Programs are breaking down barriers to post-secondary education

We’re here at VCC, Vancouver Community College and we are announcing 1.9 million dollars for about twenty
post-secondary institutions to help people with disabilities who want to
become job ready and this is a one of the great
institutions and VCC has more people with disabilities per capita than any
other institution so very fitting that we’re here. It’s a welcome announcement and in
this case the fact that we can tie that funding to programs that will help those
students get the skills they need to be employable I think that’s an that’s an additional
bonus I think bringing these new couses forward will be a really big advantage for
the deaf community this is something new that hasn’t been
offered before and so it’s very exciting to think that in 2016 there’ll be changes
coming to the College for the better and I think that will bring more enrollment
and more students will be interested.

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