Ontario Universities’ Fair 2019 Recap (with Mercedes)

Is it still going? Yeah it’s rolling. Okay. Hey everyone, it’s Mercedes! I just got back from the Ontario Universities’
Fair this past weekend, September 27th to 29th 2019, it was such an awesome weekend. If we saw you there, you probably talked to
one of our 826 volunteers about what to expect at Ryerson, a little bit of advice, maybe
some questions about admissions, or housing, program requirements, and I really really
hope you got all the answers that you need. And if you didn’t make it to OUF this year,
don’t worry, I’m about to give you a full recap of everything that happened this past
weekend. And, if you didn’t go to the university fair
this year, but want to attend next year, this is what you can expect. Number 1, if you kept up on our social media
platforms, you probably saw interviews with various faculty members and students. We even interviewed the president of Ryerson. It was really incredible and I was trying
not to shake. This OUF, I brought my new mic and camera
to capture some of the action and it was awesome. Hot tip: if you can’t make it to a Ryerson
event, check out our Instagram and Snapchat stories. We will definitely be covering them. That includes our Open House, future OUF events,
and then of course our week in the life with students. So, just a little plug. @WhyRyerson on Instagram, also Snapchat. Number 2, Ryerson is the only booth at OUF
that consistently has stations for each and every single program that we offer. Yes. Every single program that we offer. I’m going to check how many programs we offer. Ryerson currently has over 60 undergraduate
programs, that’s just undergraduate, not graduate programs, at the university. And every single one of those programs has
a booth with academic advisors, with faculty members, with students, volunteers there to
tell you about their experiences and answer all of your questions about program requirements,
and just what the program is like and what you can expect. As well, we have the largest booth at OUF,
which it has many, many, many hundreds… Well, many many many square feet of space. Space. Space. Yeah, it’s the biggest booth. Our staff and volunteers, as I said, 826 volunteers,
worked tirelessly this weekend to answer thousands of student questions, and we absolutely love
every second of it, as exhausting as it is and as many times as I had to go and refill
my coffee mug, it’s so much fun. Alright, number 3, our presentation room this
year got a huge makeover. Our presentations are always really popular
and usually standing room only, but this year it was even more awesome because we got a
fully redone presentation, as well as a hologram. Yes, you heard me, a hologram. A holographic Eggy, model of the DCC, robots,
and more, were projected beside our awesome presenters. I’m really advocating for next year’s hologram
to be a presenter, so there’s nobody even on stage, it’s just like, I don’t know,
Eggy explaining to you why you should come to Ryerson. People think that’s a little impersonal so,
I’ll start a petition. We had 826 volunteers at OUF this year, each
bringing their smiling faces to the forefront of the school. We are so so lucky to have all of these amazing
faces of Ryerson populating our school as well as our OUF. People here at Ryerson care so much about
their students, about the student experience, and it is so so clear to me. I walked around and took a picture of as many
people as I could. These are the faces of Ryerson. That’s it for my OUF recap, I really hope
to see you at OUF next year! Hopefully I will be there again! Checking out all your smiling faces and answering
all of your questions about Ryerson journalism and so much more. OUF 2019 was a huge success, all thanks to
the wonderful people here in the registrar’s office, as well as all over the university
for absolutely everything that they do. It was an absolutely incredible event with
an amazing turnout, and I’m so happy to do it every single year. I hope you enjoyed this recap and I’ll see
you at the next OUF! Stay sweet!

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