Shiva The Super Hero 2 (2012) – Nagarjuna – Anushka Shetty – Hindi Dubbed Movie

‘Omkar is the mantra that gave life
to every living being on earth.’ ‘The fight between
Gods and demons’ ‘have been initiated since
the earth evolved.’ ‘The war resulted to the
death of all demons.’ ‘Even after the war ended,’ ‘one demon managed to survive.
He was Andhkasur.’ ‘He wanted to take
revenge with the Gods’ ‘for the defeat and destruction
of the other demons.’ ‘He waited for the right time’ ‘and went underground with his
accompanist named Bilasur.’ ‘After thousands of years…’ Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. This is extraordinary! It’s a miracle that the 5
planets around the earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
Sun and Moon are in a row. Such an incident takes
place once in 5,000 years. We all are lucky to witness it. Vishwanath. – Yes, Swami. On this auspicious occasion, as you
have performed this holy ritual for peace, it will benefit
the entire universe. You have done a great job. The Lord will
definitely bless you. Vishwanath, your wife has
delivered a baby girl. The radiant of those 5 planets is clearly seen on the
face of this child. Sadanand. – Swami. We should make the astrological
chart of this child. Vishwanath, your daughter
is no ordinary child. She is a Goddess. You can say, Goddess Parvati has
been re-incarnated your daughter. Swami… – Take this. God bless you. Sadanand, I know, what
you wanted to say. As per the astrological chart, when that girl is on
the marriageable age, she would face demon attacks. One should say only good things
about the astrological chart. We should hide the bad things
and find a solution to it. Look at this lit lamp. It becomes holy when kept
in front of the God. But if you keep it in forest, it might become the
cause of destruction. That girl’s astrological chart
is no less that this lit lamp. If she marries a good man, it
will benefit the universe. But if she marries a demon,
it will result destruction. Andhkasur! Andhkasur! Hail Andhkasur! Your hard
work has been paid off. Soon, your dreams
would come true. The girl for whom
you were waiting, for thousands of years, has taken
birth during the auspicious time. Wake up! I’m Bilasur, the one
you trust the most. Bila, what great news! Bila, I’m so excited after
hearing the news you gave. I’m very happy. Revenge! I’ve been burning in the fire
of revenge for all these years. The Gods defeated the demons and ruled the 3 worlds. They defeated my ancestors,
Bakasur, Bhasmasur, Ravnasur, Nishasur,
Mahishasur and killed them. The only one demon that
is alive on this earth is Andhkasur. I shall marry the girl, who was born at the auspicious
time and later, kill her. With this I would
conquer the 5 elements, that is water, air,
fire, earth and sky. And kill the Gods and the
humans that praise the Gods. I shall be the king
of the universe and shall awake the demon world that was destroyed. I shall turn this earth
into a battlefield. Andhaka, there is someone who can
be a hurdle to reach your motive. Calm down, Andhaka. Who is he? Is he a
warrior, demigod, king or supernatural spirit? It is a human. A
12 year old child. Bila, are you in your senses? Do you think, a small
child can harm me? A small plant turns
into a big tree. That child would be
a warrior tomorrow. It’s better you kill him now. Where is he? Regional prayers.. Wow! He has a wonderful voice
and his chants are so clear. Who is this child?
Is he a priest? Swami, he is my grandson. God has blessed us with him. Swami, this is nothing. ‘On the First Rice ceremony…’ ‘C’mon, take it.’ ‘Take the knife.’ ‘Go. – He will make me proud.’ ‘After all, he is my grandson.
– Take it.’ ‘Look, he picked the drum.’ Swami, we have come here because
of his dedication towards God. May you have a long life! Dad, Kashi is a very good place.
We should come here once again. Definitely, dear. How come it’s raining suddenly?
– I don’t know. I can’t see the road. – Yes. Be careful. Mom. – Take care. Mom. Mom. Shiva, don’t be scared.
Chant Lord Shiva’s name. Hail Lord Shiva!
– Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva!
– Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva!
– Hail Lord Shiva! Grandpa. – Dad. Hold on. Let me check. Grandpa. Dad. Stay inside the car. – Dad! Dad, don’t go. Shiva! Grandma. – Mom! Mom, don’t step ahead. Dad! Mom! Hail Lord Shiva! Mom! Sheilu! Sheilu! – Shiva. Sheilu! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! No one can harm Andhkasur. I have won. – You’re right. Anyone who becomes a hurdle
in my way will be killed. Don’t be so happy to
kill a small child. The one who can create obstacles
is still alive. – Who is he? Lord Shiva! – Shiva! Andhkasur, you want to
conquer the 5 elements. But those Lord Shiva is the
master of those 5 elements. The girl whom you want
to marry and kill. That girl is the reincarnation
of Goddess Parvati. Hence, it’s possible, Lord Shiva won’t let you
get married to that girl. Do you mean, I’d be
defeated by the Gods? All my hard work was a waste.
There must be a solution to it. Why not? Lord Shiva is
the most innocent God. You can mesmerize him with
your devotion, not power. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Shiva, pray to the Lord and
forget whatever happened. I always assumed, you
were the greatest. Henceforth, I shall
neither take your name nor pray to you. Hail Lord Shiva. Shashtri, shall we begin?
– Where is Maheshwari? She is a house surgeon. She had to leave
for an emergency. All these years, Maheshwari has
inaugurated the chariot ride. Why don’t we wait till she comes?
– A human should wait for God. But it’s not right to make
the God wait for a human. Please inaugurate the ceremony. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Chottu, see if something is stuck
between the wheels. – Okay. It’s nothing here. Vishwanath, it’s nothing here.
– Really? Hail Lord Shiva! Uncle, look. Maheshwari is here. “Hail the creator!” “Hail the creator!” “Hail the creator!” “Hail the creator!” “She is the girl who walks
slowly towards Lord Shiva.” “She is blessed by Lord Shiva.
She glows like the flower.” “Her beauty comes
from the Lord.” “Lord has made her with love.” “She has made place in Lord’s
heart like her soul mate.” “Lord is incomplete
without her.” “Her smile can win
a million hearts.” “She is the girl who walks
slowly towards Lord Shiva.” “She is blessed by Lord Shiva.
She glows like the flower.” Maheshwari, is your work done? Everything went well
with God’s grace. Maheshwari, break this coconut
and inaugurate the ceremony. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! This is Rs 5 million. Keep this
for the temple’s construction. Let me know if this falls short.
– Alright. Vishwanath, we’re are easy
because of people like you. Don’t move! C’mon! Let’s go. Oh no. I guess, we’ll be caught. Shut up! We’ll have to leave. We need someone to help us.
– Do we have a help? Yes. He is the biggest criminal. He is boss of people like us. He is very stylish. But he is a Mask. Here he is. Which place have you robbed?
– How do you know? I come to know when someone
has done a wrong deed. Mister, get us out of here.
– Do you know my charges? I charge Rs 1,00,000 for
criminals like you. Alright, we’ll pay you
after we get down. I don’t trust you guys. What’s the guarantee that we’ll
be safe after paying you? I have neither being untrue to
my words nor ever changed plans. The police is here.
– Now, it’s Rs 2,00,000. He raised his price
seeing the police. Lord Shiva, I was a fool
to rob your temple. I won’t do it again. Why did you stop here? Look ahead. Hey, keep that bag in
the car and leave. You have got Rs 2,00,000
that you asked for. Now, I want all of it.
– What is this non-sense! I’d have let you if you’d
have robbed a human. But this is Lord
Shiva’s property. I won’t let you go
with this money. Is this because of your sentiment?
– It’s his instalment. I have many deals to
do with Lord Shiva. Do as I say. – What if we don’t? Is he your chief? Yes, he is Kangaraju, our chief. I’m just asking. I won’t spare you. Do you think, you’re
an action hero? I don’t know if I’m
an action hero. You can decide it for yourself. You’re no ordinary man.
You’re the king. “Shaku Bai, get hot tea for me.” “Shaku Bai, add cream to it.” “Tea!” “The tea I serve is world-famous.
I serve it with love.” “The tea I serve is world-famous.
I serve it with love.” “The tea becomes wonderful
when I add ginger to it.” “I add love, affection and spice
to make such a delicious tea.” “You can take a sip. Lovers
always prefer to have it.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Shaku Bai, get hot tea for me.” “Shaku Bai, add cream to it.” “You would like to see it.
It is sweeter than sugar.” “To tell you the truth,
it smells as good as me.” “You’re fair.” “The tea is as strong and
mesmerizing as you are.” “I can serve the entire world. I
can relieve everyone’s stress.” “You’re more attractive
than your tea.” “Everyone here, is
crazy for you.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Have it slowly. Have fun.” “The tea I make is
tasty and very nice.” “Whenever I sip it,” “my body becomes hot like you.” “I can serve the entire world. I
can relieve everyone’s stress.” “You’re more attractive
than your tea.” “Everyone here, is
crazy for you.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Welcome to Saku Bai.
Have your hot tea.” “Have it. Like it.” “Have some tea.” “Have some tea.” Hi. – Rs 5 million. You took care of me and my
sister, when we had nothing. You have served
elders, orphans and unwell people with
no selfish motive. This is nothing
in front of that. I’ve been unable to cure your
sister from the past 20 years. She was hurt on her
head in her childhood. She is always in pain. My hear breaks when
I see her in pain. Hi Sheilu. – Good morning. Very good morning. Thank you. Have you taken tablets? I shall have it after
my brother comes. Hello, Sheilu. How are you? – I’m fine. She is the new doctor I
had mentioned about. Hello. She is Dr Maheshwari. She
is from a rich family. Yet, whenever she gets time, she
comes here to treat everyone. I like you. I mean, your nature. Maheshwari, though Bala
is Sheilu’s brother but he takes care of every child
present in this hospital. Sheilu, do you know what
I have got for you? Why have you got anklets
for these lifeless legs? I’m sure, soon, you
would walk and run. Of course. Lord Shiva
will make you fine. Shiva? Why are you doctors for? Then we should break all
hospitals and build temples. Stop it, Bala. Okay. I’ll take a leave. Ma’am, please keep this. Lord Shiva won’t do anything. Don’t feel bad. He lost his family
at a very small age. Hence, he hates Lord Shiva. What is it? /- Why are
you getting emotional? Bala is responsible
for all this. He doesn’t allow
me to concentrate. I have to decide
about him today. Get the chief of this village. “Sweetheart, I’m ready
to get married.” Should I slap you? – No. “I have prepared myself to
become the groom.” – Chief! There’s no water to take a bath.
Can you do something? You don’t need water
to take bath. Allow me to drown
you in my love. You’re so shameless. I have lost all the shame. This ring is only Rs 99,999. Will I become the captain of the
company’s team that I work for? What a fool! Aishwariya Rai
became famous because of me. Mr Sage, I completely trust you. I’ll take a leave. – Okay. Get going. I have earned this today. – The
chief is coming here. Go. Chief, please come. Be seated. What is this? – A film’s script. Chalaraja, there are
some issues with Bala. The priest wants
to keep a meeting. Let’s go. Devdas, you’re lighting the
other side of cigarette. He is so crazy. – Hold on. Devdas, why are you
drinking in the temple? Tell them a place where
Lord isn’t present. Have some shame. As a secretary of this village, let’s call for a meeting
today and decide about Bala. Ladies and gentlemen
of our village. I, Chalaraja, welcome you
all to this meeting. Stop this. Let’s
talk about Bala. Whenever I ask for
rent, he troubles me. Now, when he comes, I tear his
stomach, take out his skeleton and dance on him. Why are you playing music? Excuse me. We won’t hear
a word against Bala. What does he mean to you? Look there. Bala is here. Hi, Bala. Hi, aunties. Was there
a meeting happening? My husband wants you
to vacate the house. Really? Where is your husband?
– Let me call him. “You can paste my
photo on your heart” “using a fevicol.”
– I’m fed up with this phone. It’s my wife calling. Lord Shiva, save me
from that witch. Thank you, Lord. Why are you sitting
inside a basket? I lost my gold chain. What is this? -Thank
you for finding it. How much would I
get if I sell it? It can take out your expenses for a day.
– Let’s sell it. My wife will hit me
if you sell this. He has to do a meeting with me.
You all ladies can go home. You come with me. – Teach
him a good lesson. Now, tell me. What is the
agenda of your meeting? Bala, it’s nothing. We were discussing
about the nature. The priest organized a meeting
to throw you out of the house. Shut up, drunkard.
You say anything. Bala, you seem to be high.
Please sleep and let us go. Where are you going? We still have many things to do. It’s your duty to tell me a story
every night before I sleep. Get started. Years ago, there was king who had 7 sons. All 7 sons went for hunting. They got 7 different fishes
and dried it under the sun. 6 fishes dried and 1 didn’t. I’ve heard this story
since childhood. Hasn’t that fish dried yet?
– I don’t know. I want to know what
do you do for living? Bala, you know, I’m a priest. Why do you tell stories on
fish if you are a priest? Oh no! A man takes up the work of
breaking stones to earn money. A girl falls in love with her. Later, they realise, the
girl has kidney stone. The man gives all his
money for her treatment. In the end, he
married that girl. On the nuptial night,
unknowingly they drink alcohol. “Hail Lord Shiva! I don’t
understand anything.” “I just know, I’m
in love with you.” Sorry. – Whose name did
you take in this song? Lord Shiva. – How can you
take his name in front of me? Now, it’s your turn. – Alright. Once, in a dark forest where
no crow could also travel, a prince on white horse. The forest was so dark that
a crow couldn’t fly inside. Then how could a prince travel
inside with a white horse? There’s no logic
used in stories. Stop hitting. Oh no. You would hit me even
if I tell you a story. Hit me and I shall
sleep after a drink. How can you leave without
hearing my story? That is how, no one except my
sister is alive from my family. Who is at fault? The climax is too touching.
– Isn’t it? Fate has decided everything. No, Lord Shiva should be blamed. Isn’t it? You’re very smart. Let me go. How can I let you go?
You worship Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Where is Lord Shiva? I heard, one gets enlightenment
after chanting Lord Shiva’s name. A man’s desires are fulfilled
by chanting Lord Shiva’s name. This is injustice. If death is a way to reach you, I shall sacrifice
my head to you. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Hail Lord Shiva!” Lord Shiva, thank you
for blessing me. I’m lucky to see
your divine form. I’m very grateful to you. Andhakasur, the demon. You have impressed me by
sacrificing yourself. What do you want from me? Dear Lord Shiva, you’re known
to be true to your word. I hope, you grant my wish too. I hope, you don’t refuse.
– What do you desire? I have decided to get
married to the girl who is known to be Goddess
Parvati’s incarnation I want you to promise
me, you won’t create any hurdles in our marriage. Your wish is granted. Thank you. This shouldn’t have happened. Bila, it was wonderful. I have got what I wanted. Now, after marrying that girl,
I shall sacrifice her life and conquer the 5 elements. Where is my beautiful
would-be wife? Andhakar, there are
many more thing you should know
before meeting her. Look carefully at
these drawings. The coming month, would be having a partial
and complete solar eclipse. It’s very rare for
both solar eclipse to happen in the same month. On the day of partial
solar eclipse, after the eclipse is over, the first rays of the sun
will guide you to that girl. Your dream will come true on the
day of the complete solar eclipse that would take place in
the end of that month. You’ll have to make a constellation
of 5 elements on the sky. You’ll have to make
images of the 5 elements fire, water, air, earth and
sky at their right places. Don’t think, you could conquer the
5 elements just by doing this. After that, a majestic
marital necklace would come out of the holy fire. You’ll have to make that girl wear
the majestic marital necklace. After marrying her, you’ll
have to offer her head to the constellation
of the 5 elements. You have to do this job as the
complete solar eclipse starts and before it gets over. If there is a hurdle and you’re
unable to complete this task… That’s impossible. There
won’t be any hurdles. In my absence, you took a chance
and built a tent outside my house and chanted Lord Shiva’s
name on Shivratri. How could you? Bala, forget that. They sang double-meaning
devotional songs. They got a very good
response for that. Shut up, drunkard. We thought, it was a good deed. You thought, it was a good deed. Didn’t you think, I’d hit
you after I come to know? If he was so intelligent…
– Shut up! Stop this non-sense. First, sing that double-meaning
devotional song for me. – Go on. Sing it. – Yes. “Who is with Lord Shiva?” “Who sits on Lord Shiva’s head?” “Goddess Parvati is with him but
Goddess Ganga sits on his head.” “Lord Shiva is stuck
between the two Goddess.” What a song! – Thank you. You’re great. I thought, it should
sound original. I want to give you a new reward. Really? – Really? Hey! 50 whips, if I hit you. But 25
whips, if you hit yourself. Don’t take the trouble.
I’ll do it myself. One! Two! What is she doing here? Hi. Congrats. What for? – Actually… What’s the matter? Why
is he hitting himself? He is Jesus of this colony. He punishes himself
for other’s mistakes. Who are all these people? They have come from a
organization named Sneha Sadan. Hello. – Hello. Every year, they felicitate
5 different social workers. They have found 4 people. I suggested your name
for the fifth man. Mine? – Yes. My uncle should be felicitated. Is he your uncle? – Yes. Uncle, please stop it.
That’s enough. He gave shelter to
an orphan like me. Tell them. – Yes, he is right. He said, I could stay here
forever and pay no rent. Am I right, uncle? Yes. A great man like you
is being felicitated. How do you feel?
– I’m very happy. I can’t even express myself. Bala is very dear to all of us. He teaches everyone
a good lesson. I mean, he solves
everyone’s problems. How are you feeling?
– It’s your turn. What happened? Why are you crying?
Say something. What can I say? He has given us so many
sweet memories and marks. I have nothing more to say. Nirmala. How are you feeling as you’re
the chief of this colony? I feel like dying. I’m very happy. We’re very attached to him.
Especially in the night, we narrate so many
stories to him. He also tells us many stories. You can also join us in the night.
It’ll be fun. Hello. – Okay. What happened? What happened, Bala? Maheshwari, she is
suffering more than usual. She was unable to take the pain.
Hence, we injected her. Sheilu, don’t worry.
All will be well. Bala, I want to die. Don’t say that. – Until
I’m on this bed, you won’t be at peace. Hence, I want to die. There are painless injections
that can give death, right? Ask them to inject
me and kill me. Sheilu, please don’t say that. How much more will you hurt me? You killed my parents. You destroyed my family. You have made my sister’s
life a living hell. Do you want to take
her from me too? What wrong have I done to you? On my First Rice ceremony, I chose to pick your drum.
Was that my fault? Or were my parents at fault to
give me your name, Balagangadhar? Everyone on this
earth praises you. Don’t you play games with me. If you have the
courage, face me. We shall decide today. C’mon! ‘Why have you got anklets
for these lifeless legs?’ ‘There are painless injections
that can give death, right?’ ‘Ask them to inject
me and kill me.’ “The Lord of Tripura,
you’re the creator.” “You’re in all directions.” “You listen to your devotees.
You fulfill their desires.” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Whenever there are obstacles, you
help your devotees cross it.” “You save them and help
them live a better life.” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “You also take the form
of a human being.” Hail Lord Shiva! Who got me here? – I did. Don’t you have brains?
Why did you get me here? He saved you. You
were unconscious. He saved you and served
you like a guardian. How can you talk
to him like this? He is as good as God
to save your life. Sorry, brother. I’m
angry on him, not you. What is your name? – Shankar (another
name of Lord Shiva) That’s my name. Where are you from?
– Kailashgiri. Do you have a family? – Yes. I have 2 wives and 2 kids. Where are they? I have understood. You have
family problems, right? Come with me. I’ll come wherever you want. Hold on. A girl named Maheshwari called
when you were unconscious. Your sister is out of danger. There’s nothing to worry about. Shankar, that’s great news. You vanished all my problems. I have some news for you all. It’s good news. Are you diabetic? Not that. Do you
know what Bala did? She challenged Lord Shiva
and also shouted at him. Do you know what
happened last night? Last night, he died in a car accident.
– What? Look, Bala is here. “Lord Shiva, the giver of life.” “Lord Shiva, the forgiver.” “Lord Shiva, the great.” “Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva is
filled with love.” “Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “Lord Shiva, the supreme soul.” Come here. What were you celebrating? We’re happy to see you. Some time back, you were
celebrating his death. He is a drunkard.
Don’t listen to him. Bala, who is he? He
looks very charming. He is my friend, Shankar.
He saved my life. Henceforth, he shall
stay with me. What? Will he stay with you? You will respect him
like you respect me. Shankar, let’s go. Lord, what’s going on? Bala was no less. Now, we
have one more unpaid tenant. Lord Shiva, what’s going on?
– Did you call me? Why will I call you?
You’re nothing to me. I was talking to Lord Shiva. Who are you to save someone
who is destined to die? Do you know, that is my house. I know how to vacate that house. He lives in your house. And you like him. Someday, he would
leave your house. But you won’t be
able to forget him. I didn’t understand a
word of what he said. Chief, did you
understand anything? I think, he said, camels
must be in dessert. He didn’t say camels.
– But he said, dessert. He didn’t mean dessert. He meant, our body. I understand things
better than you. You’re a fool. Bala, like you’re here
to take care of me. You should have someone
to take care of yourself. Who would take care of me? Bala, you’ll have a wife
if you get married. Marriage? – Yes. I want a sister-in-law
like Dr Maheshwari. Our decisions don’t matter. It’s
important for her to decide. Lord, I have been serving
you since 15 years. You never bothered to
know if I’m happy or sad. You never thought about me. But I never lacked to serve you. Until today, I was
tolerating Lord Shiva. Now, we have one more tenant. Why are you increasing
my problems? Rudraksh! What is this? Why are
you in the prayer room? I saw you in trouble…
– Who are you to ask me, if I have any troubles? I’m talking to my Lord. Who are you to come in between?
Get out! Go out! Stand outside. How dare he! I won’t give you any offering. Even if Lord Shiva tells me, yet
I won’t give you the offering. What is the reason, Rudraksh? You’re asking me? Did you bow down to the Lord? Have you ever bow
down to yourself? You should donate Rs 10. Why should I donate
money to myself? The money is safe with
me in any form I take. Come here. – Yes. Are you able to
understand anything? I think, he said,
God must be crazy. He didn’t say that. I used better words to
make you understand. Shut up! – Bunty, hold this. What do you think I am? Listen, don’t get angry.
– Are you a great man? You know nothing. The one who
suffers knows what it is like. Bala troubles me. Now,
he gives lectures. I’m having a hard time. This is the last time,
I’m telling you. You two would vacate my
house by 10 am, tomorrow. Else, I shall not spare… Shankar, he is very angry. Please do as he says. Please go. Please go. Make him understand. How dare he give
a lecture to me? Priest, calm down. I have never seen you so angry.
– This is nothing. Tomorrow, you shall
see a change me in. No one will step out of
their houses tomorrow. Because I’m going to
throw Bala out tomorrow. Bala, come out. Today, I shall decide for you. Have you got rogues along? This doesn’t suit us. Keep shut! Else, I’ll kill you. He would calm down in no time.
Just like you. Come out. Will you come out or
should I come in? Are you planning
to play a match? They’re professional
killers, not players. If I let them lose, they
will kill you in no time. Are they dogs to be under you? It’s no use talking to him. Attack! Whom would they attack?
Who is their target? You’re their target. Is that so? Okay. What a fool! Let’s start the game. – C’mon! Oh Lord! What has
happened to you? Lord Shiva, save me. Lord Shiva! Like you saved Markande
from being killed. Similarly, save my
life from Bala. Please save me, Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Rudraksh! “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Hail Lord Shiva!” You said, you wanted
to see me once. You’re quiet when I’m
in front of you. Lord, you granted my wish
by coming in front of me. I hope, you’re satisfied now. I’m so lucky to get this
honour unlike others. I’m so lucky. Lord, I’m your devotee.
Thank you for coming. But Bala is a selfish man. He speaks bad about
you all the time. If he speaks bad about
me, this means, he remembers me all the time. He says, you killed his parents. They did their deeds. Their time was up.
Hence, they came to me. That was destined. But he doesn’t think so. He would be enlightened one day.
– Lord… Rudraksh, Bala is a divine soul. The universe will be
benefited from him. He is born to fulfill his deeds. This is the secret of God. I hope, you’ll keep
it to yourself. God, I’m so grateful. Priest! I shall not spare you today. Shankar, do you
know where he is? Get up! You’re dead today. Bala, I made a mistake. I won’t repeat it. Henceforth, this
house will be yours. You can command me. I shall serve you if you like. I want to serve him for life. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! He always tried to flatter me. Today, he is flattering you. What spell have you
chanted over him? He must have known the truth. Lord, earlier, I assumed
you to be a stone and offered only a bowl of
uncooked rice and some sweets. Now that I know, you’re
the supreme soul, I’m serving you the best food.
Please have it, Lord. Once, a devotee offered
meat and I had had it. Why you took so much efforts? Please don’t refuse. I’ll be happy to see
you eat this food. If Bala comes home, he’ll have all
this while he take his drink. Shankar. – Here comes the devil. Priest, why are you
offering Shankar the food you offer Lord Shiva? He is the Lord. I mean, Lord is a
form of a human. He is as good as God
to save your life. Really? I like the
change in you. Carry on. – Thanks, Bala. Lord, have it quick.
Else, he’d eat it. Shankar, will you have a drink?
– What did you say? You’re an evil man!
How could you? Priest, tell me something. You’re serving Shankar who
came only 2 days back. I have lived here for years
but you never served me. You just know to
threaten people. Everyone in this world prays to him
and wants to serve him for life. Shankar, you’re my friend. Would you like to know my story
and about me? – Tell me. No, Lord. You don’t
know about him. In the end of the story, he
would abuse you and hit me. Who is at fault? – I
think, destiny. All this was destined to happen. Earlier, you always said,
Lord Shiva is at fault. Why have you changed? I haven’t changed.
– Hail Lord Shiva! Shankar, answer me. Lord Shiva is at fault.
– Very good. Should I abuse Lord Shiva?
– Yes. I will also abuse him. He is no less than a butcher. Very true. He is a murderer who
killed his father-in-law. That is so true. He is a cheat and has betrayed the
people who have worshiped him. My entire family worshiped him. But he cheated me, Shankar. Shiva, the traitor! Happy friendship day! Thank you. Happy friendship day! Same to you. Happy friendship day! Look at this band. Bala, what is the noise for? Shankar, it’s
friendship day today. Friends tie friendship
bands and wish each other. Don’t you have any friend? I neither have a mother
for mother’s day nor a father for father’s day. Where will I get a friend
for friendship day? I’m your friend who would
always want good for you. I shall be your
support for life. I’ll be your friend. “Lord Shiva, the supreme soul.” “Lord Shiva, the
ultimate power.” “Lord Shiva, your friend.” “Lord Shiva, the protector.” I thought, I’m your only friend.
But you have one more friend. Hi. – Hi. Hello. – Hi. That’s Shankar. He is my friend for life. Shankar, she is Maheshwari. Hello. ‘May all your dreams come true.’ He has blessed you for all
your dreams to come true. My friend has a unique style. C’mon! It’s for the benefit
of universe. I’ve come to tie a friendship band to you.
– Thank you so much. Give me your right hand. Shall I leave now? – Okay. Maheshwari, hold on. It’s a rule to hug after
tying the band. Right? I forgot. It’s my birthday tomorrow.
You have to come. Okay, I’ll be there. Okay. “This girl is unmarried.” “You have taken my heart away.” “This girl is unmarried.” “You have taken my heart away.” “Your eyes have told me
your feelings for me.” “Slowly, you also
took my heart away.” “Your such moves have
made me crazy for you.” “I have planned to be
with you for life.” “I think about you
all the time.” “I can see you everywhere.” “We both are going
through the same thing.” “I always talk about you.” “I feel, I have met
my soul mate.” “Slowly, you have
taken my heart away.” “Your such moves have
made me crazy for you.” “I have planned to be
with you for life.” “This girl is unmarried.” “You have taken my heart away.” “This girl is unmarried.” “You have taken my heart away.” “Let the world search for us
and we shall be lost in love.” “I will becomes your shadow.
We shall never get separated.” “I’m impressed with your talks.” “Slowly, you have
taken my heart away.” “Your such moves have
made me crazy for you.” “I have planned to be
with you for life.” “This girl is unmarried.” “You have taken my heart away.” “You’re my beloved.” “I have taken your heart away.” Mom, 5 minutes. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” We’ll go to the temple together.
Right? I’ll just get ready. Will you come along? – It’s
partial solar eclipse today. The temple will be closed
during the eclipse. The gates will open
after the eclipse, after everything is washed. People born in lunar mansion can
be affected by this eclipse. Yes, dear. Your birth was
in the lunar mansion. Swami has asked you to take
bath after the eclipse, in the pool of the temple and then
take blessings of God, so that you’re not affected
by the eclipse. The rays of the sun, come. Show me my would-be bride. Come out! Come out. It’ll be fun. We take an oath to kill the
destructor of this universe. We take an oath. Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! She brought emotions
in a heartless man. You have turned a
stone into a flower. What a surprise! Have
you come to the temple? Shankar says, we should go
anywhere our friend calls us. Happy birthday. – Thank you. Will you come in…
– Please continue. I’ll be right back. Maheshwari! Attack! Maheshwari! Maheshwari! Maheshwari! Be careful! Wait! We have to
kill her, not him. Save her. Oh Lord. What’s going on?
– I don’t know. Maheshwari! Maheshwari! You can kill us today. In a few days, more Aghoris
would come from Kashi. They would definitely
kill Maheshwari. Let’s go. Hail Lord Shiva! Maheshwari! Go! Whoever falls in love with you or tries to get you,
I won’t spare him. You are mine! You belong to me. Maheshwari, it’ll be fun. ‘You can kill us today.’ ‘In a few days, more Aghoris
would come from Kashi.’ ‘They would definitely
kill Maheshwari.’ There’s always a motive to
attack or murder anyone. You have no enemy in your
professional or personal life. If that is so, why did those Aghoris living in
Kashi came here to kill Maheshwari? There should be
some reason to it. Even we’re unable to understand. Bala. You risked your life
to save Maheshwari. I don’t know how to thank you. Henceforth, you’ll be treated
as a part of this family. Now that, I’m in this family. Henceforth, I shall be with Maheshwari.
Don’t worry about her. I’ll see you later. Bye. – Bye. “Neither you can live without
me nor can I live without you.” “Let’s make this promise today.” “We shall only give and
take love from each other.” “We shall be together
till eternity.” “My world becomes a beautiful
place as you’re with me.” “The world smiles
when you smile.” “My world is in your arms.” “You’re the world to me.” “Neither you can live without
me nor can I live without you.” “Let’s make this promise today.” “We shall only give and
take love from each other.” “We shall be together
till eternity.” “We’re walking on
the path of love.” “We wish, our love
should never fall weak.” “We shall never complain. We
shall not break this chain.” “We shall show the world,
we can never part.” “My life seems to be very
beautiful than before.” “Neither you can live without
me nor can I live without you.” “Let’s make this promise today.” “We shall only give and
take love from each other.” “We shall be together
till eternity.” “My heart is like a mirror and you
can see your reflection in it.” “Our love story will be
an unforgetful one.” “We shall never complain. We
shall not break this chain.” “We shall show the world,
we can never part.” “My life seems to be very
beautiful than before.” “Neither you can live without
me nor can I live without you.” “Let’s make this promise today.” “We shall only give and
take love from each other.” “We shall be together
till eternity.” Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Give me some alms! Today, you’re a beggar
because you chant his name. Really? You’re a living a life
that is given by Him. Why do you get so angry
by hearing His name? That’s very weird, Lord Shiva. I can’t hear his name. Human have ordinary names. But Lord Shiva is
the supreme soul. If the supreme soul leaves
you, you’ll be dead. Where does Aghoris live,
who survive on the dead? What? Aghori? It’s foolishness to go
to them and see them. You won’t return if
you go to meet them. You shall risk your life. Attack! Attack! A black sheep is amongst us.
Catch him. Do you want to kill me? I want to know, why you
want to kill Maheshwari. What would you do? You won’t be able to save her. You’ll be dead, if
you don’t tell me. Ordinary people are
scared of death. We’re Aghoris, chant to
achieve enlightenment. Ash is our shield. Corpse gives us nutrition. Chanting Lord Shiva’s
name gives us life. Our motive is to
benefit the universe. Hence we want to
kill Maheshwari, who is an ex-gratia
of Goddess Parvati. Why do you want to kill Maheshwari
for the benefit of universe? You have to know the truth
to understand all this. Andhakasur is the only
demon alive in this world. If he marries Maheshwari, who
was born on an auspicious time, on the day of complete solar
eclipse, and then kill her, he would conquer the 5 elements. If that happens, the world
would come to an end. We’re trying to not
let that happen. If that’s true, kill that demon.
Why kill Maheshwari? It’s impossible to kill
Andhakasur, the demon. We have no powers to kill him. He is a dangerous demon who
showered fire on Gods and Goddess. He has the power to
raise the demon world. If we kill Maheshwari
before their wedding, he won’t be able to
attain his motive. It’s necessary to kill Maheshwari
for the benefit of this world. Listen. I can sacrifice
my life for Maheshwari. If required, I can
kill someone too. People come to Kashi
to get peace. I warn you to not harm Maheshwari.
It can risk your life. If I see you near
her, you’ll be dead. Why did you let him go? Let him do his job. We shall do our job. Maheshwari, it would be fun. This is magic. Beautiful! Amazing! Dad! Maheshwari! Maheshwari, what happened? Say something. – He
looked like a demon. He looked very scary. It must be a nightmare. It was no nightmare, mom. It’s just an assumption.
You’ll be fine. Please believe me, mom. Marriage. Get Maheshwari married
soon with a good boy. It will end all her problems. Andhakar, I think, you don’t
like the way you look. – Yes. Not only that girl but no human would not like the way you look. If that is so, I shall change
my form and get married to her. Don’t be in haste. Your dream will
come true only if that girl willingly marries you and then gets ready
to sacrifice herself. Hence, you have to win
that girl with love. You have to be patient
and understand her. You have to use your brains and accept her. She is scared of me.
This is impossible. Andhakar, this can be possible.
– How? You can enter the man’s body
who would marry that girl. Make her agree to do so. You can get what you want
only if you act smart. Only 15 days are left for
the complete solar eclipse. You might not believe in all
this but those Aghoris do. You’re saying, that have
promised to kill Maheshwari before the day of
complete solar eclipse. It’s your responsibility to save
Maheshwari by marrying her. I like her. But she
should also like me. Who wouldn’t like you, Bala? If it is destined, everything
will happen in time. Bala. – Please come. You have come at the right time.
We were talking about you. How is Maheshwari?
– I’m here for her. Hello. – Hello. I think, I have
seen him somewhere. You must have seen
him in a temple. Maheshwari isn’t able to
forget whatever happened. She gets scared at night. You saved her life. Only you
can give her the courage. If you don’t mind,
will you stay with us for a few days, in our house? I’ll be very grateful. – Please. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely come
for Maheshwari. Wonderful! All this
is planned by you. You made him come here. If you would also have
gone with Bala… ‘Promise me, Lord Shiva.
– Your wish is granted.’ I have granted the wish.
I can’t go. I can do anything and break
all limits for people who believe in me and
are close to me. Maheshwari! – Yes, dad. Bala would stay with us for a few days.
– Okay, dad. This is your room. It’s very nice. Did you see a ghost
of a man or woman? Do you think it’s funny? I was so scared. – Are
you not scared now? I don’t need to be
scared if you’re here. Did you like the room? If I was at my
house, at this hour, as I reach home, the entire
group would come running and surprise me by
shouting, ‘Bala’. We would all sit silently
and start our program. What after that? All my friends would
narrate a story to me. ‘Years ago, there was king.’ I would also narrate
a story to them. What after that? After that, we’d sing
devotional songs. Everyone in my house
loves devotional songs. You can sing it here. – Here? I don’t think, your
family would like it. I also lived my life in style. But I had to leave
them and come here for the people whom I like.
I can do this much for you. Do you really like me? – A lot. My beautiful Hyderabad. Wow! Rahul, this is fun. Uncle. – Hey, Rahul. How are you? – I’m fine. You look so smart. Welcome.
– Thank you. Hasn’t Maheshwari come? No. Everyone is waiting
for you at home. Okay. Hey! Get down! Go away! Go! Ramu. – Gopal, where are you?
Take them. Sorry, Rahul. They’re not
comfortable with new faces. It’s okay, uncle. Dogs are very loyal
to their owners. I love dogs. Take them away. Welcome, Rahul. Chandrakanth! Manoj! You guessed it right. How are you? I like it. He is so strong. – Rahul. He respects elders. He
is so well-mannered. He would address me as mom
in childhood and follow me. Now, he has grown so tall. I’m so happy to meet you all…
– Bala, come. He is Bala, the one
who saved Maheshwari. He is Rahul. – Hi. He is the son of my
business partner. He is settled in
America with his dad. He is Maheshwari’s
would-be husband. He has come here to get married. Thank you for saving
my would-be wife. Henceforth, I shall
take care of her. All the best. All the best. What a joke! Maheshwari, didn’t
you recognise him? He is Rahul. You’re
childhood friends. Hi, Maheshwari. – Hi. Do you know why Rahul
has come here? He has come to marry you. ‘You have taken birth for me.’ ‘And I have come here for you.’ Uncle, what’s the matter? Maheshwari isn’t being
able to recognise me. It’s nothing, Rahul. It’s just that
she is meeting you after so long. Maheshwari is feeling shy after
knowing about her wedding. Bala, I’m yours. I’m yours. – I’m with you. “The season of love is to get
lost in each other’s arms.” “The atmosphere is very cosy. I
hope, we don’t do something wrong.” “Listen to what I have to say.
Why have the heart beats rose?” “I felt something
when you touched me.” “The season of love is to get
lost in each other’s arms.” “The atmosphere is very cosy. I
hope, we don’t do something wrong.” “Your charm is making
me go crazy for you.” “Beloved, take me in your arms.” “Your eyes have mesmerized me.
I have no control over me.” “I can feel love all around me.” “The season of love is to get
lost in each other’s arms.” “The atmosphere is very cosy. I
hope, we don’t do something wrong.” “There is something
new in the air.” “I hope we never get part.” “You have filled
happiness in my life.” “Your eyes have mesmerized me.
I have no control over me.” “The season of love is to get
lost in each other’s arms.” “The atmosphere is very cosy. I
hope, we don’t do something wrong.” Director, how is this dialogue? ‘What should I do
with you, Kalia?’ It’s superb. – Thank you. Get me coconut water
to wash my hands. Cut! Director, did I act well? Will people go crazy to buy my
rings after seeing this ad? I have an experience
of 30 years. Whatever I shoot
becomes history. Thanks. Where is the heroine? – She
asked for 1 billion. Didn’t you tell her about me?
– She refused. Who would be the actress then?
– We’ll take her look-alike. Camera! Who is he? Who is he? He is big director
in the ad world. He is giving a chance to all
of us in Chalaraja’s ad. I’m here to see your talent. ‘Hello. Earlier,’ ‘I was very upset and poor.’ ‘I earned nothing.’ ‘Then my friend called me,’ ‘and asked me to’ ‘visit Chalaraja as
soon as I could.’ ‘He would give me a ring.’ ‘It will solve all my problems.’ ‘He gave me this ring’ ‘and then, my life changed.’ ‘Then I got a chance
to write scripts for’ ‘movies like 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par,
Munna Bhai My best friend’s wedding.’ ‘Titanic! – Titanic.’ ‘I wrote scripts and
dialogues for these movies.’ Really? – ‘Hail Chalaraja!’ ‘Was I good?’ Come here. Have you ever written scripts? Bala, I have copied this script. Next! – ‘Today, as you can see,’ ‘I’m as smart as an actor.’ ‘Do you know how I
looked 3 months ago?’ ‘This was me. – Yes.’ ‘You’re unable to
believe it, right? But this is true.’ ‘People teased me and
called me dwarf.’ ‘Kids would throw stones at me.’ ‘Then I contacted
Chalaraja, the great.’ ‘I purchased this
ring and wore it.’ ‘After wearing it,
I became tall.’ Hey, you. Come here. You too. Who is he if he has
grew to become you? We don’t have to give
explanations to audience, Bala. Do you think, they’re fools? ‘There was stone in pulses,
flour, kidney and heart.’ ‘Stones were in temple
and also the houses.’ ‘My world was filled
with stones.’ ‘Hence, I’d like to
say, but a stone, ‘take a stone and fulfill
all your desires.’ ‘As I live in Himalaya,’ ‘I cannot distribute
such majestic stones.’ ‘Only my student,
Chalaraja would do it.’ ‘Chala, my student. – Yes, sir.’ ‘Bend down!’ Do what I say! Where is the sage? He is lucky as he is not here. Bala, I’m right here. Get aside. – He is very unlucky. What did they give you to do this ad?
– 1 full bottle. He refused when
we gave him half. Until today, you cheated
people of the colony. Now, you want to cheat the
entire state with this ad. Bala, please wear a ring.
– You… Good morning. – Good
morning, Bala. I wanted to talk to you.
– Tell me. Maheshwari and I… One minute. Hello. Yes. I’ll call you later. Okay. – Sorry, Bala. Tell me. Maheshwari and I…
– Vishwanath, come here. Look, what has happened? We’re unable to understand
how this happened. That day, Aghoris
attacked Maheshwari. Today, all our pet
dogs have dies. I think, something inauspicious
is going to happen. I can clearly see a bad omen. Show me the astrological chart
of her would-be husband. What is this? You’re showing me the
astrological chart of a dead man. What do you mean? Swami, he is in my house.
– That’s impossible. He died 2 days back. If this chart is right,
he cannot be alive. If he is alive, this cannot
be his astrological chart. Uncle, what happened? What are you thinking
at this hour? I showed your astrological chart to the Swami to fix a day
for the marriage. He said, ‘you died 2 days back’. How could you believe him when I’m
standing right in front of you? Should I believe what he said? Should I believe
what I’m seeing? I’m unable to understand it. Swami has never been wrong. Swami wants our good. I can’t get you married to
Maheshwari by disobeying him. Rahul, go back to America. Sorry. Vishwanath! I haven’t come here to go back. I have come here to
marry your daughter. That old man told you
about Rahul who is dead. But he didn’t tell you about
me who is alive within him. I asked you to fix
marriage date but you have fixed
your day of death. I won’t spare anyone
who comes in my way. Who are you? Do you want to see? I’m Andhkasur, the demon. Maheshwari! – Bala. Rajeshwari! – Bala. Rajeshwari! – Hey! No one in this house
can hear your voice. Bala! Bala! – Rajeshwari! Father-in-law, this is fun. Bala! Bala! What happened? Vishwanath! Oh Lord! Vishwanath! Doctor. – Doctor. He is fine now. As he has got a deep
wound on his brain, he can only see and hear.
All other senses are dead. I can’t say how much time he
would take to become normal. You can take him home
after a few days. You can continue the
treatment at home. Maheshwari. – My family
thinks, I’m very lucky. Bala, it is untrue.
I’m so unlucky. I’m the reason of all the
problems my family is facing. I don’t understand. Maheshwari, stop
crying like kids. Bala, please take me to the
temple tomorrow. – Temple? I want to give an offering
on my dad’s behalf. Please, Bala. For my sake. Of course, I will take
you to the temple. ‘So, he is your beloved.’ Yes, Rahul. I would
only marry Bala. This incident happened
before I could tell anyone. Please try to
understand me, Rahul. ‘Your dream will come true
only if that girl willingly’ ‘marries you and then gets
ready to sacrifice herself.’ Congratulations, Bala.
Maheshwari told me everything. Maheshwari has a great choice. I’ll return to America after
attending your wedding. Can I come to the
temple with you two? Of course, you can. You drive well. Similarly, you’ll
have a smooth life. Maheshwari is very lucky. If you would’ve said
the day I came, it would’ve been easy for me. Everything happens
for something good. ‘Wait and watch what
would happen now.’ Bala, what’s wrong?
– Break fail. Jump, Maheshwari. – I
won’t jump, leaving you. Listen to me. Jump. No. – You also jump. Jump! Nandi! Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Regional prayers.. Bala! Bala! Bala! Rahul, please go
back to America. It’s dangerous here. We
can’t risk your life. No, dear. Please go back. Aunt, I didn’t come here only to be a part of
your happy moments. I want to be at the
time of your sorrows. Uncle, don’t be sad. I shall not leave. I shall get married
to Maheshwari. I won’t leave without
fulfilling your desires. I won’t go. ‘We love each other. We
want to get married.’ Did you think, I’d leave
after hearing all this? I’ll give you only one option. Get out from this house and
Maheshwari’s life. Else… Do you think, I’m a fool? What do you know about me? Are you being very smart because I’m very
smooth and neat? I won’t spare you. If you play games, you won’t
find a mean boy like me. You won’t be able to get
Maheshwari until I’m alive. You gave me only one option, right?
But I’ll give you 2 options. One, go back to America
as soon as you can. Second, if you don’t go, I shall
break your bones and courier it. Hey! Control yourself. Get one thing very clear.
Maheshwari is mine! And I shall marry Maheshwari. ‘How come you don’t fear me?’ Bala, are you scared? – Shankar,
I’m not scared of death. I’m only worried
about my sister. I’m with you. Don’t worry
about your sister. Just take care of Maheshwari. Only 4 days are left for
complete solar eclipse. Lord Shiva! Andhakar, you seem angry.
What is the reason? This is not anger. I’m in pain and
I can’t do anything about it. Who is responsible for it?
– You. Me? – Yes. You promise to not
create problems as I want to marry Maheshwari.
– I agree. I am keeping my promise. If that is so, why
did you save Bala, who created problems
to reach my goal? Please answer me. It’s the God’s duty
to save his devotee. Is he a bigger devotee than me,
who sacrificed his head to you? You had a selfish motive. That too for the
destruction of this world. His devotion has
no selfish motive. It is for the benefit
of this world. Then the promise you made
to me is meaningless. I shall not create problems
for you to achieve your goal. But why shouldn’t I help him? Did
you take such promise from me? Wonderful! You’re so cunning. Don’t try to manipulate
like Vishnu and cheat me. You cannot pretend
in front of me. Shiva, this is my last warning. As per your promise, my
wish will be fulfilled only if you don’t help Bala. Andhakar, you’re showing
your true colours. You’re blaming me for the
mistake that you did. Did I make a mistake? – Yes. Years ago, you tried
to kill a boy who could be an obstacle
in achieving your goal. Bala is that same boy.
– That’s impossible. I killed him there and then. That was your mistake. Bala is a divine soul who is born to marry Maheshwari. This is unfair. Now, I have
understood your plan. Lord Shiva, until now,
I was your devotee. But from this very moment,
I shall be your enemy. You have only witnessed
my devotion, till now. Henceforth, you shall
witness my anger. Not only you but if also
all Gods unite with you, yet no one would be able
to save Bala from me. I shall kill him, marry
Maheshwari, then kill her and conquer the 5 elements. I shall rule the universe. ‘A dirty mind can
ruin everything.’ “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Hail Lord Shiva!” Bala! Look. You wanted
me to walk, right? I’m being able to walk. Bala! Bala, your dream has come
true after so many years. How did this happen? It’s a miracle in
the medical field. Believe it or not, God has cured your sister. My dear sister. I’ve got to know, Swami
is back from Kashi. As Rajeshwari desires, we
shall go to the ashram tomorrow and decide on
Maheshwari’s wedding. Vishwanath! Swami. – Greetings. Vishwanath came to me with a
boy’s astrological chart. Yes, Swami. It was Rahul’s
astrological chart. Get him married to Maheshwari
as soon as you can. I had told this to Vishwanath. But an evil power attacked him before he could share
this news with you all. Evil power! Your family is under a bad omen. If you want to get rid of it, you
should get Maheshwari married on the day of complete
solar eclipse. How can they get married
during solar eclipse? The girl who was born at
the presence of 5 elements should get married on the
day of solar eclipse. Swami, it’s not that. – I know. I know what is in your heart. If you don’t get
married to Rahul, you all would die one-by-one. Your house will turn
into a cremation ground. No, Swami. Don’t say that. We’re unable to tolerate
what has happened till now. If something more
happens in this family, we won’t be able to take it. As you said, we shall soon get
Maheshwari married to Rahul. We’ll get them
married soon, Swami. Don’t worry. I shall
handle the evil. Make arrangements for the wedding.
– Wedding? ‘Bala, so you have come.’ Stop! Evil needs a shelter. The one who has sheltered
the evil spirit is none other than him. This old man has lost it.
– Stop your non-sense. Swami… – I know. He is responsible
of all the problems that has come on this family. He is responsible for the
Aghoris attack on Maheshwari. He is responsible for
the death of your dogs. He is also responsible
for the car accident. He is also responsible for
Vishwanath’s condition. He is responsible for everything.
– Shut up! Why are you blaming
everything on me? What do you think I am? Do you think I’d believe anything
you say because you’re a sage? I’m not crazy like them. Bala. I believe in me. People like them are fools to
believe in Gods and sage like you. That’s how you can cheat them. I shall show them,
you’re a cheat. I will prove that you’re
bringing in the bad omen. I shall prove you wrong. Come with me. Look there. Shankar! You can witness it. – Hey! Don’t say a word against him. He is my friend, Shankar.
– Listen to him. He says, this evil
man is his friend. Yes, Swami. He is Bala’s friend.
He is a very good man. You just know this. I
shall show you the truth. Come with me. – C’mon! Shankar! Why are you sitting
in this graveyard? This old man is saying
nonsense about you. What are you doing here? How can you say I’m
talking non-sense? I’ll make him spill the truth. The ash on your forehead
is the cremation ash. Is it right or wrong? You control the spirits and souls.
Is it right or wrong? This is just a disguise. Your real form is something else.
Is this right or wrong? It’s true. Now, do you believe me? I have come to save this
family and unmask you. Look, I have trapped
you in your own plan. Swami! Swami. – Maheshwari. Don’t trust him. Never trust him. – Swami? Never trust him! You fraud! Being a friend, how
could you cheat me? You saved me. Hence I respected
you like my elder brother. I don’t know what would I do
if you’re in front of me. Go away! I came for you. I came because you called me. I
would also go, if you ask me to. Hey! Nothing related to you
would be with me. “Lord Shiva, the creator!” “Lord Shiva, a friend!” “Lord Shiva, the protector.” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Lord Shiva, the powerful one.” “Lord Shiva, the voice within.” “Lord Shiva, the supreme soul.” Is all this right? I don’t know what
is right and wrong. The only truth I know is I love you.
– That’s it. That’s enough. Henceforth, never
follow Maheshwari. You better don’t
wander near our house. Let’s go, Maheshwari. You’re alone now. Maheshwari would be mine. So, you know the truth. I won’t leave you. – Aunt,
he is hurting me. Rahul. – Someone save him. Leave Rahul. Let go off me. – Let him go. Bala. – I won’t spare him. Rahul. He is… Rahul, are you fine? Believe me. He is a
demon, not Rahul. We know everyone’s reality. Why do you want to
destroy our family? Please listen to me once. What is left? Watchman, throw him out. Dad! What happened? Are you fine? Someone help him. Are you fine? What’s the matter, dad? Only you know the truth.
Speak up. What truth are you
talking about? Stop it! You might not be
wrong to cheat us. But I was wrong to trust you. Please leave. – Maheshwari. Please leave. – Maheshwari,
listen to me. Please leave. Please leave. Dad! Look at his real face. He is Andhakasur. He is Andhakasur. I’m Andhakasur, the demon. You want me right! Leave Bala! If you will marry
me I will leave him Will you marry me? -Yes I will! I will marry you. Look at me. Look into my eyes and say, will you willingly marry me? Answer me. Yes, I’ll marry you. I shall willingly marry you. Let’s go! The majestic temple that is
hidden inside the earth, your king, the king of the demon
world, Andhakasur is here. Appear in front of me. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! “The sky shouts for your
presence, Lord Shiva.” “We’re in trouble. Please
open your third eye.” “The sky shouts for your
presence, Lord Shiva.” “We’re in trouble. Please
open your third eye.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva, please wake up.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva, please
listen to us.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “The sky shouts for your
presence, Lord Shiva.” “We’re in trouble. Please
open your third eye.” Bila! “Shiva, become the Lingum
that touches the sky.” “Play your drum and let
it be heard by all.” “Shiva, become the Lingum
that touches the sky.” “Make this world a
place to live in.” “You killed the evil-doers
with your anger.” “You freed this world
from sinners.” “You killed the evil-doers
with your anger.” “You freed this world
from sinners.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Appear again in a
special disguise.” “Teach us the laws of life.” “You drank all the poison
that was for the world.” “Today, it’s time to test him.
Give him the courage.” “The world is in danger. Take
the form of the 5 elements.” “Come and destroy
all the demons.” “The world is in danger. Take
the form of the 5 elements.” “Come and destroy
all the demons.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “Hail Lord Shiva!” “You’re the one who makes the world
dance to your tunes.” – Shiva! Lord Shiva, I shall
fulfill the job for which you have send me to this earth. Hail Lord Shiva! Bala, this is Veerbhadra’s majestic sword.
Victory shall be yours. “Hail Lord Shiva, the
vanquisher of obstacles.” “You’re the one who makes the
world dance to your tunes.” Maheshwari, this is fun. Om, I’m the supreme power. I command the constellation of the
5 elements to appear on the sky. The powers of earth, come to me.
Raise yourself. The powers of water, come to me.
Raise yourself. The powers of fire, come to me.
Raise yourself. The powers of air, come to me.
Raise yourself. The powers of sky, come to me. Come to me. Raise yourself. Bila, this is fun. Bala, Andhkasur has completed
the first procedure. We have to stop him, now. Andhakar, let’s move ahead. Hail the power of fire. Present
the majestic marital necklace. Maheshwari! Maheshwari is in
Andhkar’s control. Andhakar, if you break
your concentration, you won’t be able to
complete your job. Concentrate on your task.
– Try stopping him. Present the majestic
marital necklace again. Lord Shiva! Sir. It’s okay if we all die. Only you have the power
to destroy the evil. Go. Make her wear the
marital necklace, now. Have you come here to die? The fire of revenge within
me will turn you into ashes. Shut up! I’m no paper that would
turn into ashes. I’m as strong as a knife
to divide you in 2 parts. I’m born to kill you. I’m destined to kill you, today. You’re an ordinary man.
You can’t harm me. That’s what you think. I have the powers of the 5
elements to destroy your powers. I have the support of Lord
Shiva to end the last demon. Not anymore. Shiva left as he was scared
of my powers and strength. You shall die. I will tear your heart
and send you to Shiva. Fight with me if you
have the courage. Tear me if you can. My heart beats are the music
that is played on the drums. And we all shall
dance on your death. Andhakar, don’t waste time. Before the complete
solar eclipse ends, you have to make this girl
wear the marital necklace. Get that marital necklace
and make this girl wear it. Then, we shall sacrifice her head.
C’mon! Get up! Come with me. C’mon! Sit in front of the
sacrificial altar. Shankar! “I’m so grateful as you have
appeared in front of me, Lord.” “Grant me powers,
so that I can save the world from the evil-doers.” “Lord Shiva, the protector!” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Lord Shiva, the destructor!” Andhakar, make her wear
the marital necklace. Hail Lord Shiva! “Play your drum and
let the time change.” “Let it destroy the evil.” “Your end is nearing.” “Play your drum and
let the time change.” “Let it destroy the evil.” “Your end is nearing.” “Let it destroy the evil.” “Your sins will come to an end.” “It’s your end. You
shall be destroyed.” “You shall be destroyed.” You shall be destroyed.” Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! “The sky shouts for your
presence, Lord Shiva.” “We’re in trouble. Please
open your third eye.” “The sky shouts for your
presence, Lord Shiva.” “We’re in trouble. Please
open your third eye.”

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