PhD Shakespeare Studies

The Shakespeare Institute is an amazing
place to study Shakespeare. It’s got a pool of extraordinary world-class
experts here. We’ve got experts in Shakespearea and performance,
Shakespeare in theatre history, editing, Digital Shakespeare, Shakespeare on
screen, Shakespeare in prisons – really almost any
approach to Shakespeare is represented here at the highest level.
Stratford-upon-Avon is an extraordinary place to come and study for students.
It’s a center of Shakespeare studies for the world. You find yourself next to
scholars from around the world, student visiting groups from around the world, as
well as artists at the absolute top of their game internationally. That as a
melting pot for a student is a very vibrant, exciting and alive place to be.
There’s an amazing proximity to some extraordinary resources in
Stratford. So you have the Royal Shakespeare Company is based there, the
Shakespeare Birthplace trust it’s based there, and it means that the entire town
is engaged in these these questions that are relevant to the students. There’s a
lot of different ways that postgraduate students have engaged with the RSC
through our collaboration with the University of Birmingham. It can be
anything from a very connected relationship that relates directly to
their research, it can be an enrichment experience, which means that they get to
work with an RSC director, writer, actor, artist of any kind, who’s exploring a
particular question. Having the kind of access both to the great library
resources and the teaching staff at the Institute, and also then to have access
to not just sort of academic staff at the RSC, but also theatre practitioners
and you know people involved in the real kind of nitty-gritty of putting a
production together, it’s very rewarding. The Shakespeare Institute has a really
relaxed atmosphere, so it’s a great place to study.
It’s a great community and everyone has such different research topics, it’s a
great place to socialise and share ideas amongst each other. Look at the website,
look at us, and workout which one of us would be the best person to supervise
you, and then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you, and we will also help you
prepare your application. We’ll look over your research proposal, give advice and
just let us know what you’re interested in, and let us get a sense of your
passion. We have the passion and we’d love to get to know you and share our
excitement with you.

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