[Premed]Is it worth it? What no one tells you about tutoring for biomed/healthsci – Watch THIS!

Absolutely hated the idea of tutoring Because I was so stubborn, my way was the
only way Kia Ora Team, its Dr Jae here
[Jae is a junior doctor, working in New Zealand] (bell sound) As you know I’ve got students, The other day a student’s mum called me Hello ? Jae speaking Dr Jae? Speaking My son he’s very smart Mhmm
My son he’s smart and first in school Okay, how can I help mam? Yes, my son very smart, I know, but you know
biomed is stressful… Well has he had tutoring before?
No, he very very smart boy, I don’t think he need tutoring So mam, I don’t have a lot of time, so far
he sounds like a very very smart young man and you said he doesn’t need tutoring, so
what can I do for you? Yes smart young man (giggles), very proud
mum, I don’t think he need tutoring but I’m worried because biomed stressful, do
you think he need tutoring? Sighs… mam I have very important information
for you are you listening? Yes, listening yes Are you prepared to listen for a long time?
Mmmhmmm, long time, yes, one hour Forever? Forever?
Wakanda forever? Sorry?… What is Wakanda?
Just watch my youtube channel! NZDR logo with music
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button for more. This is a hot topic. 1500 people in biomed
healthsci first year want to get into medicine, Stakes are high! Tutoring can be detrimental. If done wrong, you can
* Waste time * Waste money
There’s opportunity costs they don’t tell you like
* You can’t do assignments * You can’t do extracurricular things
* You can’t travel * Can’t make friends
* Can’t get a girlfriend * Can’t get a boyfriend
* Can’t live your life I was never strongly academic, but only stubborn
and competitive I started out high school 5th stream which
is pretty average for an asian. My teacher on my first day of high school
told us: “You guys are not the brightest, but um,
you will do well , yeah.” Thanks mate. Absolutely hated the idea of tutoring because
I was so stubborn my way was the only WAY. BUT BUT BUT! Life is ALL about execution!
If you do it right, tutoring can be a massive springboard for propelling your efforts forward Here’s how:
Video Now, to be good a good gymnast in this particular
area, the thingy, uh whatever it’s called The thingy, uh no offense, anyway
1. Run 2. Jump To be extra good , 2 things
1. Run Harder 2. Jump harder Here is the game-changer, anybody can be really
good if you give them a thousand years, Anyone can do anything,
To be good and better in half the time, 1. You need to know, are you ready? You need
to know that you are running the right way If you are stubborn bugger like this guy,
Is anyone talking about me? then you MIGHT be running the wrong way, running
from side to side, running backward, or running in your jandals, running with your blindfold
on. If you are a university student – You can
probably think of moments in high school where you did certain things, made your notes, studied
a certain way, not even just study And you could probably say you were a little
naive Heres the thing! Without using a time machine,
how can you POSSIBLY know that something you did was ABSOLUTELY necessary? You don’t
need to look far – just ask your parents! About things that they regret! If you get WRONG type of tutor – you might
get someone who will tell you to only run harder and
Jump harder If you are really unlucky you might get someone
who will hold your hand and run with you and also, worse jump with you. The RIGHT tutor: who will show you and encourage
you to run and jump harder, NOT only that, but someone who can teach you how to THINK
about how to run. So that next time you hit an obstacle of all
various shapes and sizes, you can INDEPENDENTLY think and design your approach to learning. The best part is that once you GROW with the
right tutors, almost a mentor – you won’t need them later on anymore! I was lucky enough to meet Mr W at high school
– aside from the academic stuff he taught me so many interesting things that shaped
my perspective on how to think about things generally and I still use them today That’s all good bro” but “how do I find
that out?” There are so many organisations and they pretty much all say the same bloody
things! Bro there’s no one easy answer to that man Everyone is different. Honestly its’ bad
for me in the long run if I give you bad advice Why is that?
Because in 6 years, you might be working with me in hospital! So if you want to tell me about your worries,
concerns, and get free, personalized proper advice, then please click the link below or
direct message me on facebook or instagram In Summary: Not everyone needs tutoring even for premed
and it can be HARMFUL if you do it wrong But the right tutors can really shift your perspective
and make you independent so that you eventually won’t need them. Contact me directly using the link below,
tell me about your worries, concerns, and get free, personalized proper advice whether
tutoring might benefit you.================================================
So I’m gonna leave you with a question: What are your experiences with tutoring in
the past? Comment below================================================
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