Start Learning Japanese! (How to Self Study!) 日本語を学ぼう!

I’m… I’m tall!! NOOOOO!!! We’re gonna get you logged back in and you’re going to STUDY! You can do it! B: No, I’m scared! L: It’s not scary!! You can do it! Hey Guys! Before we get started, let me share a quick tip. If you’re learning a language I wanted to let you know about a website called This is the resource I used to find a native speaker who’s teaching me italian, But if you’re looking for custom, 1×1 lessons in Japanese, English, or another language check the link below to see how you can get a free lesson. Yoohoo, hey guys! A lot of you have been asking about how you can get started learning Japanese So… This is Boomer. He wants to learn Japanese. Boomer already knows a few phrases. “Pencil” “Yummy!” “I want to eat pizza.” “I’m going to Japan…” “Want some sugar?” “Roger!!” “Let’s go!” “The expiration date…” (L: “i’m running late again!!!”) B: “Typical Loretta…” “I’m going to study!” “Isn’t it great?” Isn’t it great? Isn’t that great?? mMMm-hMMmm~! ^^ He can interject into a conversation but when it comes to starting one and kind of getting things going …we can work on that! 🙂 That being said, This is Boomer. and he wants to learn Japanese! I do! So we have to get him there! So, the first step is to pick a timeline. Set smaller timeframe goals so like, you know, maybe, “in 3 months I want to be able to do this” or “in 6 months I want to be able to do THIS” So today, your timeline is you need to be able to speak (beginner) Japanese in 5 months, by September. So you have a 5 month timeline (AHHHHH!!!!!) The second thing we need to do is We need to figure out what you want to do. So basically, we have 5 months to do a certain set of things. But in general, this is going to be Boomer’s plan but maybe it’s a good example to get started. So, first of all, You need to make a basic sentence using what’s called, a ‘COPULA’. A “Copula” is basically the equals sign in a sentence it’s how you say “A=B”. The second thing you need to be able to do is is make interjections. Which you pretty much already do. But interjections and adjectives are words you can throw in and sprinkle in so that you don’t really have to say much but you can make commentary to join the conversation. Like at a restaurant, “Hey, Booms, what do you think of this ramen?” “It’s yummy!” “It IS good, isn’t it!” The next thing you need to be able to do is to ask questions! Then you need to be able to describe what you want. Like, “I want to eat _____” or “I want to go to ______” or ” I want ___(thing)___” So talking about your likes, what you want things that you want and verbs/actions you want to do. Especially food… And then, like you said before, Restaurant words… train words… basic counting… and I’m going to add in something special… …electronics! Ohhh yeah, that’s true. Talk about your phone, your phone charger, No reception, email, etc because that’s usually how you communicate. Basic Japanese, the beginner level let’s start from there! That’s what we’re going to do. So, the third thing you need to do first, if you haven’t already, is to refresh your …Knowledge… NO! …Kana!!! 🙂 Hiragana, Katakana, like maybe a little bit of Kanji if you’re going to Japan maybe like the kanji for the train stops you’ll be using but not really, you can get by with English. You can’t read your resources if you can’t read the basic Japanese alphabet So, that’s what you’re going to be doing first. Yep, WOO! I’ll send you a link to Tae Kim’s that’s my favorite free resource if you can’t afford a textbook. But going through there I’m going to point out some of the grammar points that you need “ooOoooO GrammMmArRRr!!!” is GOOD for you! You can’t make a sentence without grammar. But once you can use that grammar you need to practice! that’s the last step! So you have the ability, you have a native Japanese speaker to do that as well. (So lucky…) But for the rest of you guys if you don’t have a Japanese tutor I highly recommend, you’ve heard me say it before, I can help you get a free lesson in the link below if you click it but in terms of audio if you can’t find a Japanese speaker try to keep an audio diary and just record your voice and practice that way as well and see if you can get someone to check it for you. So that’s what we’re going to do! Your 5-month timeline starts TODAY Some of you guys may be curious about what you’re using to do that. These are flashcards… They have each of the characters and then words in Japanese using that character and then on the back it has the English version of those words So you can go through that. I used to make my own flashcards back when I studied other languages and it really helped me to memorize vocabulary because you write it down and then you FLIP~~~ Through it~!!! This saved me a lot of time. Hours! These are just a few pages but I used to write all of your textbooks so that you could use the kana alphabet in order to practice the grammar that you needed to start saying things. Well, the truth is, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! So I bought you this a long time ago… HUMAN: 日本語 90日 This one is all in Japanese so you really need to know kana for this one your friend also bought you this I think mine’s an earlier edition yeah, this one looks a little thicker Here’s the updated edition! Japanese from Zero! written by George Trombley from you guys may remember me I used to be on the YesJapan website a lot. Ahhh.. those were the golden days. What are your initial thoughts? That one looks a lot more intimidating for me that’s all in Japanese but you can see, this is a bit more English friendly. There’s English in there… It’s probably easier to start reinforcing what you learn with the flashcards because you can write things down. I like to write things. throughout the lessons there will be a new section where you learn the next line of characters but until that point those letters will always be written in romaji (English) and by the time you get to that page and that characters is introduced then they start using that character So you’re slowly introducing the characters as you’re using them in sentences so that you can kind of do both at once. You can learn Kana while you’re still learning grammar. So that it doesn’t have to be like one, and then the other You can kind of save time that way. That’s a good way to reinforce learning hiragana and learning grammar and maybe some vocabulary at the same time. I like that. I like that one. So yeah, that’s basically it! 1. Pick your SHORT term timeline 2. Pick the few essential goals to do in that time 3. Break your goals across that timeline 4. Practice! “I will study!!!” and then, if you can, 5. Find a Japanese speaker to work with some kind of teacher to keep you on track. So, we’re going to start from there and then we’ll check back in with you in 5 months and see if you were actually able to get it done. You can do it! No, I’m scared!!! It’s not scary!!! You can do it! I think I can do it! Yeah? Mmk. Well, you heard it! Here again! This is Boomer! He wants to learn Japanese. I do! In five months, we’ll check back in. and we will see you there. Let’s go!!! Thank you for watching today! If you like this video please, LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for more! He’ll understand all of that in five months. I hope so!!! I’ll see you guys next time!

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