QuickTips – Episode 25, How Students Host a WebEx Meeting

[Grooving drum beat plays] Hello students, Christian here with you
today for the CETIS Design team at the College of Allied Health Sciences;
and in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about how students can host and
record WebEx meetings. So, here at the University of Cincinnati, students have access to their own personal WebEx meeting rooms, with the capacity to host up to 8 individual participants per WebEx session. Now, through these sessions
students can collaborate virtually, present their desktops, PowerPoint
presentations, and videos. As well as, pass presentership rights to anyone in the room. This is a huge win when it comes to group projects, interviews, and role-plays, and with that in mind – students can also choose to record their WebEx sessions
for future use or to upload to a blackboard assignment. So let’s get started. Logging in to host a WebEx meeting as a student can be completed in three simple steps. #1. Go to “ucinnstudents.webex.com”, and that’s… [spells URL]
“ucinnstudents.webex.com” Once on the website click login, and then
you can click on the green start meeting button. Simple as that. You’re now hosting a WebEx meeting. But wait… what what about the
other participants? Well, you can either choose to send out your personal meeting room URL to other participants ahead of time, by following the same steps above… only instead of clicking on the green start menu button, you can click on the
more options button below. Copy the meeting room URL, and either
email text or upload that to Blackboard. That way your meeting participants can
just click the link and join your meeting. Now, you can also choose to send
a meeting invite after you’ve started your meeting. Once you’re in the meeting room,
click on the invite & remind option from the meeting room window. Enter the participant names, and an email invite will be sent. All right so now let’s go back
to talking about how to host the meeting. Once you’ve started your meeting,
you’ll be asked to connect your audio and video. Follow the on-screen
prompts to connect these devices. If the prompt doesn’t automatically
pop up asking you to connect, click on the first icon on the left labeled “Connect Audio”. Once connected, you can click on the audio option from the top-level menu to adjust
your settings or choose a different microphone or default speakers. Now let’s connect your webcam. Most laptops these days come equipped with an integrated webcam, or you can choose to purchase your own for under about $30 from
Amazon, Staples, or any other store carries computer peripherals. With your webcam connected
to the computer through USB, or by using the integrated webcam on
your laptop, click on the camera icon in the upper right of the meeting room
window near your name. Your webcam will then be displayed. Now you may be asking what if I’m on a mobile device? Well, click on the little ‘ i ‘ icon in the
upper right hand corner of this video to watch our walkthrough on using a mobile
device with WebEx. Okay, so you’ve logged in to WebEx, you’ve connected your audio, you’ve connected your video, and your participants are joining. Now it’s time to record the meeting. You can click on the recording
icon beneath your name and the meeting-room information on the left hand side,
or you can click on the icon in the upper right. By clicking on either icon,
you’ll be prompted that WebEx is connecting to the recording server and
when the little icon turns red you know that you’re recording the meeting. When you’re ready to stop recording,
simply click the icon again. Now after you stop
recording, if you choose to start recording a second time, that’s going to
create a separate video clip. But wait, where do these recordings go? Well, I’m glad you asked. All WebEx recordings are uploaded to your Kaltura “My Media” account found in canopy. Didn’t know you have one? Go to canopy.uc.edu, log in,
and click on the my media link under tools on the far left-hand side
of your screen to view all your recorded media through
either WebEx or Kaltura. If you’d like to upload any of these recordings as an assignment to blackboard follow these steps… Log into your course, click on the
assignment, discussion board, quiz, or assessment link, click on write
submission, then choose the mash-up tool from the toolbar and click on
Kaltura media. Then select your recorded meeting
from your media library. When you’re ready,
click Submit. Alright, so I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and as always if you have further questions please speak with your course
facilitator. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video. [Grooving drum beat plays]

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