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27. What happens when you hire a foreclosure
attorney? Introduction: Are you considering hiring an attorney to
help you with your foreclosure? Wondering what happens when you hire a foreclosure defense
attorney? Many of my clients have asked this question and, today, I’d like to share this
interesting information with you. Hi, I’m David Hicks of Alliance Legal Group.
We’re a Florida based law firm that focuses on helping clients fight foreclosure. If you’re
facing foreclosure, deciding whether to hire an attorney can be a difficult decision. So,
let’s take a look at what happens when you hire a foreclosure attorney and how it can
help you. Topic: The first thing a foreclosure attorney is
going to do is cause your case to slow down. That means you will be able to stay in your
home longer while the case winds its way through the court system.
Another thing an attorney can do is help you explore your options for modifying your loan.
This could mean lowering your payments, getting a fixed rate, expanding your repayment period,
or even, in some rare cases, working out a principal reduction. There are more opportunities
than ever before for loan modifications thanks to a number of government programs, and an
attorney will help you identify and take advantage of those programs.
Even if a judgment has already been entered against you, all hope is not lost. In many
instances, an attorney might be able to postpone or stay the actual sale of your property.
This will give you a little extra time to move and it might also give you an opportunity
to fight the case, assert your rights, and possibly even take advantage of other programs
like a loan modification or short sale. One thing that hiring a lawyer can do, and
arguably one of the most important, is challenge the bank’s right to sue you. Banks have
engaged in a lot of sloppy dealings over the last few years, like the famous “robo-signing,”
invalid securitization of loans, fraud, and so forth. An attorney is going to be able
to analyze the details of your loan and all of the transfers it experienced and maybe
find defects in the process. Often, these defects can mean the bank cannot foreclose
against your home. Closing: Obviously, these are just a few examples of
what can happen when you hire an attorney to help with your foreclosure. The exact benefits
of your case will depend on the facts particular to your situation and the state of the foreclosure
proceedings. At Alliance Legal Group, we’ve helped hundreds of clients find options to
either avoid foreclosure or to come up with an alternative, like a loan modification.
We’d be happy to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to help determine the appropriate
course of action to suit your needs. You can reach me by email at [email protected]
or phone us at 1-877-560-4440. I’m David Hicks and you have a wonderful day!

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