Preparing Millennials for Work: Perspectives from Higher Education

Colleges and universities when
they’re at their best are in the “yes” business What I mean by that is they’re in
the business of trying to make sure that if a student has an interest or something that they’re passionate
about, that we can find together a way for those students to take advantage of
that thing that they’re passionate about The real chance to figure out your
passion is through your coursework Of course there’s going to be a core of things that you have to take Beyond that, experiment a little bit It’s that opportunity to mix and match courses so that ultimately something’s going to hit Now, start to pair that with some internships over those first two to
three years with what you’re studying in the classroom and that’s where the magic really occurs I think we’re going to find that every college and university in America is going to move towards this model of really blurring the lines between
learning that takes place in the classroom and learning that takes place in the world More schools now are bringing in employers into the classroom They bring case studies, real-life problems, and opportunities that companies have Be part of a class that experiments there with finding the right solutions for
companies right in the comfort of your own classroom on
your own campus

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