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  • Simply one of the best documentaries that i have ever seen, thanks for filming this and informing the public about all these injustices commited all over the world.

  • If you truly study history you will see human life has always meant very little. Very sad to see life on this planet isn't more meaningful.

  • I take concern in exposing if th faces of children kidnapped and involved ,at international level ,they are protected,did you change their addresses after that?no.sad!

  • "eye opening reality" report along with environment and sustainability and development with good for all in 21st century. remedial steps must be taken now for better life to all.

  • Whether you are for slavery, or against slavery…whether the christian bible promotes it or is against it….whether getting paid to be slave is slavery or not…all is in the eyes and opinions of the beholder….modern day politically correct fascists have changed the definition of everything to promote their own political or religious or personal agenda…..What is a Child?….a young man or women of 15, 17 or even 20 years old can be considered a child under modern distorted definitions….What is a slave?…..again, the modern day fascists have changed the meanings to meet their agendas….Are not modern day wage hour workers who work for the rich, really just slaves, when their refusal to join the system and work for the rich can mean their denial of the basic human needs of land, food, shelter and freedom?….and what right does Deutsche Welle have in determining that child soldiers, household workers, sex workers, etc. are slaves when everyone…everyone, in this modern world are just slaves to the rich in one form or another?….This is just another sensationalist news media production to show human suffering for their own profit or benefit or their own agenda…..We all suffer…We are all slaves….It has always occurred and it will always continue to occur…..This depressing video will change nothing.

  • Frightening, sad, and a call to action! Thank you DW. I dream for the day when we no longer need these kinds of documentaries.

  • Man this is disturbing… Next level of total insanity.
    Why no any human rights organization can't stop this nightmare? 😠

  • Yes, colonialism was definitly not the worst that happened in Africa. When civilized world abandoned Africa, beasts and devil’s advocates took over.

  • That Caesar scumbag should be put to death or forced to do shackled farm work for the rest of his life. What is the point in wasting resources on people like that?

  • Capitalism as it is today is institutionalised slavery…. The inheritors are the capitalists and life is a party for them, the rest of the people serve.

  • 9:31 DW, what this boy is saying is true….in my country Angola when it was in war not long ago, the soldiers also used to abduct kids so that they could care some load or weapon and ammunition…I even had meet someone on his 20's who was abducted while kid, he was the boy who used to carry the guns and load them while in battle, he was not alone, many kids also were with him, and he told us that he flee while in battle..the battle was so intense (HUAMBO) that the soldiers did not notice him, is believed that the soldiers from opposition( UNITA) used to do it…but the government side (FAA) used to do it as well., I saw it with my eyes…the government side used to go is schools and public market to find boys, even in transports…for example cars coming from Luanda going to Benguela, the military(government side) used to stop the cars and check everyone,..they used to see if you have pubic hair, no matter your age…if you are 12 and you already have pubic hair you gone for training and then battle…I was always short and with no pubic hair yet, that is why they did not take me, otherwise I would not be here in Asia watching this Documentary lol

  • Even the crows crows with violent demonic authority around the Indian brick kiln

    Certainly they must be influenced by what they must be seeing, given the means even they would enslave

  • My Heart cries so much for all these people, for all the abducted children, how can there be so much evil in a man´s heart?

  • Please don't use slaves. God brought us out of the House of Bondage, it says in his holy word in Exodus 20 KJV. Slave trade is an abomination to the Lord. God hates them who do it and sends them into hell.

  • follow the money and the weapons…how hard can that be if the human rights groups are genuine to rid off this slavery demon?

  • Honestly, I need to listen to this documentary. And I used to believe I was enough hardened by working as a physician all my life, in touch with all kind of human misery, in hospital wards, ambulances and anywhere else.This is another kind of cruelty, much worst. Can not watch the faces of these people, their eyes tell stories that we hardly can imagine. What could we possibly do to help to stop this kind of suffering?

  • Newsflash : if you are not part of some elite family corporate bank owners you are a slave too . We are all slaves doing useless things 9 to 5 everyday , to perpetuate this useless system that creates all the problems pollution , homelessness , wars . Wake up

  • Colonization is the worst thing humanity has done and the cause of all these problems . Forcing a slavery colonial system on tribal self sufficient human settlements around the world . And we still have this system today .

  • Until the philosophy that hold one race superior than another is finally an permanently abandoned
    Until the color of a man skin has no more significant that the color or his eyes
    until there are no longer no 1st class an 2nd class citizens of any nation

    An until that day every way is war

    War war

    War in the east war in the west war up north war down south

    War war

    Bob Marley………war

  • Anybody thinks white men started slavery this is living proof that black people was slaving each other upon themselves before the white man came to Africa and even today they still doing it and you wonder why the black man or black people in general. Louis race…

  • Great documentary!! And love the channel.
    Can y'all please help me get to 1000 subscribers! I upload daily documentaries

  • But the greater evil is someone is behind these leaders pulling the "strings" in these countries. They have to be getting paid huge amounts of money to oppress their own people the so, called …. leaders in the African nations.

  • Systematic destruction of a member-group of people. Years and years of person on person persecution that methodically, imbalances, the people keeping them against each other starting from a young age.

  • While I respect and continue to follow DW documentaries, am in doubt with the timelines of stories about the LRA. Kony has not been active in Uganda for nearly 10 years or even more. The boy and girl narrating how they were forced to kill are barely 15 years. How old were they when they were abducted and later on forced to kill. This is similar to 'Kony 2012' that went viral then, even at that time, Kony had not been in Uganda for over 5 years. Whereas these acts have no place in Humanity and should be punished, story tellers and journalists ought to be truthful.

  • THat rich man, ANdrew is his name I think is a hero and has the moral courage and and compassion to do whats right for people being treated less then animals. This is a World wide epimemic and he should be an example to all the other 1% rich Elite to also step up and crawl out of their selfish skins and do something right. I read once in the Bible, " its easier for a camel to fit thru the eye of a needle then it is for a rich man to make it to heaven" These are serious words that folks to heed too… Love Russell Crowe, great video

  • At 41:05 the man in white says less then 50,000, really and we're suppose to believe you.. Its probably more like 1 million…

  • Funny how sadam hussein, gaddafi were easily over thrown by the west while they were government while Lra is just a gorilla movement is still operational who is sponsoring this atrocities show us the perpetrators please

  • The amount of violence is beyond me, and that tells the blindness that i have by not even knowing about the existence of that level of violence.

  • I lived in ZAMBIAFOR 55yrs and never seen anything like this totally DISGUSTING the worst CRIMINALS in Africa Emperor Bokassa Mobutu Sereseko Idi Amin Kabila DRCfinally Robert Mugabe his ZANU PF killed lot of people in the Diamond field I witnessed even to day ZAMBIA IS PEACE FULL Thank you

  • It's time us good people stand up and get rid of slave masters, war Lord's, human trafficking etc let's fight and get the future our next generation deserve

  • In the UK for forty years pakistani mushlim men have drugged, raped, sold and murdered white and Hindu children.
    Sex slavery happening to this day.
    The weak government who did nothing but try to soften the blow calling them "grooming gangs."

  • 😰💔💔💔 how can this exist!! We must fight against this!! I had to mute my television at times because I couldn’t bare the details of those gruesome experiences that these poor kids went through and I’m sure they haven’t received counselling to start the healing of their emotional trauma! 😢

  • Oh u guys didn't know bout this??? Ol the dirty liberals. They only tell u about the black slaves form 400 years ago. Hahahahahahaha

  • As a ugandan joseph kony never existed. president yoweri Museveni is responsable for the killing and suffering of the people of northern uganda.

  • You know those ungrateful drama queens that sit there on their iPhones, bitching away on social media about how horrible everything is?
    Send them this.

  • Id like to know how all the millionaires in the world with ability to stop this just sit in there nice houses and ignore the problems. I've never personally seen any rich person help anyone. Only the poor regularly try to help the poor. I want to be rich so I can give more than the little I can now… Show the world what you should do if your being blessed with that much.

  • 12:00 Powerfull stories, no kids should see that or be a part of it, no kids!
    When I wrote about this on FB years ago, no one seems to care, they would not belive it…
    it’s so sad, so sad..

  • Absolutely horrendous acts by such undesirable organisations like LRA. DW has documented this wonderfully and I appreciate that. Sharing with my friends.

  • Heart-wrenching and terrifying. It is unbelievable what humans will do to others, especially the vulnerable and weak. Not to minimize the atrocities committed, I question the claim that in 20 years the LRA abducted an estimated 100,000 children. How are they coming to their numbers? If experts estimate that in 2016 "alone" around 428 children were abducted by the LRA, the math does not work out. 428 per year x 20 years is 8,560 abductions. How do they account for the remaining 91,440‬?

  • I feel so bad about that especially knowing that my english teammates want to "present" the benefits of war. Our subject presentation is :
    Without war life would be a mistake. Shame, must share that video. Thanks DW

  • Evolution is the "scientific" excuse to belittle people for being lower on the evolutionary ladder than other "races" of people. This is the rationale behind racism/slavery. Evolution make it easy to call some humans ANIMALS and others SUPERIOR because the SUPERIOR ones have evolved for longer. Evolution is like a horrible drug you get high on in life that excuse you from everything, faith in a loving and just creator/designer of the world is the medicine, choose wisely.

  • Slavery makes the caucasian global terrorist system function properly. Show the puppet masters. The caucasians taught them well how to torture and kill. The docs starts off with a big fat lie , pertaining to the numbers of enslaved Peoples to uphold power, control and the narrative. Making this documentary won't absolve caucasians of their collective global atrocities.

  • How you didn’t strike that mofo down with a machete where he sat is beyond me. You’d have done the world a favor.
    I’m not sure I’d have survived that encounter. One of us is dying, that simple.

  • i feel bad for the slaves, they dont get money for there work, its just sad, your so lucky that you have a house,car,food,electronics, dont be jealous of anything, be yourself.

  • Humanity needs to be aware and do something about this. Never mind being rich with wealth. How can anyone live with this going on? Wake up world. This Leader's of these Countries are EViL.

  • It’s difficult to even conceive of, let alone reason why this is even a thing in the 21st century. Those who are enduring this are gonna need more than thoughts and prayers. Fortunately, slowly but surely there are those who help and do what can possibly be done in this trialing circumstance.

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