ONE-MINUTE ENGLISH: (after) the (9pm) watershed

As I think I may have mentioned before,
my ten-year-old daughter is an avid reader. She’s a self-proclaimed
bookworm and one of the books she’s really loved reading in the last few
months is by a British author called Malorie Blackman and the book’s called
‘Noughts and Crosses’ and it imagines a kind of world where Africa has colonised
Europe and reached as far as Albion. It’s a kind of reversal of the kind of
historical situation between white Europe and the rest of the world, and
they’ve recently made a television dramatisation of the series which my
daughter is very keen to watch. Unfortunately, it’s not on TV until AFTER THE 9PM WATERSHED. THE WATERSHED is the time after which TV programs which
aren’t suitable for kids can be shown, so she’ll have to wait!

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