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(bright music) – Continued Education
knows that in the end students want to graduate,
and we can help them do that because we take the time to really listen to their needs and we understand all the different options
that are available across the campus for them. – We don’t take a cookie cutter approach because each student has their own story. Whether it’s internships,
working part-time, or full-time, studying abroad. We’re sort of a one stop shop. – We stick with them
throughout the entire process. We offer evening programs and on-line programs that are more flexible. – If it hadn’t been for that flexibility, being able to work in the mornings, I wouldn’t be where I am today. – We believe that there’s an option for every student that walks in our door to complete their degree. – I contacted Continuing Ed, and said, hello, help, I don’t know what to do. They were able to say,
yeah, this is a weird case, but we can deal with it. – [Armando] We’re interested
in helping the student who wants to catch up, the student
who wants to stay on track, and also the student
who wants to get ahead. – I studied abroad in Australia two times, I did so by taking
Continuing Education classes. – As an advisor, I’m here
to be your cheerleader, I’m here to be your friend,
I’m here to be your coach, I’m here to help you
find all the resources you need to complete your degree. – Continued Education was a
support system that I used. It’s this small knit family. When I walked in it was, hey Kwabena. That meant a lot to me. – The vision of Continuing
Education provides students the opportunity to come
to the Universities who traditionally and historically would never have the opportunity to be here. – I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I realized if I want to
keep being a role model I needed to continue moving forward. I called Continuing Education. I realized what it means to go to college. It’s a place for people to grow, and people to make change. – C.E. students inspire me
because they’re resilient. They’re able to pursue other activities, but still make room for
their academic progress, completing their courses and their degree, and education is transformational,
it changes lives. (bright music)

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