Step Up to Higher Education

Step Up to HE is a perfect starting point or a taste of University life or study, for any students that might be unsure about where
to go, what to do and whether University is going to be right for them. So it’s, kind
of like dipping a toe in the water just to make sure university is going to be
right before they set off on to an Undergraduate degree. I am busy mum of two, I am a senior banking
consultant I work for Natwest and although I love my job I always feel that there’s something
missing and I walked into Staffordshire University looking for answers and searching for a course
which would help me do that. Before I considered joining the Step Up course
I actually applied to be a store manager in the job that i currently work in at the moment
and unfortunately I was unsuccessful for the role, this prompted me to then think maybe
I need a degree to progress. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know
how it would be, what the group would be like, what it would actually be like at uni. So
I was nervous about writing and how that was going to come out whether I could do it. Mainly the change in me, my confidence and
everything like that because like I say I was rock bottom and now I’m getting me back.
I’m going on day trips I’m going here there and everywhere with my little boy now and
meeting people. I would generally not have crossed paths with, the whole environment
has brought me out of myself and that’s why I want to continue. As soon as I got the email I was so excited
to start, because I felt that finally something that I had passion for writing something was
happening about that. I particularly enjoy the way that Step Up
course has given me the skills to improve my academic writing and just generally getting
back into education. Friendly, Beneficial, Rewarding without a
doubt. Amazing, Fun and it’s free, so its priceless. I would definitely recommend Step Up program
to anybody who’s in a situation like me. I’m a parent and wanted to better themselves.
I would recommend Step Up course to anyone looking to change their career, I always feel
like you should carry your dreams and never give up.

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