Student Responds to UNI

The latest in motion sensing technology will
let you put ASL into text! Video: “Hello, my name is Alex. What’s your
name?” Motion Savvy just launched an Indiegogo campaign
to pre order Uni. It’s a small tablet-like device that will recognize what you are signing,
put it into text and spoken English, then it listens to the person’s response and
writes it out. Jack: “It could really help when I’m struggling
to communicate.. I can sign and show them UNI and they talk back and I can read it.
It’s the perfect way to communicate.” They are over a quarter of the way to their
fundraising goal and have until December to meet it. We will be seeing them at the MATA
Expo in November where we will do a live demo of Uni. I’m jealous I’m not going to be able to
make it out on this trip. I know, what a bummer. Some of our interpreters are going to come and they are gonna try Uni out with us and help us do a live demo. We’ll make sure to show you.

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