OnePlus Star Community – Dinesh Karthik & Deepika Pallikal

First time I watched you play live was at the IPL and it was such a great experience to watch you play, because I actually enjoyed. That was my first cricket tournament of yours and I actually enjoyed watching you play and you guys won it that year as well so that topped it all. Mumbai Indians? Mumbai Indians yeah! Remember the first time when I came for you? the surprise? In Commonwealth Games? Yeah you weren’t supposed to come! You see I surprised you! And you won the Doubles that year, it was so special for you! I was very happy to be a part of the whole event. Everyone thinks that because we’re both athletes, we talk about sports all the time. But I was so happy, I was thinking about it the other day, I’m so happy that we don’t talk about sports because our lives is always filled with sports. And we talk about so many other things. It’s really really nice. Like technology? Yeah like technology! You’re obsessed with technology! The OnePlus 2, it came with that you know then they had that invite system, so you needed invites. Oh god I remember that! Do you know in the wedding what happened right? When Dinesh is right, Dipika is right! When Dinesh is wrong also, Dipika is right! But you have to admit this one I got right I have to give you that you were right when it came to the OnePlus 2. Because I am totally obsessed with it! We are big fans of OnePlus! Is the new phone coming out? Soon? Very soon I heard! Oh wow! Are you going to buy me one? Buy me one! Is that even a question?

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