Real Teachers Watch Sex Education | Not Your Average Review | Netflix

– I don’t know if I like this. – I don’t think I do. – Sex Education. – My favorite topic. – My least favourite subject. – Sex therapy clinic at school. Imagine if we had one of
those running at our school. – No thanks. – Probably want us to watch something that’s gonna put us off a little bit. – Something sensible? – Possibly a documentary? – I’m thinking documentary. – Here we go. Get ready to learn something. – It’s not teaching related content. – SRE class. Apparently there’s been
an outbreak of pubic lice. – Oh. This is a condom lesson. – So glad we teach primary school. – How does it work? – Yeah, that seriously
would have been me though. – I’m getting vibes. – He’s keen on her. – Bit of a love interest. – What’s that? – What is that? – I can’t even see it. – It’s like up here! – How can you not see? – No. Why? – Oh my god! – I don’t know where to look. – I know. – Definitely not a show for kids. – Be proud of your penis. And your heritage, cause
neither are going anywhere. – You should work with what you’ve got. – This is not something you
watch with your parents. – This is not something
you watch with anybody. – This. This is my dick. – That’s full on. – No. – I’ve done some googling. And it’s actually just above average. – Who would do that? – That’s a large bunsen burner. – Immediate suspension. – Just penises everywhere. – Yeah. – If I have to deal with a big pickle like that at school then I’m done. – That’s it, quit. – These students at this
school need your help Otis. I haven’t got all day, are you in or out? – I’m in! – I enjoyed Sex Ed. I probably wouldn’t
recommend it to my parents, but I definitely give it a thumbs up. – Highly recommend it to my friends. I give it five stars. – Thumbs down. – Thumbs down and I’m stuck to my chair cause I feel like I’m so awkward. It’s so awkward. – Yeah, I learned a lot of things not to do in romance and sex ed.

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