STEM learning at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Hi I’m Brendan Burke from GEMS World Academy (Singapore). I’m the STEM coordinator and I also teach middle school math and science. STEM in my own words is a problem-solving approach. It’s really using skills that you’re learning elsewhere and then trying to solve something that you haven’t seen before and it means kids may use those skills they may use a different set of skills that as long as they get a chance to try something different. The kids really enjoy anything with hands-on and anything where they can work in a group and anything where they can test something at the end to see if they’ve succeeded or haven’t succeeded in and then they talk about what was good about that and what they didn’t do well and allows them to be self-aware. Today we were building towers. They’ve been learning about natural disasters and how the world works. Looking at fault lines and they came across earthquakes and hurricanes et cetera so we as the teachers, I was able to plan with them. “Oh what could we do?” We can come to the STEM room and actually look at some physics about how the world works and how we as humans try and control those affective. I like how we learn through play and it’s really fun cause we get to do activity. Well I like that you can touch things and build things and not just study by paper. The biggest kick I get out of being the STEM coordinator is just seeing the sheer joy of the kids when they solved a problem that they didn’t think they could or they had difficulty with and they have a successful moment and it’s really fun just to watch them. Let them be noisy and loud and have great fun with their learning.

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