Programming your mind for success | Carrie Green | TEDxManchester

Translator: Mohammed Basheer
Reviewer: Ellen Maloney So, I want to get you all
involved in my talk today. and we are going to test out
a little experiment. but in order for me to do that,
I need somebody to come up here and join me on the stage. So please, can I have a volunteer? Don’t all run at once. So, you can come
and join me up here with Ted. We can have a little cup of tea together. Anyone? Come on! You just come up, whoever wants,
I am not going to pick anyone. Someone has to come up, and there are volunteers down here,
to bring you up onto the stage. Oh, here’s somebody. (Applause) It’s a bit of an obstacle course, I think, but I promise it’s worth it. (Laughter) Poor person. Woo, thank you. What’s your name? Volunteer: Ian. Carrie Green: Ian, thank you so much Ian I have something for you,
you just won £20. There you go, thank you so much,
you can go, sit back down now. A big round of applause! (Applause) So, my question to you is this: Why didn’t you volunteer? What stopped you from coming up here? (Laughter) My guess is that was probably
for one of these reasons; Fear. Fear of coming up here in front
of nearly 1000 people. It’s pretty damn scary. Or maybe it was fear of the unknown,
because you had no idea what I was going to get you to do. Maybe you thought, “She might ask me to do something
I’m not able to do, and I’ll look like a complete prat.” Or maybe it was because of obstacles. There are a lot of obstacles in this room. Maybe you’re at the back,
and you just thought, “I’m so far away, it’s dark,
there’re a lot of tables in my way, I’ll probably fall over some
of them like a fool, and I just can’t do it,
it’s too difficult, someone else will have
to volunteer for me.” Or maybe it was just lack of motivation. Maybe you just couldn’t be bothered
to move and come up here. But no matter what your reason was,
your decision started up here; in your mind. Because the moment I said,
“Please, can I have a volunteer?” Thoughts will have started
flooding into your mind. That little voice inside your head
would have started talking to you, and maybe for some of you, it was saying, “Oh god, what is this girl
going to get us to do? I don’t want to go up there, please, don’t make us do
anything really stupid.” And then, maybe for some other people, maybe for some other
people you were thinking, maybe down at the front you were like, “Oh gosh, I don’t want
to do this, look away, avoid eye contact, avoid eye contact,
then she won’t pick me!” And then maybe for some of you
the moment I said, “Please, can I have a volunteer?” Maybe, fear, doubts, and worry
just flooded through you at the prospect of actually
coming up here, of coming up here in front
of so many people. And then, for those of you
that did volunteer, you were thinking
something entirely different. You were thinking things maybe like,
“Oh, she wants a volunteer, I wonder what she’s going to get us to do,
how exciting, I’ll do it” Or maybe some of you thought, “Oh my gosh this is really awkward,
no one is volunteering, so I’m going to have to step up and do it” But for those of you
that didn’t volunteer, you missed out on the chance to win £20. But this experiment isn’t about the money. This experiment demonstrates
the power of your mind. The fact that what is going on
up in your head has such a huge impact on
the actions that you take, on the decisions you make,
and the things that you experience. And it’s not just in silly
situations like this, when people miss out
amazing opportunities. People are missing out on incredible
opportunities all of the time. because of what is going on their head, because they are making bad decisions
based off a really bad frame of mind. You know, those kind
of self-limiting thoughts like: “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, or, “I don’t have the time or the money”. Or maybe it’s that you think, “I can’t be bothered;
I’ll just do it tomorrow”. But then, you never do it, and so these wonderful ideas,
and these incredible potentials stay locked up inside,
and you never do anything with them. and that is exactly what was happening
to me a few years ago. It was the summer of 2005,
and I had just finished studying my full first year of law
at the University of Birmingham. I had completely run out of money,
and I was like, what am I going to do? So I started to look around for jobs, and I was looking around and found
absolutely nothing appealing. So, I was looking around
for more opportunities, and eventually found this opportunity. It was to start my very own
mobile phone unlocking business which basically meant
that if you have a mobile phone, and it was locked to a certain network, and say you want to go
travelling to Australia and use an Australian sim card, you could come to the website
and unlock your phone. There were just a few massive
problems with this; first, I didn’t know
much about mobile phones beyond the fact that they
made calls and sent texts, let alone mobile phone unlocking. And I had no idea how to build
an online business. But the only other opportunity
was to sell sweets at Cirque du Soleil. so I was like sell sweets
at Cirque du Soleil, or start my own business. So, I went with the idea
of starting my own business, it sounded a way more adventurous. So, I got started,
and I realised really quickly, that when you don’t have
a clue of what to do, the only thing you can do
is ask for help, and that is what I did. So, I asked for help and within
a few short weeks, I put together probably
the world’s worst website. I discovered Google AdWords
as a way to drive traffic to the website, and with a credit card
and spending a limit of £30 a day, my business was officially up and running. Then over the next couple of years,
when I wasn’t studying for my degree, I was learning how to build this business; I was reading books, I was listening to audio programs, and in my final year,
I went to night school to learn more about web development. I graduated in 2007
with an amazing degree and a business that was flying. And I decided that being an entrepreneur was going to be way more fun
than being a lawyer. So I set my sights high
and I decided to build, – to take the business global – to build a successful global business. So, we got a new supplier based in America who can unlock practically
every phone under the sun. We redid the website,
we expanded the team, we got real good at online marketing, and within a few years, we were receiving over 100 000 hits
to the website every month. And we were selling thousands
and thousands of codes every single month, and I had reached my goal
to build a successful global business. But there was one massive problem. I was miserable. I was running this business
predominantly from my home office, where I lived in an apartment; my second
bedroom was turned into an office. And I felt completely lonely,
totally isolated and lost. Something that I think
so many people experience but not very many of us talk about. And I crumbled. I started to question everything
and I started to think questions like: What am I doing? What is the point of all of this? The more I thought about those
questions, the more confused I felt. And the more confused I felt, the more these negative thoughts
which cloud my mind, the more I began to doubt everything,
and worry about everything, and just question everything. And as the months rolled by,
I became more and more negative, more and more self-defeatist, and literally, this positive optimistic
and “go get it “person that I once was, had just disappeared. I’d become totally negative
and self-sabotaging. I’d come up with ideas, I’d shoot them down,
I’d talk to myself out of it. Then it got to 2010 and I felt like
I was in complete despair. And so I packed my bags
and I went travelling to Australia in the hope of having an epiphany. Spent three months traveling
around Australia, no epiphany, and I was just like:
what am I supposed to do? So then I came back to the UK, and well,
even more miserable than before, because all of my problems
were still waiting for me, and the weather was rubbish. Then I was like, “What am I going to do?” So the next few months, I found myself
being suffocated by my problems. you know where you feel like
you can’t get rid of these doubts and these worries
and it was all I’d focus on. I’d come up with ideas,
I’d find opportunities, and I’d just talk myself out of it,
thinking that I couldn’t do it. And then finally, in 2011,
I figured out where I was going wrong. And I believe I was going wrong
for two massive reasons: the first reason was that
yes, I wanted to be successful, and quite frankly, doesn’t every single person
in this room wants to be successful? But mobile phone unlocking
was not my dream. At the time, I was reading this book
by Michael Gerber called “The E-Myth”, and in “The E-Myth”,
there is a chapter on primary aims. Michael Gerber says:
Imagine walking into a room; sat in the room,
are your friends and family, and as you walk down the center
of the room, you see a box. And as you get to the front of the room
you realize that you are in the box, and it’s your funeral. And he says, “What kind of things
do you want people to be saying about the kind of life that you lived, about the kind of person that you were, and the kind of things that you achieved?” And I realized, I had no idea. So there was no wonder
that I felt so off track. I had never ever been on track And the second reason
why I think went wrong, is because of what was going on up here;
what was going on in my head. All these doubts, all these worries,
all this self-limiting belief. I came across a quote
by Anthony Robbins that said, “Your destiny is determined by the choices
you make. Choose now. Choose well.” And I realized that I was
responsible for this misery; I was responsible for the fact
that I was stuck in a rut. I remember looking at my life thinking
I am waking up every single day and focusing on my problems. I am waking up every day and giving
so much focus and attention to all of these awful thoughts,
these doubts, and these worries. I am coming up with ideas
and I am shooting them down, I am talking myself out of doing
anything whatsoever. And I realized that if I wanted
to live an incredible life and achieve amazing things,
– and I really did – that I had to get my mind to be
on the same wavelength as me. I realized that I had to figure out
what it was that I wanted to achieve; why I was wanted to achieve it,
why it actually meant something to me. I had to figure out the kind of person
that I needed to become, in order to make it happen. And then, I had to program
my mind to make it happen. I had to program my mind for success. And that is exactly what I ended up doing, “Mission Success” began. And so I started this off by thinking
about: what do I actually want? And so I looked at my life and I thought,
“I love being an entrepreneur, I love coming up with ideas
and turning them into reality it is so much fun.” And then looked
at my problems and thought, “I feel really lonely and lost
as an entrepreneur.” And I looked at them with
a different perspective. Rather than feeling bad about it,
I thought, “What can I do about it? There must be other people out there that
are in exactly the same position as me.” So I came up with this idea to create
the Female Entrepreneur Association, and it sounded so official. And I was doing it,
and I had this massive idea, I would create this global network of thousands of women
from all over the world and help to inspire them and connect them and just help to empower them
to build successful businesses. But I had no idea,
how I was going to do this. Then I was like, “Right, I need to program
my mind to make this happen.” So I started by becoming consciously aware of the things I was thinking every day, and whenever I caught myself
thinking of something like, “Carrie, who is going to come
to this website? Who are you to give advice to anyone? This is rubbish,
this is a ridiculous idea, you’re never going to be able to do it.” Every time I caught myself saying
something like that,I would stop myself, and I realized that I had the power
to take control over my thoughts rather than letting them control me. I knew that I could stop myself
from thinking these things. And I did, I replaced the negative rubbish
annoying thoughts, and told them to shut up, and I replaced them with positive
thoughts that were empowering me, thoughts that were actually helping me
to move towards my goal. I also started to listen
to guided visualization, to program my subconscious
mind for success. And I got really into doing visualizations vividly picturing what I wanted
to achieve, seeing it happen, and then feeling it happen, like
it was happening right then and there, just like all the top athletes do. I got so clear on what
I wanted to make happen, and since then my life
has totally changed. I’ve built one of the largest online
networking groups of female entrepreneurs, with over 100 000 women involved. And then I came up with this crazy
idea to launch a digital magazine, which then became the fastest growing
digital magazine for female entrepreneurs. When I created it, I made
this wish list in my mind of all the people I wanted
on the front cover; these best-selling authors,
these incredibly successful entrepreneurs. I had no idea how I would make it happen,
but I was so convinced it would. I then put their faces
on mock-ups of the front cover, printed them off and stuck them
on my goal board, and just visualized them
being on the front cover; visualized what it would
feel like the moment I’d send out an email to my network. And I could say to them,
“Hey everyone, this person’s on the front cover
this month, how exciting!” I got so unbelievably clear
about what I wanted to do. People would come up to me and say, “How are you going
to make this happen?” I was like, “I don’t know,
but I am going to make it happen.” And it did happen, So then I thought, “What other crazy goals
could I make happen? What else is possible?” So I set more crazy goals for myself. I was like, “I want to go
to Buckingham Palace, I want to go to the House of Lords,
I want to speak at the House of Commons.” And I set more crazy goals for myself. And last year every single one
of them happened. And I realized that if I could
get my mind to be certain, that I could make something happen, that somehow I would figure out
a way, and I always have. Because success is no accident. Living an incredible life is no accident. You have to do it on purpose. and it starts by knowing exactly
what is it that you want to achieve, knowing why you want to achieve it, knowing the kind of person that you
need to become in order to make it happen, and then programming
your mind to make it happen. Because you just have one life
in which to achieve everything, that you are going to achieve,
so you have to act accordingly. Thank you so much. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Programming your mind for success | Carrie Green | TEDxManchester

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    💚Thank to increase it
    (Law of Gratitude),and overall adopt attitude of gratitude
    💚Think intensely to work it intensely
    💚Match the frequency of reality you want(e.g by reading relevant material)
    💚Attach good emotion with work which gives you success
    💚Think you are your goal
    💚Think Allah(god in Arabic)/creator of universe is making you your goal
    💚Pray to get close to universal kindness and mercy also connect with it
    💚Think I am one of those lucky exceptional ones
    💚Avoid even genuine blaming
    💚Ask/pray for others to get what you want for yourself
    💚Give to others to get what you want for yourself (Law of Exchange)
    💚Be conscious of your negative emotion and avoid them
    💚Focus and repeat to yourself your ideal story of abundance
    💚Do smart radical action to achieve your goal
    💚Remember the trial that comes will strengthen you
    💚Be at peace with what happens to you
    💚Wear and imagine and be in the state of event of your past successes
    💚Let go of what doesn't serve you
    💚Accept the present moment as an opportunity for the great success that is coming
    💚Meditate to get a positive higher frequency
    💚Stop doing empathy
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    2. Knowing why you need to ahieve it
    3. Knowing the kind of a person that you need to become to achieve it
    4. Programming your mind to achieve it
    5. Take an action
    6. If you fail, don't give up
    7. Learn from your mistakes
    8. Be contented and be happy (hehehe)
    9. God provides all, don't worry!😏
    10. Offer it all to God and he will do the rest!

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    If you ever find yourself procrastinating, lacking the courage or confidence to get started on a project or goal. You might be trying to eat the elephant with one bite, this can be intimidating or mind boggling putting you in a non-start situation. Don't think about how you are going to finish, but how you should get started. Try this: Find a starting point, one step at a time, or one bite at a time. To begin, just commit 10 to 20 minutes to the task, project or goal. Once you are into your first 5 minutes of starting/progress you will gain momentum towards completion. Sometimes we avoid getting started on something for whatever reason that might be, but we have the power to get past this non-start situation by rewarding ourselves with the experience of starting just a little bit and then one moment feeds off another and with that momentum you will eventually be on your way. Just commit to the first 10 minutes, that's not a lot. Just because we might stop working at 10 or 20 minutes, however you might justify a stopping point, we can not avoid our brain to continue the work mentally and follow through to a reasonable point. Our imagination will envision the next action, so that when we get back to it we will be ready with eagerness, especially when this project means a lot to you or to your success.

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