Scripting Your Online Course

Yesterday I got a call from Anika in Wisconsin
and Anika was asking about scripting her online course. And we had a great talk about it and
I wanted to share it with you, because I think we came up with some really good insights
about how you can quickly and efficiently put together scripts for your online course
without being too verbose at the end of the day. And I also be able to do it in an efficient
manner. So Anika was that she was going to write scripts
that were probably going to be too long or too wordy and not be super efficient in how
she was pulling together that information and delivering it to the students as an end
product; she was really wanting to give a great products to her students at the end
of the day. So what we came to and what I suggested is
that you look at it from the perspective of writing an outline and start with the question
of why are you taking my course? And really answer that question. And more so than why
you taking my course but answer for the student, if you take my course, how will your life
be different? So, I take your course, how is my life going to be different when I’m
done taking that? Will I be better off financially? Will I be able to make money with a new skill?
Will I have a new skill that I find fun? Will I be able to complete some new art project
or I’ll be more fit and healthy and eat better? How is my life going to be different
when that’s done? And that’s really what people are looking for and this is going to flow
right into all of your marketing efforts. So, start from that question, how is my life
going to be different when I finish your online course? And then work backwards in the steps
that you’re going to take to get there. So you have the answer to that question now
you come up with your five, ten steps that someone is going to take to arrive at that
destination. So let’s say my life is going to be different because I will be eating much
healthier and I’m going to look and feel healthier everyday because of my new diet and you are
going to show me ten steps to get there. So those are your ten high level steps, that’s
what you start with. So write those down; they should just be a couple of words each
and once you’ve got that then within each of those steps, you’re going to break it down
into another hierarchy. So to accomplish that first step, what are the steps that you’re
going to accomplish to get there? What are the little pieces that you’re going to work
towards that goal? So maybe the first one is to do an audit of
your current eating habits and that’s step one of the big ten and then within that you
are going to talk about okay here is your audit framework, this is the form that you’re
going to use to fill out that audit , this is what I want you to track your intake of
the various calories that you are consuming and you’re going to do this for a week and
here are the sort of three or four or five or whatever number of steps that you’re
going to take to achieve that first milestone, that big first step. And you can continue doing this for each of
those steps, you can break it down into another hierarchy. Generally, I find only two or three
levels is ideal, so you’ve got your first set of say ten steps and then each one of
those steps is broken down into a few more steps and then at most, each of those steps
is broken down into a few more. Now what you’re looking for is when you get
to the bottom of that hierarchy, each one of those items is a two to seven minute lesson
and you can deliver that message in video, you can deliver that lesson in PowerPoint
voiceover, but it’s going to be a two to seven minute lesson. And now you’re right down to the individual
lessons and you can start to work one by one on what you’re going to teach people to achieve
that goal. So it simplifies the whole process, because when you’re writing your script you’re
not necessarily having to think about the huge structure of the course and working all
the way to that endgame; you’re writing your script from the perspective of this one little
goal that you’re going to achieve that’s going to work up that hierarchy and eventually
down all of those steps and flow into that end result that you want. So I think that’s a great way to approach
scriptwriting, a great way to approach actually coming up with that overall curriculum for
your course, it’s going to break it up into bite sized pieces and is going to mean you
have a much better end result.

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