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The Renewable Energy Education Kit is the best way to explore many different forms of renewable energy without having to buy lots of lab equipment. The Renewable Energy Education Kit can generate electricity using a wind turbine, solar panel, or one of two hydrogen fuel cells. The electric current can be used to power a small fan or light up LEDs. The solar cell converts light from the Sun,
or a normal desk lamp if it’s cloudy, into electricity. The wind turbine generates electricity using the wind outside or the power of a desktop fan. Its blades are easily interchangeable,
allowing for hundreds of different configurations with three sets of three types of blades,
each adjustable to three different angles. The Renewable Energy Education Kit also contains
two fuel cells: a reversible one that uses distilled water, and one that uses pure hydrogen and oxygen from the air. After being filled with distilled water, the
reversible fuel cell can use an electric current to split that water into hydrogen and oxygen, storing them safely in two cylinders. The wind turbine can be used to provide that current, or the included battery pack. Milliliter markings on the sides of the cylinders let students measure how much gas is being produced by observing the displacement of the water. Once enough hydrogen has been collected, the fuel cell can work in reverse to generate electricity by recombining the hydrogen and oxygen from the cylinders. The smaller fuel cell takes oxygen directly
from the air and combines it with hydrogen gas. Using the variable resistor, the amount of
current in the circuit can be altered on the fly. And the circuit board module allows multiple energy sources to be attached to the same circuit. The Renewable Energy Monitor, sold separately, can be used to gather real-time data such as volts, amps, and more. And our Energy Monitor Software allows you to create graphs while performing experiments with the Renewable Energy Education Kit. And as with our other great science kits,
with the Renewable Energy Education Kit you’ll get access to our premium curriculum content, online at when you purchase through one of our exclusive resellers. Activities are available for middle and high school students in physics, chemistry, and earth science, with each one aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, the Energy Literacy Framework and Common Core. Hours of ready-made lab activities, plus support materials for teachers, enable students to get the most out of the Renewable Energy Education Kit and lets the fun and learning start right out of the box. All this, plus access to more than 120 pages of information on renewable energy mean that teachers have an array of resources to help their students succeed in many different subjects. Go to today to learn more about this and other great products from Horizon.

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