September 2019 Board Meeting

– In public for the purpose
of conducting the school district’s business, and
is not to be considered as a community meeting. There are two opportunities
for public participation during the meeting, and
comments are limited to three minutes per individual. The board will listen to comments, but may not respond during the meeting. If you wish to address
the board, please submit a comment card immediately. Roll call, Charles Hicks, Board President. – Michael Pool, Vice President. – Good evening, Leslie L.
Smith-Thomas, Board Secretary. – Betty Robinson, and
Talisha Rice is ill tonight. – Yolanda Smith Charles, Trustee. – Darrell B. Joyce, Trustee. – Ariel Foster, Student Representative. – Madison Turner, Student Representative. – Benjamin Colding,
Student Representative. – De’Asia Wells, Student Representative. – Dr. Jennifer Green,
Superintendent won’t be here this evening. She experienced a loss in her family, so we ask you all to pray for the family during this time of sorrow. Mr. Phillips? – Solon Phillips, Chief Legal Officer. – Technical assistance will
be provided by Studios, Mike Maddigan, Jeff Wolka, Marty Gamble, and recording our minutes this
evening will be Laura Norris. If we could please stand for
the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. I’d like to first welcome
back all the students for another year of learning. I’d like to thank the
administrators, the teachers, the board members for all
the service that you provide, and providing the service to our students. We look forward to a great year. From board matters pursuant
to board policy 175.1, since we’ve last met, two
trustees have attended training with MASB for their law seminar, and I’ll defer first to Trustee Robinson, to share any notes that she has compiled. – [Robinson] Sure. It’s a great legal class,
we discussed a wealth of topics that were very interesting, and some of those were Title 9 grievances, board rules as an employee, we discussed revised codes,
law, suspension, and expulsion, school-student co-conduct
discipline requirement, due process, and student
discipline hearing. We discussed the open meeting act. We discussed, let’s see here. Navigating conflicts of interest and, like I said, it was a wealth
of information provided by Brad Vanasik, who
is Michigan Association of School Board Legal Counsel. That is the person that we
go to when we have questions about any legal matters, and his assistant was there as well. So it was a great, and I
have flyers and information if anybody wants to read the handouts. – [Hicks] So I do have Ms.
Norris scanning in all of the PowerPoints and handouts
provided during the training. They gave us a lot of good
information that we’ve had a lot of questions on within the district. As Trustee Robinson mentioned,
the Open Meetings Act, there was a lot of question
recently, because we had a few trustees who voted via telephone, and there was some discussion
on whether it’s legal or not, and there was a lot of
clarity and questions answered during the seminar. He clarified that it is okay
if a trustee is following along on the phone, they are
able to vote from the phone. In a recent meeting, I had
mentioned to one of the trustees, Trustee Charles, let’s refrain
from voting, I’m sorry, making motions from the
phone because we didn’t have full clarity on what we can
or cannot do via the phone, and she indicated this
is definitely legal, and I do want to clarify and
apologize, it is definitely. We are on point, so if for
whatever reason we have it in the future where a
trustee has to be on call, they are able to make
motions as well as vote. The only thing that we cannot
do would be vote via proxy, or vote electronically. Any questions? No? Hearing any other board
matters from anyone? (muttering) – Through the Chair and to the Secretary, what is the term when you
kind of need an immediate recess of sorts? Is it a move to something of privilege? Do you recall that, that
Mary Kerwin shared with us at a recent meeting? – [Smith-Thomas] What
would the circumstance be? – I just have a question
that I think is really easy to answer, that I just need
to check with the board president on. – [Hicks] So we’re just going to recess? We’re going to go on recess momentarily. – Okay, thank you. (gavel knocking) – Meeting is back in session. Thank you all for your patience. Any other board matters? – Yeah, I do. As you know, the Michigan
State Legislature is back in session, but
we do not have a budget. We’ve done all we can do,
we passed a balance budget back in June, but the
Michigan Legislature chose to go on vacation without giving us a budget. I did hear today that
the governor has decided that she would withhold
trying to strike a deal on that roads bill in order
to pass a budget this month. I just hope that Legislature
honors her good faith offer to get that budget passed. There’s a couple things
that kind of concern me that are going through the
Legislature right now that we’ve always taken
a position against, and one of that is House Bill 4200. That’s the concealed
weapons, weapons-free zone. Well there is a current
law making it’s way through the Legislature that
would allow you to carry in gun-free zones, and you’d
get a slap on the wrist, and possibly up to a $100 fine. A far cry from what it
looks like right now. That bill reads “An individual
who violates this prohibition “is now responsible for
a state civil infraction, “and may be fined up to $500. “He or she, or the CPL
owner is also suspended “for six months.” That’s for the first offense. Currently, the second offense
of an individual, guilty of a misdemeanor punishable
by a fine of up to $1000 if he or she has a CPL and
carries in a gun-free zone. That CPL license is then revoked. Third time or subsequent
violation of an individual is guilty of a felony,
punishable by imprisonment up to four years, or
a fine of up to $5000, or both, and his CPL license is revoked. That’s the current law. We’re okay with that, but if
the Legislature has their way, and you know it’s not
getting safer, it’s actually getting worse. Texas, Dayton, that was
just over the summer. That bill states that it
would reduce the penalty for concealed pistol
license holder who carries a concealed pistol in a
no-carry zone to a state civil infraction, with a fine of
up to $100, and that’s it. So that’s what our Legislature
is currently working on right now. House Bill 4200, that’s the bill. The other piece that concerns
me, and I work real hard to get Tiffany on the
state board, is this HJRK, and that’s a house joint
resolution which would, if passed, it’s a
resolution, but if passed, would eliminate the
state board of education, the superintendent of public instruction, which would be Dr. Rice in this case, and state board for public
community and junior colleges, and provide the governor an appointment of a department director. So that’s what’s going
on in your Legislature. They spent the summer
off, I’m sure most of us worked during the summer here,
but that’s my board matters. – I had a follow-up to
Trustee Poole’s comment, I just want to check with
you, does it list who the sponsors of that last one? Might as well publicize that. – It is sponsored by… The house joint resolution
K is the one that would eliminate the state board of education, a duly-elected board of education, introduced by Rep. Hornberger, Calley, Meerman, Allor, Mueller, Bellino, Bolin, Farrington, O’Malley, LaFave, Eisen, Wozniak, Hall, Crawford, and Marino. And that’s the committee. – Any other comments or discussion? Hearing none. Agenda Item 3: Public Participation. If you wish to address the board regarding a school-related issue that
has not yet been resolved by school administration,
please submit a comment card immediately. Comments are limited to
three minutes per individual. As a matter of fairness,
speakers with complaints against individuals are
asked not to mention persons by name. Complaints concerning employees pursuant to board policy 9130 should
be brought to the attention of school principals
or other administrators before coming to the board of education. Your cooperation is appreciated. Do we have any cards at this time? Student Report of the
Student Representatives. First, I would like to welcome you all to your first meeting. Trustee Robinson and Rice
went through a series of interviews with you all
and said very good things about you. Trustee Robinson, do
you have anything to say before they give their reports? – No, I’m just looking forward
to their excellent reports, because they interviewed very well. – So the first report will
be given by Ariel Foster from the University High School Academy. (applauding) – Good morning, everyone. My name is Ariel Foster. – I apologize, thank you for clearing– – You’re fine. And I am here on behalf of
University High School Academy to inform you on our monthly reports. To start off, we had our “You
Meet the Teachers” night, which was a great way to
start off the school year with parents not only being
able to introduce themselves and learn more about teachers,
but also a big thanks to Mr. Arkin’s Barbecue
Pit for catering free food for the night. The sandwiches enclosed
all were delicious. September 10-19, we have a
great opportunity coming up for our seniors. The time is here for our
seniors to start filling out their applications for
colleges they’re interested in. On that note, we have
wonderful colleges like Michigan, MSU, EMU, Wayne, and
Grand Valley State University that will be here to educate
students on what school will be the best possible choice for them. UHSA, parents ready to
come and take more action in their child’s life, come join us for our first PTA meeting
of the school year inside the media center at 6 PM, and next, we have Elizabeth. Congratulations, Elizabeth,
thank you for coming in second place. She was invited to
compete in the 20th Annual National MLK Drum Line for
Justice Advocacy in New York City this summer. All of her expenses were paid for by the Wuthering Bar Association, the Straker Bar Association,
and the Michigan Association of Black Judges. Let’s also give a congrats
to Kiersten Gaffrey, Donovan Rogers, and Caleb
Goodwin for being runner-ups in our State League for the Wuthering Bar Association essay award. You’ve done it again, Miss Moss, always applying for
raffles and winning them. One of our English teachers,
Mrs. Moss earned funding at donors choose that, or
for a classroom project called Great Star Supplies. Are you creative or have
an interest in design? Try out for our PTA T-shirt competition that is due October 4th. The only requirement is
that you must include the school’s mascot, which is
a proud eagle on your shirt. Contest is welcome to all
students, and don’t forget to be creative and think outside the box. Want to stay up to date, parents? Don’t forget to mark on your
calendars our parent-teacher conferences, which are
October 3rd through the 4th. Lastly, we have any girls who
are interested in learning more about coding, come and
join our new coding club that is hosted by Mrs. Moss
in Room A212 on Tuesday, September 17th during seminar. On that note, my name is
Ariel Foster, and thank you so much for listening
to these announcements. See you again soon. (applauding) – [Hicks] Thank you, Ms. Foster. Ms. Madison Turner from Southfield
Regional Academic Campus. – Hi. Good evening, Board Members,
Superintendent Dr. Green, Central Office Staff and
Administrators, Southfield School Staff, parents,
students, and guests. My name is Madison Turner,
Student Board Representative for Southfield Regional Academic Campus. I’d like to take a few
minutes to share some great things happening at Southfield Regional, home of the phoenix. My school mascot, the phoenix,
represents the hard work and determination of our
students to overcome barriers. Through perseverance, they
transform into confidant and successful students. Our motto, “Opening doors
to a brighter future”, not only does our school
provide us with an excellent education, but it also
provides us to be productive for tomorrow. Southfield Regional teaches
more than reading and writing. They also prepare us to think critically, to develop new skills that
we will use into adulthood to change the world for the better. I would like to welcome
all the new students to Southfield Regional, and also
welcome back to the returning students for the 2019-2020 school year, To welcome students and
parents that are new to Southfield Regional,
new student orientation and ice cream sale August 8th. Our mentoring program, Finding
Your Alumni, will begin Wednesday September 18th, 2019. Each staff member will serve as a mentor to a group of students. These meetings will be held once a week with a focus on pastoral care,
attendance, and academics. Pastoral care is a district initiative that has always been a
Southfield Regional initiative where all the staff focus
on safety, care, support, and membership. Finding Your Alumni will
be held every Wednesday, except on half-days for 25
minutes between 2nd and 3rd hour. This month of September,
Southfield Regional is focusing on the character trait “Respect”. We will support our students
with various classroom activities and real world
examples focusing on being polite, acting
respectfully, listening well, being helpful, not making any
excuses, letting go of anger, and being willing to change. Mr. Eisen recently had met
with the students, the seniors to provide and discuss
information regarding senior dues. He gave us the cost of our
senior dues, and what was included with the payment. Our senior dues are $175 into December 20. MAP testing is taking place
with the students in the Inspire Leadership Academy
beginning this week. We encourage all of our
students to do their best. Our curriculum night will
take place on Tuesday, September 12 2019 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. We’re looking forward
to a wonderful turnout of our Southfield Regional families. We will have our first
PTSA meeting of the year Thursday, September 19 from 6 – 7 PM. Southfield Regional’s annual
college faire and career faire will take place September 25th. Our students will get
exposure to a variety of exciting careers and colleges. We also have a half day
on the 25th, which is also my birthday, and we dismiss at 11. October 2nd is Count Day. We expect everyone to be
in attendance on this day. October 3rd is our
mentor/mentee conference. On this day, our mentors will
meet with parents/guardians regarding their students
academic and behavioral progress. There will be no school
for students on this day. I would like to conclude by thanking Mr. Eisen and Dr. Green, and
the Southfield School Board for giving me this valuable
learning experience and opportunity to serve on this board as the Student Representative for Southfield Regional Academic Campus. (applauding) – [Hicks] Thank you, Miss Turner, it’s our pleasure to have
you, and we look forward to more from you for the rest of the year. – Thank you. – [Hicks] From Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology,
we have two students, De’Asia– – De’Asia
– De’Asia Wells, as well as Benjamin Colding. Whoever wants to go first. – Good evening, everyone. We bring greetings on behalf
of the home of the warriors, where every dream has a
journey, and every career has a pathway. My name is Benjamin Colding. – My name is De’Asia Wells. – And we’d like to start off by thanking the board of education, and our
superintendent for giving us the opportunity to represent
the Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology. – Without further ado, we’d
like to immerse the audience with amazing events and
activities through August and September. During August 12 – 19 in preparation for the upcoming season, the
Marching Warriors ventured out to the wonderful Lions Bear Lake Camp in Lapeer County, Michigan. During the camp, the band
persevered through early mornings and late nights in the
spirit of preparation. At this time, seasonal
music was reviewed and and an amazing final show
came as a result of hard work and dedication. At the end of the week,
all band parents and staff arrived at the camp and
witnessed the Marching Warriors as they swept the field,
blasting horns, wearing the proud colors of red, white, and blue. – Before school started,
grade level orientations and picnics were held at
our school to move from the traditional paperwork
of student registration to focus on building
relationships with kids. Building relationships are
essential for learning to thrive, thus we started this
process before the academic press that will go on
throughout the school year. – Each grade level orientation
consisted of team building and inclusion activities,
information sessions, and the photo identification process. Our 12th grade orientation
took place August 13th. 11th grade orientation
took place on August 14th, and 10th grade orientation on August 15th. Members of each grade
level were able to meet up at the school, participate
in creative activities, and be reminded that
Southfield A and T is a caring and safe place where everyone is accepted, and learning is encouraged. – On Monday, August 19th,
the incoming 9th graders had a special orientation
to help them prepare for the transition from
middle school to high school. It was new learning for some people, because it involved
empowering 9th graders to take autonomy over their next
steps, and to communicate what they learned to their parents. It is important for 9th
graders to move beyond the stage of someone
doing things for them, to doing things for themselves
as high school students. – Southfield A and T’s
Link Crew, led by Mr. Brot, and Mrs. Williams, is
helping our 9th graders with this transition. This is the second year
of implementing Link Crew, and orientation was the
kickoff to what will be an entire year of mentoring
and supporting our freshmen. – Also on August 19th, after
the 9th grade orientation, the class of 2020 seniors
had a parent meeting where the 2020 sponsors,
Mr. Solomon, and Mrs. Butler handed out a calendar filled
with the senior’s core events. After the parent meeting,
seniors transitioned outside in order to participate
in the school’s tradition of painting the rock. Many of the students
painted their names, mottos, or mementos to themselves on the rock, leaving a bit of themselves as
a mark on Southfield A and T. – The week of August 26th
was our welcome week. During the entire week,
in addition to teaching and learning, the students
and staff participated in a variety of inclusion
activities and ice breakers to help build relationships,
and collectivity identity expectations for the school year. – Welcome week has become a tradition at Southfield A and T, where school spirit and relationship building are prioritized. We’d also like to recognize
members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. for greeting
our students at each entrance door on the first day of school. This act of kindness was
appreciated by both staff and students alike. On Labor Day weekend, our
boy’s varsity football team had an amazing win against
Clarkson High School. Let me tell y’all, it was really good. During their opening debut at the Oakland County kickoff
game in West Bloomfield, we won with flying colors,
specifically the colors red, white, and blue. Our second football game
didn’t end in a victory; however, we are looking
forward to the home game this Friday against
West Bloomfield at 7 PM. – One final highlight from
August can’t go unnoticed. We would like to thank
our Southfield community for their generous
support through donations, the honking of cars, friendly smiles, and of course, the bobbing
of heads to the immaculate sound of the Marching
Warriors during our recent band fundraiser. We appreciate our community
in spreading Warrior Pride and contributing to such a worthy cause. – Last Friday, on September 6th, the boy’s varsity soccer
team had an astonishing win against the Robichaud Soccer Team at home. The boy’s varsity tennis
team, on the other hand, sadly did not win as a whole,
but the first and second singles players won their
matches with very dynamic scores. Last, and far from the least,
is the girl’s volleyball team. They remain undefeated
with another victory over Ypsilanti, and a win against Chavez. – During the second week
of September, each class, led by their grade level
principal, faculty, and their individual class board,
facilitated a session to start the school year off with goal
setting, looking at data, specifically academic data
including grade point averages, test scores, behavior, student
code of conduct including dress code guidelines, and expectations for the student’s success. Each class meeting also
included an ice breaker, allowing students to open
up and see how much they had in common with each other. – Now that school has
started, it’s time to fall into a club, organization,
or core curricular activity at Southfield A and T. Project Womanhood, Project
Manhood, the Southfield Rotary Interact Club, Winning
Futures, the Stepping Warriors, the Robotics Team, the Art Club, the National Honors Society,
C2 Pipeline, and many more. Stop by the D house office
to get more information and utilize your time in a positive way by getting involved and
becoming a game-changer. There are so many amazing
programs at our school, yet we only have time to
highlight one tonight, which is C2 Pipeline. Wayne State University
sponsored C2 Pipeline, and continues to be a
supportive partner in education. This science-based
enrichment program is offered on Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:35 PM to 5 PM. Classes are located in O-203. Each week day pertains to a
different STEM-based subject. Mondays are for science,
Tuesdays are for business, Wednesdays are for health
and social services, and Thursdays are for
engineering and technology. With this enrichment
program comes an opportunity to attend an all-expenses-paid
STEM-based residential summer camp on the campus of Wayne State. See Mrs. Alber in the B house
office for more information. – During the remaining days of September, please be mindful of the upcoming events. Tomorrow, September 11th, at
5:30, there will be a meeting for the parents of all IB
students, and anyone interested in learning more about our IB program. This session will be
facilitated by Mrs. Mallory. Also on September 11th, we
will host our annual curriculum night from 6 to 8 PM. Doors will open at 5:30
for parents and students to report to the field
house, and to get a copy of our parent and student
handbook, along with your child’s schedule. Parents will have an opportunity
to follow their child’s schedule, to meet every teacher,
and find out what teaching and learning looks like in
the home of the Warriors. After curriculum night, representatives from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Inc. will be on our campus to talk about the cap program. This program is geared towards
our 11th grade students interested in learning
more about higher learning, college scholarships, and
developing an effective plan to carry out their post-secondary goals. The meeting will be held on
September 11th at 8 – 10 PM in our school library. – On Thursday, September 12th, our senior college
application challenge begins. Councilors will visit
every senior English class to provide detailed information about the college application process. After this in-service,
English teachers will give seniors the opportunity to
use class time to research colleges aligned with
their career aspirations, write the applicable essays,
and complete the applications while under the teacher’s
supervision and support. This is the first of many
activities that councilors will provide for seniors
over the next few weeks in preparation for their
post-secondary endeavors. – On Friday 13th, Life Touch
will be back for Photo ID makeup and school pictures,
which will take place in the B house cafeteria. – Our partnership with
Progressive Auto Insurance will begin September 19th
to help future drivers prepare for the responsibilities
of being on the road and becoming safe drivers. – We have a half day on
Wednesday, September 25th with an 11 AM dismissal. We are also proud to
announce our partnership with Essential Hospital to
provide on-site counseling and therapy sessions to address
the social and emotional needs of our Warriors. Ms. Michelle will be housed in O house, and accessible to all. – And the first week of October brings us some exciting news as well. The State of Michigan’s official
Count Day is October 2nd, and our parent teacher
conferences will be held on Thursday, October 2nd from 4 – 6 PM. Please mark your calendar,
because we need to see you there. We really do. De’Asia and I would now
like to thank the audience for your attention to the
A and T announcements. – We’d like to conclude our
spiel with a firm Warrior clap. (clapping) – [Hicks] Well done. All of you all, well done. A lot of good information, and we look forward to
having more information as the year goes on. We’ll excuse you at this
time so that you can finish up your homework. Yes, ma’am? – Can we have the student’s
parents stand in the audience and be recognized as well? (applauding) – You all are excused. As I mentioned earlier on,
the superintendent’s not here this evening. Trustee Charles, are you prepared to give the Head Start report? – [Charles] Actually I spoke to Mr. Joyce, and he says that our very
own Janice Hill Director would like to. Was voluntold. (chattering) – We can read it expeditiously
so that it’s entered into the record appropriately. All right. Bussey Center for Early
Childhood Education Director’s Report, September 2019. The program has processed
over 475 applications for Head Start, Early Head
Start, and Grade Start services. Head Start is full in enrollment,
Early Head Start is full, GSRP needs 30 of 64 slots. Vision screening. Oakland County Health
Department will be out the week of October 14th on-location. Hearing screenings. OCHD will also be out the
week of September 23rd for hearing screenings. Dental screenings during
I guess October 23rd and October 24th. There are some updates,
Vandenburg Duration Classroom was licensed on September 6th. Birney GSRP Classroom is
scheduled to be licensed on Friday 13th. GSRP bill has not yet been
approved by the governor, as mentioned earlier. The program will utilize the 155 thousandth percent or
dollars, maybe those are dollars, carry-over funds from program year 18-19. GSRP program will be
audited on September 25th by Oakland Schools. Head Start program will
be audited the week of October 28th. The audit will be done
via telephone conference with the monitor/reviewer. There are some upcoming dates here. September 17th, all children start school. There’s muffins for mon on
the 2nd, the fire drill, very important, on the 2nd. Field trip to the apple
orchard, October 3rd. There’s a tornado drill
scheduled on the 3rd of October. October 7th and 8th is a
Head Start Awareness event. Parent representative elections
occur on October 10th, and then the family engagement
and curriculum night from 5:30 to 7 PM will
be held on October 16th. We’ve got, oh okay. I wasn’t sure if we
were at financials yet, because things haven’t
kicked off, so that concludes the report. Through the chair. – [Hicks] Are there any questions
on the Head Start report? Hearing none. We’re going to move to
Agenda Item 6: Action Items. The Chair will entertain a
motion to open and approve the consent agenda. – I move we open and
approve the consent agenda. – Second. – It’s been properly
moved and seconded to open and approve the consent agenda. Any questions or discussion? Hearing none. Madam secretary, if you could
please call for the vote. – Trustee Charles? – Yes. – Trustee Joyce? – Yes. – Myself, yes. Trustee Hicks? – Yes. – Trustee Poole? – Yes. – Trustee Robinson? – Yes. – Unanimous. – Motion carried. The Chair will entertain a
motion to open and approve Report 5818 – Talent
Management Action Report. – [Joyce] So move. – [Charles] Support. – It has been properly
moved and seconded to open and approve Report 5818,
any questions or discussion? – Are these new hires
accounted for on the budget? – Yes. Any additional questions? Hearing none. Please call for the vote. – Trustee Poole? – Yes. – Trustee Robinson? – Yes. – Trustee Hicks? – Yes. – Trustee Joyce? – Yes. – Myself, yes. Trustee Charles? – Yes. – Unanimous. – Item 7: Information items. I’m gonna give you a brief
highlight of what reports A through D are. Many of them are renewals,
so for the first one, Frontline Technologies. What we’re doing is
we’re asking for approval for this year’s portion of
the technology and software that runs our absent
management as well as our substitute management system. It’s a multi-year agreement,
and we’re asking for the financial year 20’s
portion, which is $8035.35. Item B, which is 5820, there’s
fire alarm work required at the Magnolia Center, and
there has been an estimate received not to exceed
$7000 to perform that work. Item C which is Report
5821, that’s the district’s annual Microsoft license
renewal for things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, we
have about 2000+ licenses in the district, and
this year’s allocation for that renewal is due. For Item D, which is
Report 5822, it falls on the technology curriculum,
this is the annual fee to maintain our district
website, as well as provide support related to designing
and improving the website. So if the trustees are in
alignment, or don’t have any questions, I would like
to turn items A, B, C, and D which are reports 5819-5822,
I’d like to change them from informational to
actionable, and for us to vote on those items if you don’t
have any other questions or discussion. – I have a question about 5820. Fire alarm system, it doesn’t
indicate in this report who’s gonna be doing the work,
and if it was out for bid, and were they the highest bidder. – So I’ll ask Mr. Toco
to address that question. – [Toco] National Time,
who does most of our work with the fire alarm systems
throughout the district will be doing the work. We did get a quote from them. We are doing probably 30% of the work, and they will be doing
70% of the work in regards to the wiring of new alarms in certain areas of the building. Just to give you a
little bit of a backdrop, every four years, the
champions program requires an inspection done by the state. So they had one of our fire
inspectors from the city out, and this is the result of
the inspection that he did prior to their state inspection,
so he gave us a head’s up what needs to be done, and
that’s what we’re doing now. The National Time quote will
actually be under $5000, the work that we’re doing
will be a little bit closer to the $2000 in regards to
the parts that we bought, and our maintenance crew and skill trades will be doing the rest of the work. – [Robinson] Our skill
trades hired, it’s PS? – Yes. Our electrician will be working
with our HVAC a little bit in regards to doing some
of the work over there. – [Robinson] Thank you. – Are there any other
questions or discussion on any item mentioned? – I was hoping that with 19,
I could just get an idea of has it been useful, and if
there are other competitors in the space who provide
the same resources, and have we taken a look at those folks, and my other question was
gonna be with report 22. – Ms. Hall, can you
address the first question related to the Frontline
technology software? – [Hall] Absolutely, if you’ll recall– – You might have to come to the mic. Because it’s a Tuesday, televised Tuesday. – [Hall] If you can recall,
last year we set it out for bid, and we tried to get
some synergy amongst some other software companies as well,
and they still emerged as the most competitive bid,
so we stayed with Frontline Technologies, and it’s
absolutely critical. I mean, we use this system
to ensure that we have subs in the areas where we
have attendance issues, and so teachers and the
like call into this system, ensuring that we can get that
work done and get it covered in a timely fashion. – [Charles] So the name most
maybe used to like myself is ASOP? – Yeah. – [Charles] Okay. – It’s the same system, basically. – [Hicks] Thank you, Ms. Hall. Trustee Charles, you had a
question on report 5822 as well? – Yeah. With the utmost intention
to stay in my lane, I definitely would like
a little more insight, I have a vote that I can make on this, but just as we look at efficiencies, just wondering, more of an
itemized what that 8850 is doing for us, is it because of
hosting, in terms of gigabytes through the servers and whatnot like that, or is it more or less kind of arbitrary? But I’m so prepared if need
be to make a decision on it. – So I’ll make sure that
through the superintendent your inquiry– Oh, I stand corrected. – Yeah, the Foxbright renewal
is just a yearly renewal to host the site. It’s really, it hosts all
the pages, we have I believe unlimited pages that we
can add, the teachers have, I don’t know if teachers
have pages, but each building has a page, so it really
isn’t dependent on the amount of content that’s hosted on
there, or the number of clicks to it, it’s just that
fee for the server space. – [Robinson] We’ve been
dealing with Foxbright for a number of years, are
they the best in the industry? – They’re a local company
to the state of Michigan, I think they’re housed in Grand Rapids, and they have been
typically one of the best, and one of the least expensive. – [Robinson] Okay, thank you. – [Hicks] Any other
questions from any trustees? Hearing none, thank you, sir. – Thank you. – So what’s the pleasure of the board? Are you wanting to flip
over reports 5819-5822 to actionable at this time? – Moving to open and
approve reports 5819-5822. – Support. – It’s been properly moved
and seconded to approve reports 5819-5822. Any additional discussion? Hearing none, please call for the vote. – Trustee Robinson? – Yes. – Trustee Poole? – Yes. – Trustee Hicks? – Yes. – Myself, yes. Trustee Joyce? – Yes. – Trustee Charles? – Yes. – Unanimous. – Motion carries. The report 5823, Middle
City’s Appointment Resolution. We have a resolution to identify a representative from the
district, and a designee if that delegate is not
available to represent the district with Middle
City’s risk management trust. So this resolution would
be for us to identify those resources to represent us. (muttering) Yes, so actually there is… Solon Phillips, Chief Legal Officer, will be appointed the
district’s designated trustee representing Middle
City’s management trust, and Dr. Jennifer Green
will be the alternate. As well as Toco will also be
appointed as risk management coordinator for the district. Any questions? If we can so that we can submit
this, if we can make this an actionable report as well,
the Chair will entertain a motion. – I move that we open
and approve report 5823. – Support. – It’s been properly moved and
seconded to open and approve report 5823, any questions or discussion? – Isn’t normally the financial
person is involved in this as well? Like a financial superintendent? – I don’t believe that is a requirement. Maybe it was past practice,
but I don’t believe it is a requirement. Any other questions? Hearing none, please call for the vote. – Trustee Robinson? – Yes. – Trustee Poole? – Yes. – Trustee Hicks? – Yes. – Myself, yes. Trustee Joyce? – Yes. – Trustee Charles? – Yes. – Unanimous. – So at this time, we’re going to forego going over the bill disbursement report. We will provide an update
to the trustees as well as community in a future meeting. Item 8: Public Participation. If you wish to address the
board regarding a school-related issue that has not yet been resolved by school administration,
please submit a comment card immediately. Comments are limited to
three minutes per-individual. As a matter of fairness,
speakers with complaints against individuals are asked not to mention persons by name. Complaints concerning employees
pursuant to board policy 9130 should be brought to the
attention of school principals or other administrators before coming to the board of education. Your cooperation is appreciated. We have a card from Mrs. Kathy Slate. Please come to the podium, state your name and your address please. – [Kathy] Kathy Slate
17539 Westland Avenue, Southfield, Michigan 48075. Three of these matters have been addressed with my administration, but
I just wanted to make sure that you all were made
appraised of what was going on. I’m not sure if the
principals are sent surveys for the new custodial
staff, but I can tell you from what I’m seeing,
it’s not satisfactory. When I came into my room,
the ledge on my science was full of flies, dead
flies, that I had to clean up. I have a carpet that
was not cleaned, I had employees that were very rude to teachers, and we just had one of my
teammates fall on the floor yesterday because there was
no wet floor sign put up after they had mopped, so. These concerns have been
taken to our administration at Thompson, and I think
my AP said he did talk to somebody, but this
is just unacceptable, and now you open yourself,
what if that was a parent? We know we live in a
litigious society, so. That’s some things I need
to be addressed with them. My next thing was MAP testing. I noticed that science was
taken out of 5th grade. I’d just like to know
the rationale for that, because they have it in
4th grade, they have it in middle school, but they
don’t have it in 5th grade, so what data is a 6th
grade teacher gonna use for their incoming 5th graders
if we no longer have it? So I just wanted to know what
the rationale was behind that. Also books, the consistency
in who we need to talk to, and how we get our resources,
it appears that the district does have resources in
Eisenhower, but it’s some kind of disconnect or mis-communication
with who teachers need to talk to and how
they’re getting resources. I have one of my colleagues
sitting in the room today that’s been in
school for three weeks, and she still doesn’t have reading books. So we just need to know who to talk to. I know I talked to Mr.
Fountain, he’s been awesome. So we need to know who to
talk to, who to contact, because we don’t need
to bother Mr. Fountain when it doesn’t need to be
him, it could be someone else. And my last concern was
something that I asked about last year is the salaries
on the personnel report for new hires. We had a person to resign
that stayed on step one for eight years in this
district, and there were people that were hired after
him at higher salaries. I think other districts do
it, it’s not a legal issue, just want to know what the
status update was on that, because when I asked about
it, I never got a reply. So I just need to know
why is it not on there, when it’s there on other districts. That’s it, thank you. – [Hicks] Thank you,
Ms. Slate, and trustees, just for your awareness,
I’ve had some discussion related to similar concerns
related to custodial displeasure with our new vendor, and so Dr. Green has been
working with their leadership for prompt resolution, and
if there is no resolution, she will probably be talking
to us about next steps. Related to the other items
that Ms. Slate mentioned, I would defer to the
superintendent for a response, and that will be shared
with you all as well. – [Robinson] I agree, because
I’ve heard same concerns about resources not being
able to get to our staff, and that’s a problem. – Any other public participation? Hearing none. For the good of the order. Any trustee have anything
for the good of the order? – Yeah, I have a video that
I’d like to have played. I thought it would be beneficial. Actually I would’ve preferred
it at the opening day, but since we have it now,
and most of you may have already seen it, it’s a
Ted Talk that’s been viewed by 10,000,000 people, but
it’s befitting for educators. So I hope you enjoy it. (bright jingle) – I have spent my entire life
either at the schoolhouse, on the way to the schoolhouse,
or talking about what happens in the schoolhouse. Both of my parents were educators,
my maternal grandparents were educators, and for the past 40 years, I’ve done the same thing, and so needless to say, over
those years, I’ve had a chance to look at education reform
from a lot of perspectives. Some of those reforms have
been good, some of them have been not so good, and
we know why kids drop out, we know why kids don’t learn. It’s either poverty, low attendance, negative peer influences, we know why, but one of the things
that we never discuss, or we rarely discuss, is
the value and importance of human connection. Relationships. James Comer says that no
significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. George Washington Carver says
all learning is understanding relationships. Everyone in this room has
been affected by a teacher or an adult. For years, I have watched people teach, I have looked at the
best, and I have looked at some of the worst. A colleague said to me one
time, “They don’t pay me “to like the kids, they
pay me to teach a lesson, “the kid should learn
it, I should teach it, “they should learn it, case closed.” Well, I said to her “You
know, kids don’t learn “from people they don’t like.” (laughing) (applauding) She said that’s just a bunch of hooie, and I said to her “Well
your year is gonna be “long and arduous, dear.” Needless to say, it was. Some people think that you
can either have it in you to build a relationship or you don’t. I think Steven Covey had the right idea, he said “You ought to just
throw in a few simple things, “like seeking first to
understand, as opposed “to being understood.” Simple things like apologizing. Have you ever thought about that? Tell a kid you’re sorry
and they’re in shock. I taught a lesson once on ratios, I’m not real good with math,
but I was working on it, and I got back and looked
at that teacher edition, I taught the whole lesson wrong, so I came back to class
the next day and I said “Look guys, I need to apologize, “I taught the whole lesson
wrong, I’m so sorry.” They said “That’s okay, Ms. Pearson, “you were so excited, we just let you go.” (laughing) I have had classes that
were so low, so academically deficient that I cried. I wondered how am I
going to take this group in nine months from where they
are to where they need to be. And it was difficult, it was awfully hard. How do I raise the
self-esteem of a child in his academic achievement at the same time? One year, I came up with a bright idea, I told all my students “You
were chosen to be in my class “because I am the best teacher, “and you are the best students, “they put us all together so
we could show everybody else “how to do it.” One of the students said “Really?” I said “Really. “We have to show the other
classes how to do it, “so when we walk down the
hall, people will notice us, “so you can’t make noise,
you just have to strut.” And I gave them a saying
to say “I am somebody. “I was somebody when I came, “I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. “I am powerful, and I am strong. “I deserve the education that I get here. “I have things to do, people to impress, “and places to go.” And they said “Yeah!” You say it long enough, it
starts to be a part of you, and so (applauding) I gave a quiz, 20 questions. Student missed 18. I put a +2 on his paper
and a big smiley face. He said “Ms. Pearson, is this an F?” I said “Yes.” He said “Then why’d
you put a smiley face?” I said “Because you’re on the road. “You got two right, you
didn’t miss ’em all.” I said “And when we review
this, won’t you do better?” He said “Yes, ma’am, I can do better!” You see, -18 sucks all
the life out of you. +2 said “I aint all bad.” (applauding) For years, I watched my
mother take the time at recess to review, go on home
visits in the afternoon, buy combs and brushes and
peanut butter and crackers to put in her desk drawer
for kids that needed to eat, and a wash cloth and some
soap for the kids who didn’t smell so good. See it’s hard to teach kids who stink. And kids can be cruel, and
so she kept those things in her desk and, years
later, after she retired, I watched some of those
same kids come through and say to her “You know, Ms.
Walker, you made a difference “in my life. “You made it work for me, you made me feel “like I was somebody when I
knew at the bottom I wasn’t, “and I just want you to
see what I’ve become.” And when my momma died two
years ago at 92, there were so many former students at
her funeral, it brought tears to my eyes, not because
she was gone, but because she left a legacy of relationships that could never disappear. Can we stand to have more relationships? Absolutely. Will you like all your children? Of course not! And you know your toughest
kids are never absent! Never. You won’t like ’em all,
and the tough ones show up for a reason, it’s the connection,
it’s the relationships, and while you won’t
like ’em all, the key is they can never ever know it. So teachers become great
actors and great actresses, and we come to work when
we don’t feel like it, and we listen to policy
that doesn’t make sense, and we teach anyway. We teach anyway, because
that’s what we do. Teaching and learning should bring joy. How powerful would our
world be if we had kids who were not afraid to take risks, who were not afraid to think,
and who had a champion? Every child deserves a champion,
an adult who will never give up on them, who understands
the power of connection, and insists that they become
the best that they can possibly be. Is this job tough? You betcha. Oh god, you betcha, but it is not impossible. We can do this, we are
educators, we are born to make a difference. Thank you. (applauding) – Thank you, I found this just profound, so I had to share it. – Thank you. Any other items for the good of the order? – Just be sure to, I think
we’re all scheduled for the OCSPA conference on the
24th, it was a weird day, but I guess it’s on a Tuesday this time. I just wanted to make sure
it didn’t impact any of our board work, and then
there’s also a day-long, on October 5th, that you’re
welcome to register for, and then the November one I believe is on school safety. – There were a couple items
that I just wanted to touch on real quick. One, I want to acknowledge
that we have a person leaving the district, and we
want to wish her well, so Ms. Hall, thank you for your service, and we congratulate you
on your new endeavor. I also want to mention during
the Southfield A and T report, Mr. Colding mentioned that
the Kappas welcomed students on the first day of school. Well that was just one of the divini that supported that day. So I just wanted to make sure
that we thank and acknowledge Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi
Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, as well as Zeta Phi Beta, Phi
Beta Sigma, and Omega Psi Phi. I’m not sure if Iota’s… Sigma Gamma Rho did the Iota’s support? – [Robinson] All fraternities
and sororities that attended. – So they all represented
at our various buildings on that day, and for
that, we say thank you for your continued
partnership and service. Anything else for the good of the order? Future meetings. Wednesday, September 25th 2019, 6 PM. Special board meeting. Tuesday, October 8th 2019. Regular board meeting. If there’s nothing else,
this meeting is adjourned. (gavel banging)

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