiting these drug users and rehabilitation into the military to fight the real war to the south

  • Hes not a very smart men because first he lives on an island if you had easy borders to manage because not even the US can control its borders, may be you can argue but living on island and being a 4th world country because those who have seen that poverty on the philiphines is almost like africa except their elite sugar coat things making it seem like philiphines is a rich country when is not.

  • Media is part of the campaign, the role to tell the honest truth to report to the people not shadowed with black propaganda or to corrupt one's head to bring down certain government. Based on experience, I find it now Philippines is gaining grounds to much safer place than in past administrations and in past years as well; not because I am leaning or favor to this admin or to any political affiliation but because I love this country. I saw gradual changes in it's effort and the political will to do so by every citizens. Think about the years had passed and why this county came into this state, like a country having a cancer with no cure to the illness of corruption. The country has been a milking cows for the corrupt politician and statemen. You can't rebuild a nation in just 2 or 3 years. It is a process, to mold over time. It starts on us, it's individual self. President Duterte once said, I will be using my iron fist if necessary to bring down these criminals to justice. I am not saying there are no hicups on this government or having clean hands, no. Why blamed Duterte on his actions ? Is it not time to put nails on every filipinos to discipline and follow the law ? President Duterte's gesture is enough to use force to stop this non sense of government. I thank him for this and someone at least took the initiative and firm actions to implement the constitution for the love of country. Don't blame the President but blamed the implementing agencies of the failure of not following as what is mandated by the constitution. If those government agencies are honest enough, implementing the law and the cooperation of all citizens, then I don't think we can't achieve something important in the future for the better Philippines. I think if we put our hearts and minds individually as one nation, to stop corruptions, to stop illegal drugs, to eliminate poverty and to be disciplined and honest in everyday we do and just simply following the law and no one is above the law. I don't think it is not impossible for the Philippines not to achieve a better place for every filipinos. I don't think we can see a PERFECT goverment not PERFECT and FAIRNESS on this earth at all. Lastly, all we need is respect from other countries of our laws governed by our own constitution and as a sovereign nation free from any westerned media's propaganda or influence misleading the people and other nations.

  • 20:43, Sergeant Agustin is what a neglected child thinks a cop should be. It's literally insane that this is not fiction.

  • Only the Police can say,"We know he has drug's" and get a Search Warrant if the Judge makes them honor all rules of "Juris Prudence!"

  • Thank you so much Frontline for addressing this issue and thank you to the reporters and cameramen who risked their asses to put this short film together. On another note, my heart goes out to all those families and friends who lost loved ones because of this drug infested witchhunt. The death squad, The chief of police, and the president sooner or later will face death and I hope they suffer. If it were up to me I would put together my own squad, and fly out there and bring justice to those innocent victims and poor people. Something has to be done about this, those poor people.

  • Now' here in the Philippines we are free to walk in the streets. We love our president he hate drugs and corruption and U. S,

  • The devil laughs at our stupidy the enforcers are his pawns and the users their prey, the party just getting started stay tuned.

  • 15:00 – this is when I stopped watching due to gratuitous violence. TL;DR — the Philippines is a destitute police state run by an autocrat who wants to be Adolf Hitler. You're welcome. 😉

  • Killings and drugs are always here, unfortunately, we have a different call for that before "salvage" during 80s and 90s. You have to be living here to better understand real situation, police may be involved? Absolutely, many police had been arrested some even killed on an on going internal cleansing. Even the current chief of the police 4 star general rumored to be involved,he resigned possibly charged.

  • Overwhelming majority of the Filipinos loved and support our President Duterte even with his war on DRUGS.
    On his watch the good and law abiding citizens where more safe to walk at night, safe from robbers, safe from murderers and from the drug addicts. Most of the petty crimes and heinous crimes here in the Philippines are committed by addicts. On President Duterte's war on drugs we the majority Filipinos feel much better and safer on the streets even at night. Without him we could potentially become a narco country like Mexico and thre likes.
    If our constitution would be changed to allow him for a 2nd or a 3rd term as a President, majority of the Filipinos would still lobved to vote for him.

  • Trump should kill off all illegal immigrants in America just like Duterte is killing off all drug dealers in the Philippines

  • We're going to look back at the Drug War(s) the same way we look back at the Holocaust. Future generations will wonder how we could get away with murder and imprisonment for so long and with total impunity. FRONTLINE did incredible work here, as usual.

  • Dueterte is like a doctor who thinks using chainsaw to remove a cancerous tissue will save the entire body later instead of scalpel.

  • you think people would be smart enough to start over throwing their own government at this is the way they're treated.

  • 36:16 Oh wow, this guy is putting out a very strong sociopathic vibe. Ironically, I've never seen somebdy lie so terribly.

  • What is interesting about these killings is Hitler effectively had the same system. The system is a means to maintain political control. You have a set of laws and you say that this enforcement brigade is designed to enforce said laws. Watch lists are used and suspects are surveilled. Legitimate law breakers are watched but it just so happens that political rivals are also added to the list. This is an extremely effective way to silence your critics. The similarities to Hitler's gestapo and SS are effectively a mirror image with only minor differences. Same thing can happen in the USA with child pornography laws. Political enemies can have child pornography placed on their computer and then this material is used to prosecute them. They are then subsequently destroyed through their reputation. No one likes pedophiles.

  • I am not a pro or anti Duterte but this is clearly demonizing the system. True, there are flaws in the system but this video hasnt showed the opposite side of the spectrum. Please be more responsible in making docus. Thanks!

  • There was a kid in that tuk tuk when the guy got shot 😲 and look at the trigger control definitely law enforcement and not amateurs

  • It is simple but deserves an award. Not too many words but made clear with just the style and the art of cinematography.

  • damm that cop got "killer" written all over his face-mask…..he's unleashed,,, a trigger man for sure..!! he can even hide himself..!!

  • the police chief walking around the streets bearing the cross like Jesus …. this was pure travesty…. I'm shocked

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