Sanitäter German medic (World War II)

World war II German medics: Sanitäter World War 2 During the second world war the german army had a well organized and highly skilled medical service : the Sanitäter, popularly known as sanies where always on the frontline with combat troops ready to jump in to help wounded man german medics on the battlefield, stretcher bearers, ambulance car drivers, and surgeons at field hospitals worked under all source of combat conditions to save the lifes of their fellow soldiers recruiting and training their medics at the german medical service varied according to their skills, medical orderlies were recruited from the standar infantry troops after they finished standard infantry training recruits picked to do medical services had basic medical training at this training level, they learned to apply first aid to wounded soldiers so they could survive the transport to the first dressing station, even though their medical knowledge was basic was still very valuable out in battle as the lives of soldiers depended on the first aid provided by medical orderlies often Priests and monks were among those being recruited to serve as medics. higher medical staff such as surgeons, doctors and dentist were recruited from the military medical academy. as well as from medical schools across the entire German Reich after finishing their studies they were picked for probationary work in a field unit after which they were commissioned as Second Lieutenants as the war was taking its toll, the medical service started suffering the shortage of skilled medical staff. for that reason, students were recruited and commissioned as officers even before they finished medical school.

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